Ramola D | Note on False Psychiatric Labels

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Note on False Psychiatric Labels | Ramola D | July 12, 2023

Succeeding the indignities and persecutions inflicted on this Writer and Journalist in Quincy and Boston, Massachusetts over the last year with a Fraudulent Forced Section 12 Kidnapping and Fraudulent Forced False Psychiatric Labeling actions involving, unlawfully, several Forced Psychiatric Evaluations and putative Forced Medicating in April 12-19, 2022 (described in this writer’s Living Testimony of November 9, 2022), and a second Fraudulent Forced Action involving a Second Forced Kidnapping, Physical Abuse, further unlawful Forced Psychiatric Evaluations, putative Forced Medicating, further Fraudulent False Psychiatric Labeling, and other actions of harm in December 20-29, 2022, with much harm in between, prior, and recently (to be described in full soon), including a troubling encounter with a Primary Care Physician on December 21, 2021 involving Medical Malpractice in Overreach of Physician Remit, Character Assassination, Defamation and Slander in Fraudulent False Psychiatric Imputation and Intimidation, and Fraud in X-Ray Imaging Process and Records, this Writer and Journalist has been and is privately addressing the specific aspect of Fraudulent False Psychiatric Labeling accomplished by Physicians and Psychiatrists using Fraudulent, Unsubstantiable “Behavioral Health”/“Mental Health”/“Psychiatry” Notations projected as “Diagnoses” and other random-though-Notated Projections on her Medical Records, the horrific and painful consequences of all of which this Writer has endured from 2013 to 2023, which she has reported or is reporting now, earlier to various US regional, national, and International officials, including twice to the President of the United States, now to the Commissioner of the Department of Mental Health in Massachusetts, the Massachusetts Attorney-General, the Board of Registration in Medicine in Massachusetts, the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the Secretary of the United States Department of Health and Human Services, the Clerk-Magistrate of Quincy District Court, the Fiduciary of The United States of America, the Massachusetts State Assembly, United Nations Human Rights Office of the Commissioner, United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture, United Nations Human Rights Council, and other appropriate Health, Government, and Justice offices, in addition to addressing specific doctors or/and their supervisory medical professionals.

Each of these doctors and psychiatrists has not merely ignored the true, well-documented, well-substantiated reportage of counter-personnel Directed Energy Weaponry (DEW)/Neurotechnology use on the citizenry this writer has apprised them of, used physically on others and on herself, unlawfully, abusively, and with impunity, in her case overtly since late October 2013, they have disrespectfully dismissed both her investigative Science and Technology reportage and other extant scientific, military, whistleblower, scholarly, journalistic, witness testimonial reportage both; some have participated as accomplices in the crimes of Forced Fraudulent Section 12 Kidnapping replete with extended Character Assassination, Defamation and Slander, completely ignoring her verbal notice to them of being a whistleblower journalist being subjected to Medical Kidnap Retaliation for reporting military, police, Justice, and Intelligence crimes (rather than being mentally ill); they have made unwarranted and unsubstantiated notations of “diagnosis” and “indication” after literally a few minutes sometimes of conversation or a few hours or days sometimes of forced, uneventful observation when she was held under duress in their midst; they have subjected her to demeaning, racist, sexist, misogynist, defamatory, discriminatory, unlawful, unconsented-to treatment, threat and intimidation, and medical procedures in public, in Emergency Rooms, and in Psychiatry Wards, Wings, Facilities in hospitals; they have inscribed unsupportable false psychiatric labels in grievous Character Assassination, Defamation, and Slander against her name and medical records, actions which have had far-reaching and intentional harm, inclusive of stripping her of her basic and fundamental human rights to be taken seriously as an adult, a living woman, a mother, a sane and intelligent woman, a brown-skinned woman, a highly qualified and educated professional, an Indian-American writer, a college and children’s teacher, a human rights advocate, a broadcaster, a journalist, a patient reporting physical—not mental—illness on occasion, whether to Primary Care Physicians, Emergency Room Physicians/Nurses/Staff, or Psychiatrists, Psychiatric Nurses, other Psychiatric Ward or Hospital staff; they have used these false psychiatric labels to set in motion, maintain, and continually revive a broad, wide-reaching, and endless campaign of unsubstantiable Character Assassination, Defamation and Slander and of continued DEW/Neurotechnology assault to destroy or/and damage her name, life, self, physical being, career, profession, livelihood, friendships, relationships, marriage, social circles, communities of affiliation, in neighborhood, in society, on travels within and without Massachusetts, in several states of the USA, in Europe (in transit), in London, UK, in India, and at home in Quincy, Massachusetts, in other Massachusetts towns, and in India with her own family; they have permitted these false psychiatric labels to non-consensually and fraudulently, and completely unlawfully traffick her into, keep her in, and continue on her body, brain, and being, undisclosed but putatively, possibly classified, torturous, inhumane, unlawful, unethical “non-lethal” weapons-testing operations, Artificial Intelligence operations, cybernetics, telemetry, HUMINT-collection, DEW bio-behavioral research operations, Brain experimentation, harvesting, heterodyning and other kinds of putative secretive, unlawful, unconsented-to, exploitative, opportunistic, aggressively vulgar, bodily invasive, extremely abusive, and greatly persecutory research, experimentational, operational Military, Intelligence, Health, Criminal Justice, Artificial Intelligence projects and others unknown; they have also, putatively, used these false psychiatric labels to justify her being nonconsensually entered into various so-called community research or community healthcare or community monitoring or community surveillance or community law enforcement or community criminal justice or community homeland security projects as a “’research subject/mental nutcase/unstable activist’ who cannot give consent but so needs this research/community healthcare/constant tracking and monitoring and energy-tech control for her own good” while unlawfully deploying physically harmful, highly deleterious, bio-hacking, neuro-hacking, neurobio-subjugatory neuroweaponry, radio frequency telemetry, cybernetics, conducted electrical and energy weaponry, vibration control weaponry, “innovative” and other technologies including those purporting “health care,” “health monitoring,” “bio-behavioral research,” “behavioral health,” or “wellness,” on her physical being overtly for nearly ten years; they have permitted these labels to influence, induce, and persuade other physicians and psychiatrists to withhold actual medical healthcare for her when she has either apprised them of actual physical issues or needing radiology when held under duress in their midst or when she has visited them to address same—in other words they have encouraged other physicians and psychiatrists to disbelieve her and treat her purely as “mentally ill” when she has apprised them of needing medical healthcare and radiology; they have used these labels therefore, wittingly or/and unwittingly, to assist police and fusion center staff, affiliates, and contractors locally and remotely to physically, psychologically, socially terrorize, subjugate, abuse, near-assassinate on occasion, and misrepresent this writer and her family for nearly ten years; and more.

These fraudulent False Psychiatric Labels therefore, self-invalidating, are condemned in the strongest possible terms and published herein as invalid; none of the doctors or hospitals named herein have nor can give one plausible reason for these labels, leveled against a perfectly sane, stable, thoughtful Indian-American woman, writer, journalist, mother; all have been or will be notified of the wrongfulness in action of stooping to such malpractice in affixing these false labels; all of these false psychiatric labels masquerading as “diagnoses” in the profoundly corrupt, dehumanizing, tyrannizing medical healthcare industry are made obsolete by this publication, and any voices including those of any and all Physicians and Psychiatrists seeking to counter same must 1) essay an open, public debate in publicly-accessible media, providing this writer clear notice of same, addressing these matters, 2) provide in print and verbal mode clear reason for their concoction, fabrication, and fraudulent notation of these labels, 3) retain and publish a copy of this Notice, as current and as complete, with all information, herein published, in her medical records and entered into all databases subsequently, 4) make every effort to fully remove all these fraudulently created and applied labels from association with this writer’s name and medical records; even cursory inspection of these labels reveals their fraudulence. Further information on this subject including all False Psychiatric Labels aimed fraudulently and criminally at this Writer and Journalist since 2013 when she was first attacked overtly with electromagnetic energy technologies in Massachusetts will be published in due course of time. This Writer reserves the right to revise this text as she sees fit, at any time, and will indeed further pursue this matter in print, on paper and electronically, as well as any other lawful means of her choosing, as she finds necessary, until it is fully resolved to her satisfaction.

Ramola D, Pine-Haven, Quincy, Massachusetts, July 12th, 2023