NSA Whistle-Blower Karen Melton-Stewart: To the Authorities of Every Level of Government: Re-Declaration of Rights July 4, 2018

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To the authorities of every level of government Karen M. Stewart, NSA, Intel Analyst, ret., Whistleblower and Illegally Targeted Individual

Image: Greenfield Recorder

RE-DECLARATION OF RIGHTS JULY 4, 2018 – Karen Melton Stewart

  • No legitimate government and its military, have the right to declare its own citizens less than human.
  • No legitimate government and its military, have the right to declare its own citizens no longer citizens and strip them of their rights – especially secretly.
  • No legitimate government and its military, have the right to use the citizens it taxes primarily to provide them protection, as serfs, chattel, or commodities instead.
  • No legitimate government and its military, own its citizens, but rather are servants to them.
  • No legitimate government and its military, have a right to declare war on its own citizens – especially citizens who are unarmed, non-combatants, and especially secretly.
  • No legitimate government and its military, have the right to cull certain citizens out of its population for persecution, especially persecution based on purposeful lies the government originated.
  • No legitimate government and its military, have the right to wage a secret war on its citizens in order to use civilian laws to stymie their ability to defend themselves against lethal, asymmetrical warfare being waged on them covertly.
  • No legitimate government and its military, have the right to secretly enlist the help of professionals like law enforcement, medical personnel, or other civilians to deny certain people their basic human and civil rights, especially covertly and based on fraud.
  • No legitimate government and its military have the right to suppress, subvert, or ignore its own Constitution and/or signed treaties protecting the rights of its own citizens.
  • No legitimate government and its military have the right to secretly and fraudulently declare certain people “threats” as a means of legal sleight of hand to facilitate a covert war of torture and eradication on them.
  • No legitimate government and its military have the right to sign any treaties or create any domestic laws that compromise the Human, Civil, or Constitutional Rights of their citizens, especially secretly.

July 4, 2018 – We the People of the United States, do take this opportunity to declare that as rightful citizens and human beings, we reclaim our Constitution and our Bill of Rights, and redeclare ourselves the ultimate masters of our God-given lives, our bodies, our minds, our free will, and our country, as well as our government at all levels, and redeclare ourselves masters of the public servants therein, who indeed serve us. We do reiterate the fact that we have an inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, which cannot be taken from us by any legalistic sleight of hand, by any form of authority, civilian or military, domestic or foreign, but only through due process provided by and enumerated in the founding documents of our nation, i.e. if found publicly guilty of a publicly accused and publicly proven crime.

We do not consent to be owned or leased or sold as biospecimens or any other misclassification that degrades our human status and our citizenship of a sovereign nation. We deny any authority which claims the right to reclassify us as serfs or chattel of any kind, based on any legalistic trickery, ruse, or lie. We demand full protection under the law, and we demand that proper authorities exercise their duties and oaths to the best of their abilities to protect each human being in their jurisdiction, and cease picking and choosing who will be afforded due process and who will not, based on a secret Federal government tier system, illegitimately gaging some citizens more and some less worthy of protection of their God-given rights, based on secret, illegitimate criteria.

We assert the obvious, that when any person is under potentially lethal attack by any entity or person that circumvents or ignores due process, that we have the right to request or even demand that the proper authorities step in to protect, investigate, and authenticate however necessary, without excuses, the evidence we have regarding the activity we find endangers us or is indicative of an intent to harm us by one or by many, regardless of their status as civilian or even government officials since crimes can and are committed under color of law at times. Government officials are bound to the Constitution like everyone else and are NOT above the law.

We also demand that such an attempt to harm us be treated as the crime that it is and fully and vigorously prosecuted. We demand that authorities who attempt to wave off the facts we report as nonsense or mental illness merely because they themselves have not the experience, intellect, or imagination to conceive of the existence of highly sophisticated and highly organized crime, nor the will or courage to do their due diligence, be relieved of their position for putting personal convenience and arrogant ignorance before the safety of the people they by definition have a duty to protect and prosecuted for dereliction of duty and obstruction of justice.

Be it known to any and all authorities that if they choose to ignore repeated pleas for protection, repeated attempts to educate them to a new type of criminality such as organized, mercenary stalking, torture, and assassination methodology such as using sophisticated electronic weaponry now recognized and banned in Michigan and Massachusetts, non-consensually implanted medical chips, or poisons, gas, nano and morgellons weapons of war delivery systems, that they will personally be held liable as knowingly facilitating human trafficking, crimes against humanity, and war crimes, and conspiring to deny Constitutional, Civil, and Human Rights to innocent civilians.

In light of our repeated attempts to file police reports that are either ignored or rejected, and in the face of this unconscionable, gross negligence and depraved indifference by those whose responsibility it is to protect human life, we declare that it is not our duty as citizens to allow ourselves to be murdered for any reason, much less for the sake of their ignorance or convenience. The most essential, undeniable right in the world is the right of self-defense. We reject the perverted notion that self-defense as a last resort is a crime, though it is not an action taken lightly. When the choice comes down to depending on a proven, undependable, unresponsive, biased if not knowingly complicit, chain of authority to protect us, be it from the President down to the local police, when it has been shown by our repeated unsuccessful attempts to have them simply do their jobs, to likely mean our own sure death if we continue to hope against hope, that they will respond properly, or to the choice of exercising the basic right to defend ourselves even if it includes destruction of property (housing the weapons in question or the weapons themselves) up to and including lethal force, be it known that we claim that right of self-defense by any means needed, based on the concept of Legal Necessity, which is the committing of a lesser crime as a last resort, in order to prevent a much more serious one. And we consider the taking of a human life in order to prevent that person from the premeditated taking of ours for no reason other than profit, to be a lesser crime.

Any and all authorities that have been shown to have shirked their duties or belittled, insulted, slandered or attempted to brand those of us targeted for gratuitous community abuse and endangerment, as “crazy”, based on no serious investigation, and no grounds whatsoever, and their knee-jerk, obfuscation of their duties by claiming medical knowledge, prowess, or training which they simply do not have, or merely from their own lack of intellect and initiative, do hereby automatically forfeit the right to prosecute in any way, shape or form, any citizen they have knowingly and willingly left in mortal danger for more than a reasonable reaction time. Because they have arbitrarily withheld equal protection under the law, ignored evidence or dismissed the opportunity to investigate or engage experts, and have thereby gratuitously chosen to gamble with someone else’s life, they will as an entity and to a person, be held liable for criminal conspiracy to endanger and conspiracy to withhold Constitutional Rights. And we demand that they lose their jobs and freedom with no bail possible until the case for their willful and complicit negligence is fully adjudicated. We also demand that their assets be frozen and seized as human traffickers as well. We demand immunity for all actions of legal necessity by those who have pleaded in vain for proper help against covert, high tech weaponry fully meant to kill them and have been thrown to the wolves to suffer severe psychological abuse and unimaginable 24/7 physical torture with inevitable health damage for months and years beyond that which people have ever encountered or experienced before in the course of history. We reject yet another attempt by a rogue government to cull innocent people from society for abuse and eradication based on nothing valid but rather for pure venal reasons. Restore our rights, now.

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable.” – JFK


To the authorities at every level of government, in the past decades there has been a marked erosion of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in this country such that an arbitrarily designated underclass of citizen tagged as “Targeted Individuals”, is not only being denied their rights without cause, but a wholesale conspiracy to scapegoat them and thereby deprive them of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness is fully underway throughout a society now degraded and rotting from within.

Contrary to all concepts and precepts that were used to carefully construct the founding documents of this country to ensure that an individual’s rights were not trampled by the mob, nor trampled by the rich and powerful at whim or convenience, thereby theoretically protecting all not just a select few, we have fallen figuratively and quite literally into a society sadistically and callously preying upon itself at the behest of seditious Overlords not called barons nor dukes, but rather called Department of Homeland Security, Fusion Centers, neighborhood watch and “partners”.

These partners make up well-known defense contractors, private security firms, big Pharma, certain Universities, medical companies and laboratories. They are not partners as much as enablers, billion dollar bullies and human traffickers who have bought undue favor at our expense from “our” representatives and have utterly infiltrated the Federal government and our military to pervert them into doing their bidding again at our expense with tax-dollar kickbacks, and at the expense of the very questionable future and survival of our country and society.

Ex-President and retired General Eisenhower warned about the Defense Contracting Industry as far back as the 1950’s, saying:

The problem in defense, is how far you can go without destroying from within, what you are trying to defend from without.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower

With the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe and Russia in the late 1980’s, the defense contractors lost their cash cow enemy. Peace was the new enemy. Congress now spoke of a peace dividend and reducing and dismantling the war machine. But this was taken as a declaration of war on the defense industry. They had no desire to hammer their astronomically overpriced swords into plowshares. Nor to see tax dollars “wasted” on education or housing or social betterment, or God forbid, returned to the tax payer. A new enemy had to be found to keep their talons in the US Treasury. Voilá, 9/11. Numerous voices from the military, intelligence community, and scientific sectors have called into question the ludicrous official story, to no avail to an under-educated, self-involved, gullible public. They were told that Saudi Arabian terrorists had attacked them, therefore Iraq and Afghanistan had to be attacked in return. Thus a state of emergency was called, habeas corpus suspended indefinitely, and unconstitutional emergency laws were written, with full intent to pervert them further into a means to subjugate a once free people. A state of emergency is by definition, finite. Yet, this one seems to have no end in sight by design. It must by Constitutional law be voted on by Congress to extend it every 6 months, yet it has been legally extended… but once. We have been in an illegitimate state of emergency for about 20 years.

I would remind you that President Lincoln said,

We the people are the masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who would pervert the Constitution.” – Abraham Lincoln

Now, nearly two decades later, the unconstitutional police state shows no sign of retreating, only growing. With Iraq and Afghanistan in rubbles, where is the enemy to fuel the Homeland Security police state? It is within the US of course. Let in by the millions as both refugees and simultaneously homeland security threats, a breathtakingly stunning oxymoron, by the very people in government growing the police state. Yet, while demanding more tax dollars and the suspension of even more of our freedoms to “protect us”, they vilify us as domestic terrorists! Those citizens who rightfully point out this duplicitous betrayal and insanity are verbally eviscerated and worse by their own government. Those actually concerned with protecting the homeland are called bigots and ultimately designated THE most dangerous domestic terrorists for having common sense, and daring to dissent in regard to insanely seditious government policies. In so doing though, the police state has what it ultimately wanted, an unending supply of “terrorists”, or “enemies within”. The people whose tax dollars are collected in a contract with government to protect them are now funding the compromised Federal government’s covert war on them at the behest of the criminal cabal of defense contractors and other special interests, to make sure there is never again a threat to this criminal cabal of limited access to the American treasury.

To assuage citizens who might resist the overt take-over of their government by fascist forces (corporations controlling and impersonating government), a pyramid scheme to share the wealth of looting the treasury has been built into the Homeland Security Terrorist Watchlist scam. Gullible, unsophisticated, under-educated, and character-challenged citizens desperate for significance (and money), are secretly recruited into a type of “neighborhood-watch-on-steroids”, under the guise of being patriots, when they are merely repackaged Nazi Brown Shirt thugs and snitches, the absolute antithesis of everything American.

President George Bush Jr. said he envisioned a nation of 100 million trained snitches keeping everyone else in line through intimidation. We are well on the way. These useful idiots are trained as “Security Role Players” by the Department of Homeland Security through the FBI created Fusion Centers in the art of “Zersetzung”, a type of vicious and psychological warfare developed by the former Communist East German Secret Police (Stasi), designed to utterly destroy every aspect of a person’s life (a dissident) such that they were forced to commit suicide, or were actively killed in some way typically, such as by deprivation of work, income, food and shelter. Then their disturbing ideas about freedom, integrity, and individuality were eradicated from their society and were no longer a threat to their Communist Police State Overlords.

In 21st Century America, enough citizens have ignorantly conceded to a post-Constitutional America such that we are in a full-blown Constitutional crisis, with local law enforcement and state and local authorities of low education, low intellect, low sophistication, and low integrity, fully supporting a seditious and murderous unconstitutional, covert war on a growing number of completely innocent citizens who have been declared enemies of the state “because the Feds said so”. But in reality, these innocent victims are chum for the predatory police state. Comprised of mostly random, law-abiding citizens for the sake of plausible deniability, the Terrorist Watch List is a conveyor belt of the innocent as well as a smattering of inconvenient people of integrity, independence, and intellect, which feeds into the bloodthirsty police state as fuel. Random people are chosen or targeted, studied, then fraudulent accusations are fabricated out of whole cloth or wild exaggerations, in order to falsify a criminal dossier on them by the known hopelessly corrupt FBI, portraying them as a) terrorists, b) traitors, or c) pedophiles or a combination, depending on the gullibility of the intended audience. That audience is state and local authorities, local law enforcement, and various iterations of Fusion Center-paid covert vigilantes, calling themselves Infragard, Citizens on Patrol (C.O.P.s), and other faux patriotic names or just neighborhood watch. These are neo-deathsquads as created by the CIA in covert wars overseas, the practice of which has now come home to roost, to murder their own. A rabid dog hath no loyalties.

The Police State victims are falsely presented as the vilest of the vile, and law enforcement and citizen vigilantes are given the song and dance by the FBI/Fusion Center conspirators about there not quite being enough hard evidence to allow due process, so the person must be viciously harassed and even set-up (lied about) and provoked to get them incarcerated in a mental ward or prison “for the greater good”. This is clearly a conspiracy to deprive someone of their Constitutional Rights (18 US Code, §241 & §242), and is itself the basest betrayal of any human being there can be. Terminology is wildly perverted to claim that fabricated slander spread methodically throughout the victim’s neighborhood and town and organized multi-person, mob stalking harassment are “investigation and surveillance”.

These “investigations”, were they real, would be over in days or weeks and would certainly not turn up any wrong-doing by the victim, but rather would exonerate him or her. But these so-called “investigations” do not stop until the victim is incapacitated or dead. Organized stalking not only includes 24/7 overt harassment by civilian groups (domestic terrorist cells) assigned daily on shifts to intimidate the victim and obstruct his or her mundane tasks, but “surveillance” also is used to falsify the intended lethality of not only incessant noxious gas attacks, assaults with poisons, but also electronic attacks on the victim by various covert technologies that do harm and do kill, by design.

Electronic attacks are thought to be performed by

a) satellite or cell towers locked on to the unique brain print of the victim or onto surreptitiously (illegally) implanted RFID tracking chips, as guided by a nearby computer operator when needed, and

b) electronic weaponry akin to “non-lethal weapons” given to militarized police, and fielded by the military by such military organizations as the Naval Security Group in Panama City, Florida nicknamed “Silent Warriors”.

These weapons are related to larger Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) designated for war, but are now mobile enough to be put in or on vehicles, in backpacks or even hand-held. When trained on a victim at a lower intensity 24/7 than at kill strength, by several mercenary neighbors in line of sight homes or adjacent townhouses, condos or apartments, the victim is subjected to electromagnetic, microwave, sonic (as in the Cuba attacks and China attacks in the news), and other electronic fields and beams which are inarguably deleterious to all biological life and eventually suffers catastrophic health damage (heart damage, brain damage, internal bleeding, etc.) that to the average coroner mimics natural causes. Cases are known to indicate exposure to ionizing radiation (radioactive) as well as non-ionizing, though these particular weapons are more likely wielded by DOD contractors not civilians, against the victim, and with no regard to collateral damage to the surrounding public. The FBI assassins call these arbitrary victims “Non-Investigative Subjects, Code 4 slow-kill” targets, contrary to the false claim to the complicit public that these people are under (endless) investigation.

Those placed on the fraud Terrorist Watch List fulfill many purposes:

a) to bloat the number of terrorists gullible Americans think are a danger to them and keep the public duped, scared and pliable,

b) to secure funding to fight many more terrorists than there actually ever were or ever will be, and thereby build up police state kingdoms for local despots,

c) to supply scapegoats for frustrated Americans to abuse on a local level rather than holding authorities accountable for bad leadership,

d) to supply guinea pigs to defense contractors and others to conduct lethal weapons testing and training on, while

e) creating a covert army of mercenary sociopaths and “enforcers” aka death squads, hidden within society with no loyalty to society whatsoever, but who can engage in instantaneous guerrilla assaults on those who step out of line and challenge the police state.

Yet more abuse methodologies reported by innocent victims entail co-opted and complicit medical personnel, who take the opportunity when someone goes in for legitimate surgery, to massively implant the victim non-consensually with medical chip networks that serve to remotely torture their bodies and degrade their health “for learning purposes” for the medical industry, which considers them expendable biospecimens in the pursuit of the treatment of people with severe injuries and disabilities, for obscene profit. Or to implant the victim for the military to study remote torture techniques and brute control over someone’s body and mind via technology most people had no idea existed, much less would be used first off for pure evil.

One of the more sadistic technologies is called V2K, or microwave hearing, and was rolled out during the Iraq Invasion in 2003 under the name of the “Voice of God Weapon”. This is directed sound on a microwave beam that can be injected into someone’s brain (though not without accumulated damage) to “make them hear voices”. This was used in Iraq to fool the Iraqi soldiers into dropping their weapons “because Allah said so”, but it is also likely being used to provoke individuals into acting out and committing mass shootings as a pretext for gun confiscation and the elimination of the 2nd Amendment to make the public even more vulnerable to a malevolent government.

When V2K victims have complained, they are immediately dismissed as “schizophrenic” without the benefit of medical PET scans, which would show brain tissue anomalies if they were there. Yet, V2K is yet another form of highly sophisticated technology being used to attack, injure, harass, torture, and manipulate innocent citizens sometimes 24/7.

Patents, articles, the projects and contracts of the government, military, defense contractors, laboratories, etc., all supply parts of the puzzle showing such technology exists and is being horrifically abused. But no one in authority will bother to investigate, or even corroborate the documentation that the more diligent, determined, and intelligent victims provide through arduous research under severe duress. A conspiracy to ignore, dismiss, demean, ignore, berate, or passively kill through depraved indifference exists throughout our society now, as if they believe that torturing and sacrificing a few innocent people every so often to the Volcano goddess Pele will somehow save their families. They are more than happy to trample the rights of others in the name of holding on to theirs, so to speak. But what they are doing is betraying their country because they are simply unwilling to fight for it.

Many incidents have already occurred in recent history in America to show random people are being viciously harassed to their breaking points and acting out after months or years of begging for proper help from authorities who are either arrogantly ignorant or fully complicit in their targeting, torture, and manipulation. Yet, while all of these incidents are eerily similar, too much so for coincidence, no one seems willing or able to put the pieces together. Why were there no school shootings to speak of in the early 20th Century when school gun clubs were common? The availability of guns alone can hardly be blamed in a country whose history was intricately woven with the development of firearms for hunting and defense, and which had never experienced mass shootings of the kind we are seeing in past years until those in government subverting government began trying to manipulate the population into trading its Constitution-based ownership of the country and the government into being property of the government and the ruling elite, selling their sovereignty for safety to the very people murdering them.

It is this erosion and perversion of our Constitution that has enabled open-season on innocent citizens by government and government proxies, and will grow to engulf more and more of the citizenry if we do not demand our freedom in fact as well as in theory, which now has proven shallow and inadequate due to the cowardice, greed, and malice of those in authority unwilling to do the right thing in regard to their Constitutional duties. That is why we must now publicly proclaim, no more double standards and predation will be tolerated by the real owners of these United States by those venal usurpers and traitorous tricksters destroying our country, our civilization, and our sovereignty under color of law and their duplicitous sycophants. We stand together and will not be tortured and abused in silence.

Source: Karen Stewart