Report 206 | Dean Henderson| The Crown’s Long War to Destroy Humanity, Guerilla War in Fighting Back

Report 206 | Dean Henderson| The Crown’s Long War to Destroy Humanity, Guerilla War in Fighting Back

Expansive and far-reaching conversation with Dean Henderson, author, researcher, investigative journalist with 8 books to his name on the underground and ubiquitous power structures repressing humanity worldwide, the latest being Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse, and Illuminati Agenda 21: The Luciferian Plan To Destroy Creation.

Dean speaks about who the real power players in the world are, how all governments–themselves corporations–are backed by large multinational corporations all of which have their roots in the Crown Corporation, the City of London, the European bloodline families who comprise the Crown, the Rothschilds and banking pirates behind this entire fiat-currency and debt-based enslavement system, all of whom trace their lineage back to the Nephilim and Annunaki of pre-Sumerian times, and a foreign race of non-human creatures whose thoughts, actions, ideologies and enslavement schemes are far from human.

Dean states that the most important thing people can do right now is learn and become aware of this power structure and learn who these baby-sacrificing, blood-drinking pirates really are, learn who the Crown is, learn what they have done, learn what they plan to do, in order for humans to stand together, resist, and stop their actions of tyranny on all humankind.

It is indeed possible to step outside the matrix, he states, through multiple means, by not participating in their debt-based system but finding other ways to live and thrive. The only hope for humanity right now is to resist and to stop their planned “great reset” which is a plan for technological and surveillance-based subjugation.

Video Link below: Odysee/Ramola D Reports/Report 206

Dean Henderson at Report # 207 |News Panel 7

Powerful, excavating, and informative Truth Journalism panel with leaders in the field on the subject of the networked crime syndicates, Satanists, and Nephilim/Pharaonic blood lines operating via corporations behind governments, courts, and social services and predatorially attacking humanity in the arenas of theft of children from good homes, child trafficking, child abuse, child exploitation for adrenochrome and other purposes, forced bankruptcies, forced evictions from homes, SRA, EMF/neurotech targeting and other forms of crime against humanity, with discussion on how best to end their reign and stop their power over us.

Panelists are Dean Henderson, author of Nephilim 5G Crown Apocalypse, Alex Thomson, journalist with UK Column, Simone Marshall, freedom fighter and activist with Freedom Files, Michelle Young, and Ramola D.

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