Continued Noise Harassment and Deliberate Health Endangerment in Quincy, Massachusetts in a Time of Professed “Public Health” Concern

Report |Posted for the Public Record | Ramola D | Jan 7, 2021

Charlie Baker, Named “Governor of Massachusetts” Making Pronouncements about Public Health & Safety/ Jan 7, 2021/Boston Globe

Nothing much has changed in Quincy on this street since I sent a letter in Fall 2020 to Thomas Koch, named Mayor of the City of Quincy and Kevin Mulvey, named School Superintendent of Quincy Public Schools.

It is true there appeared to be a sudden period of discreet quiet on the street as the usual zoomers mellowed their zooms somewhat and drove fractionally quieter up and down the street. It also appeared the numbers and noise levels of the planes and drones diminished somewhat. For a very brief period of time, the power leaf-blowing, particularly from Chief Noisemakers Joe and Kristen Murphy across the street was in abeyance.

That changed soon enough–literally after a week–and the usual activities of power zooming of strange trucks, pickups, vans, in addition to utility vans, FedEx and UPS trucks, Amazon vans resumed. Along with power leaf-blowing–Joe and Kristen aided by their son Aidan have returned to their ignoble activities; both scrambling to amp up the decibel volume on their Wake-the-Dead leafblower for long minutes on end on cue, when commanded (their noise shenanigans all related to GPS tracking of yours truly; inability to track leading inevitably to an instruction to engage in noise amplification apparently on an AI/Rissnet network); while Aidan has distinguished himself as a RNM Nerve-Radar-Flickerer; daring to walk past our home and flicker nerves on my hands with his remote control wifi weapon (Yes, Virginia, tracking devices are that sophisticated now), merely following in Joe’s footsteps after all: Joe Murphy has sent pulse hits at my heart, from his seat at his wheel, “monitoring” his neighbor with RNM and wifi pulse-hit weapons. (Remote Neural Monitoring-RNM)

Power leafblowing–with its stealth issuance also of vibratory ELFs–became an ardent Pine Street activity in fall, with other of the installed “monitors” revving them up on cue–people I don’t know, who have sprouted up like new mushrooms on this street and are all busily engaged in the Great Industry of Assault and Battery with Remote Access Human Control weapons –– of which there are many. Transient groups have become rife now, groups of young people, fat people, middle-aged people blowing in and out of the duplexes opposite, while the obvious fusion center contractor criminals park in front of the known fusion houses and run their cyber hacking, eavesdropping, ELF-drilling, Microwave Pulse-hit weapon-using from right next door. (Yes I am compiling a list of the current culprits and will publish this list shortly.)

One of the most egregious assaults has continued right uptil today in very loud wise: abominably loud cracks on the radiator from outside, very obviously LRAD hits from the neighbors; this occurs at all hours of the day and night, and has been recorded past midnight. Then there are the hits from drones, aerostats or rooftop drones on the roof: loud metallic tile-rumbling hits, all over the house, at all hours of the day and night. Add to this the clattering and clanking of trucks and vans I have described in my letters, the frequent flyover of drones and planes–right over the house and street, frequent helicopters, frequent acceleration of the new redhead neighbor’s V-8 engine in his driveway right under our windows, this is continuous, disruptive, stress-inducing, traumatizing noise harassment that does not end.

Noise harassment is an intentional stress on the nervous system and the immune system and a causative factor in stress and chronic disease: this is what is being practiced in Quincy, Massachusetts today, as no doubt in other parts of this state. It is not Public Health nor is it Public Safety.

Public Health in fact is an overrated concept at least and a profoundly deceptive concept at best: it has become a means to execute Public Subjugation on the populace.

In addition of course, the use of Electromagnetic Weapons on those domiciled in Quincy is a felonious offense and a crime against humanity; these are being used on all without knowledge and on some–such as myself–in exacerbated, targeted intensity.

Curiously, as I made first steps to draft a third letter to Koch and Mulvey about Radio Frequencies being pumped illegally into this house, affecting all, and especially inducing insomnia on the high school student in the house–possibly from the Harvard-educated grads next door on one side, or houses beyond, the street quietened down somewhat, the LRAD hits on the radiator decreased in frequency (all still continues).

I have a hundred letters, affidavits, and Notices of Liability to write, but I want to continue reporting on this situation: By shutting down the schools, putting the children online, promulgating lies about cases and deaths based on false-positive faulty PCR tests and rolling in deaths from every cause faultily as COVID deaths, the clown show in Massachusetts parading as “government” has succeeded in traumatizing thousands of schoolchildren, forcing them into sedentary servitude at their desks in front of irradiating computer screens 8 hours a day while also forcing them to take flu shots filled with deadly neuro-degrading toxins, wear masks when running for swim practice, and other such horrors: NONE of this is “HEALTH.” ALL of it in fact is Subjugation and Oppression of Schoolchildren–who are all increasingly depressed as well, as they are kept apart from their friends and normal social activities.

Add to this constant electromagnetic assault and battery — documented proof for which weaponry is cited in my letter and can be found in several articles at this site — and the situation we have today in Massachusetts, which Charlie Baker is not talking about in his hundred and one press conferences where he publicly lies about COVID and the need for vaccines, is one of deep disrepair and profound, sanctioned domestic terror–not in any way remotely related to anyone’s ideas of “Health.”

Thanks to the criminality of fusion centers, the omnibus terrorism acts which include the PATRIOT act/ now the FREEDOM act, MOUS between DOD and DOJ, a revised Common Rule which permits Carnage in the name of National Security Criminal Justice and Intelligence exemptions, non-consensual experimentation to rival Mengele and Delgado and “non-lethal-weapons” testing on the bodies of Americans has been rolled out and sanctioned by legal beagles in fallen Legal Departments at DHS, FBI, DOJ, DOD: callously, unethically, inhumanely–Crimes Against Humanity have become commonplace now, and many have consented to assault their neighbors without stop.

All of which makes for an execrable situation: Not merely has freedom ended in America, so too has sanity, civility, decency, ethics, morality, humanity.

I will repeat my base conclusion and message: These (all bio-hacking, neuro-hacking RF/EMF/sonic anti-personnel weapons and neuroweapons) are deadly, unethical, inhumane weapons, and they should be banned.

Fusion Centers should be broken up. Every single program being run by them–essentially by FBI and DHS–such as COPS, CVE, Infragard, needs to be stopped cold.

What they permit is what we have today–out of control, barbaric targeting of innocents and assaultive destruction of people’s lives, permitted by Governors, Mayors, and School Superintendents–especially those among the latter who moonlighted first as City lawyers, and have not merely been privy to every contract the City makes, but have signed on the dotted line to permit the City to work collusively with others to execute Crimes Against Humanity on the citizenry.