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In the Name of Psychiatric or Physical Therapy Are Highly Questionable Projects Being Run Experimentally on People?

Note #TechnoCreative | Ramola D | 9th of February, 2023

Another video that has crossed my path lately in the sense that it has appeared abruptly on my Youtube playlist which of course may quite well be run by AI at this point, as everyone else’s is, based on past interests, is the one below on all kinds of projects being run through the use of light and vibrations on cerebrospinal fluid, a fluid which can be found in the spine, brain and nervous system.

An interesting exposition by this Harvard trained neuroscientist Mauro Zappaterra, what is spoken of here is a number of “therapies” possibly evolving out of his own stated focus on “polarity therapy,” reiki, and “cranio-sacral therapy” to effect physical or psychiatric change in patients — healing physical pain as well as making patients feel better, which possibly points to psychiatric therapy as well — an area of particular interest to me since I have been and continue to expose and challenge the use of false psychiatric labels on the non-mentally-ill, in fact the supremely normal if not highly accomplished, such as myself, a writer and journalist who has reported and still seeks the end of all whistleblower retaliation on her for daring to simply do her work as a journalist.

Of course the other reason I am particularly interested in bringing this video to the attention of others indeed all of humanity is what is actually spoken of in this video — which I think physicians in particular, just basic, general practitioners and physicians and anyone else above that, trained in any specialty of medicine, especially neuroscience would best understand in all its implications and dangers: the fact that apparently neuroscientists at top universities are working on subjects so esoteric as raising one’s Kundalini energy and studying DMT molecules and applying occult principles from such ancient tomes as Tibetan texts on consciousness with intent to apparently, incredibly, study near-death experiences or examine brains at point of dying, or give people mystical experiences or transform their nervous systems in some way, based on understandings of how stem cells in embryonics work and how early God-given potentials are being studied here and possibly intended for alteration.

Funding: the substructure behind all research projects

Now of course what I have been reporting in recent times — although in spare ways on Twitter and in emails and so forth — or at least part of what I have been reporting has had to do with various energy technology uses on me, and listening to this exposition does make me think there is a high possibility this kind of what appears to me to be rather inhumane and unthought-through unethical experimenting may well have been run on me.

Since last November when I first published my Living Testimony and sent claims to all parties involved following which much occurred including a second unlawful Section 12 which I have been striving to address privately, communications laid around me have suggested a kind of “halo effect” being intended to be created externally in conjunction with “Jesus programming” on me — the kind of mirror-reflection thing which could get people such as a journalist who has long stood up for humanity and sought an end to harm on people to start imagining they are actually gods or avatars, classic DSM delusions which could then rationalize false psych labels and thereby false psych “therapy”–a kind of “going to God project” which no-one would suspect as having its roots in faulty experimentation.

Listening all through to the end of this video brings up darker possibilities I hesitate to even mention, since very weird word games and “MK” ops are also being played not just on me but literally on all of us today, seeking to shift blame from perpetrator to people — for which reason I am keeping my notes here somewhat trimmed while I seek other means of private introspection and analysis. The word “disclosure” has quite a weight of baggage attached to it, for which reason I will hope that those to whom this term applies the most consider especially what these projects mean and may mean, both to themselves and others.

Meanwhile I recommend that physicians, human rights attorneys, neuroscientists, criminal justice investigators, ombudsmen in every kind of organization aimed at preserving our values as a society, community, and world step forward to investigate these projects, check the funding and principles behind them, and take whatever action is needed in their view–and our view as a whole, caring, humanity collective–to halt and terminate all harmful projects and save the lives and health of all those experimentally and also non-consensually involved in such projects.

Each one of us is a melody, a note playing out our own dreams and chords into the world. Each one of us is needed here on earth just as ourselves, to be and become ourselves, organically evolving into who we surely are and have been intended by God to be already. Let’s not disturb the symphony.