Unconventional Journalism in the Face of Unconventional Warfare: Is Fear of Deep State Crimes Surfacing Driving the Oregon Public Defender Sabotage of Todd Giffen’s Case? | May 23, 2019

–Ramola D/Posted 5/23/2019

As Todd Giffen goes into court today for a much-delayed Mental Competency hearing — which would not have even been on the books were it not for an early public defender (currently fired) assigned to him, Todd Bofferding, who informed the judge this was indicated, and then told both Todd and one of his supporters privately he would see that Todd was strapped down and force-injected with anti-psychotic drugs — a few things need to be noted about the latest irregularities and discrepancies in his case.

Primary in his case is the need for mental evaluation by competent experts. Todd himself, perfectly aware, and often reminded by his new counsel Lisa Ludwig, a criminal defense lawyer from Oregon that this is really a “civil commitment hearing”–a term he insists everyone use rather than a “competency hearing,” which will end in him being committed by the court to a psychiatric institution for “restoration to competency” with psychiatric drugs if found incompetent, has been spending the last few weeks since his previous hearing on April 8 to persuade his counsel to call the many witnesses, doctors and whistleblowers whom he believes could help vindicate his testimonial of non-consensual Government neuro-experimentation and long years of abuse and harassment.

However, both counsel and the private investigator Maraed Walsh she assigned to him have been dragging their feet and failed to contact medical and mental health professionals in time. While several including myself offered to testify on Todd’s behalf in our own distinctive capacities as human rights advocates and in my case as an investigative science and technology journalist and long-time researcher of unlawful US Government persecution of targets, as requested at one point by Ms. Walsh, the latest from Lisa Ludwig is that only Dr. Seth Farber, Todd’s psychologist for several years will be allowed to testify, and Ron Unger, a clinical social worker also familiar with his case. Dr. Farber notes that Todd, who has been in phone contact with him the last few days has informed him it wasn’t the judge who made these decisions about who will testify, but Lisa Ludwig.

For the past couple months Lisa Ludwig has been extremely hard to contact, has not returned phone calls or emails, and has not been responsive to suggestions that she contact the necessary mental health professionals in time for an unbiased mental health evaluation of Todd. Her PI Ms. Walsh has lately been somewhat more responsive and has visited Todd a couple times in Springfield jail, however he reports that she did not bring her laptop in—being prevented by the jail in doing so, a decree she did not in any way protest or strive to surmount—which meant that she was unable to look at Todd’s evidence and documentation preserved on his website and on Google accounts, unable to use it, and unable to apply it to an understanding of his case—which would have helped Lisa Ludwig assemble an appropriate defense.

Additionally, while Dr. Peter Breggin, a very well-known psychiatrist who has fought for the rights of psychiatric patients and spoken out and written on the deleterious effects of psychiatric drugs was indeed finally contacted by Ms. Walsh, she did so one month after being requested to contact him, and therefore did not provide him enough lead time to schedule an evaluation or arrange his schedule so as to be present at the May 23 hearing; his office advised her that he would be willing to testify but that the date of the hearing was too close for him to attend. He had been contacted about a week before the hearing.

Currently—this week, the week of the hearing–Ms. Walsh is on vacation, and Ms. Ludwig sent around a note 3 days before the hearing to a few of Todd’s supporters suggesting that if anyone had medical professionals to suggest for the hearing, they should get cracking and get these professionals to contact her immediately. The hubris of this late advisory in attempt to exonerate herself of responsibility in this matter has been noticed by all, including with ire by those working continuously to contact and communicate and seek help from others, such as human rights advocate Kelly Wallace. Kelly’s petition to ask the judge to release Todd Giffen has been signed by 293 supporters she reports, and can be found here, updated with current information on the case.

Lisa Ludwig additionally informed supporters and friends and family of Todd that she would take declarations from anyone attesting to government harassment of Todd—a primary aspect of his case, and reason for his long, despairing communications to Senators, aggressive & metaphoric language in which, misread as threatening of violence, got him red-flagged by US Capitol Police and arrested by the FBI in November 2018, as per their arrest warrant and criminal charge document—to be sent to her by midday yesterday, May 22.

Lisa’s office informed Kelly Wallace her petition signed by 293 supporters would not be filed or admitted in court since it was not a declaration.

Lisa Ludwig also did not subpoena any of the witnesses Todd requested, to help testify on his behalf—although by law such a subpoena is accompanied by payment for travel and court appearance, as per information Todd himself has researched and made available.

Lisa Ludwig did not acknowledge my earlier transmittal by email to her of my Investigative Reporter Statement for Todd Giffen, a document which attests to my five years of research and reportage in this field, and enumerates the many declassified documents, reports, and whistleblowing testimonials from military and Intelligence analysts and scientists on the subject of non-consensual neuro-experimentation on Americans, the subject of military field weapons testing of Electronic Warfare weaponry titled Non Lethal Weapons on Americans, and attendant abuses, harassment, and persecution by covered agencies of the US Government of Americans—all of which Todd Giffen is reporting, and constitutes the basis of his complaints to Senators, and therefore comprises relevant testimonial. I did however directly fax that report to the court, to the attention of Judge Mustafa Kasubhai, the attending judge in Todd’s case.

Similarly, over the last couple days after my transmittal by email to her of my Declaration in Support of Mental Competence of Todd Giffen once more emphasizing the most critical whistleblowing we have attesting to the above, Lisa Ludwig neither acknowledged nor thanked me for my email and Declaration. I was obliged therefore once more to fax the document myself to the judge and court.

Physical Retaliation with Radio and Sonic Weapons Against a Journalist

I will add that the retaliation I have been getting since the writing and sending of that Declaration with rather astonishing lines of traffic and nonstop hazardous COINTELPRO on the streets of Quincy and Braintree the last couple days has been positively ridiculous, with drones and zooming cars on my street, nonstop noise harassment campaigns, planes rerouted to fly directly over my house—my head really it seems—and sudden construction begun on neighboring houses with workmen and hammering making an intense racket. (Partially captured on Twitter two days ago.) Further, I have been experiencing intense heart-hits with remote radiation weapons—almost a given the past few years, in tandem with my continuously whistleblowing reportage of war crimes and crimes against humanity being run by the covered agencies on unlawfully targeted and persecuted American and British and European and Australian citizens on their home soil in the currently Banana-Republic Five-Eyes-”West,” but currently intensified to extreme, insistent, vindictive pulses literally being shot at my heart—audible on shielding I am therefore compelled to wear. I have also been extremely V-attacked, which means I am being hit with nonstop ELF vibrations sent to my couch, in my home, and directed at my body when I walk, so as to register as a nonstop electromagnetic/ultrasonic inflaming assault on my private parts, primarily it appears to stop me from sitting still and working on my Declaration, or in retaliation for my writing and sending it to the court, and intending to physically assault, harm, and batter my body with the use of a “Non Lethal Weapon” from a safe cowardly distance, plausibly deniable, unreachable, unindictable. I will note as well that parked cars—both of the neighbors and visitors, zooming in to park and hit—in strategic locations, as well as an external takeover of electrical and plumbing systems in the home appear to be part of this Covered Agency assault.

I ask therefore that everyone download, upload, share that Declaration by Ramola D in Support of Mental Competence of Todd Giffen widely—it collects damning information on the positive ATTACK of the Covered Agencies—which include both the DOD and the DOJ, as per that historic 1994 Memo of Understanding signed by Janet Reno and John Deutch unleashing these brute weapons of physical assault–on the American populace, and has apparently set the entire Shadow Government and Dirt Ops Deep State on edge.

Looks Like Todd Giffen’s Case is Going to Bring Massive Exposure of Deep State Crimes

Yes, their Above Top Secret/No Share/No Speak War Crimes of Targeting-Individuals with Neuroweaponry and Non Lethal Weaponry are being exposed, and part of their intense attempts to cut Todd off, to incarcerate him, to keep his website information from being widely known, and to keep me from testifying on his behalf in court, and to keep Dr. Farber as well from testifying (more below), and to keep Kelly Wallace from publishing her petition with 293 supportive signatures in court, all seem to include attacking us, and attacking us, and attacking us, with more and more intensive usage of this deadly and barbaric Remote Access, Remote Assault weaponry – all notice of which they really seem to imagine can be hidden forever thus.

A primary aspect of Todd’s incarceration must be known: before he was arrested, he had filed suit against Multinomah County in Oregon under the Americans with Disabilities Act as a victim of vulnerable-person-abuse in a case that was later dismissed in December by Judge Michael McShane as lacking a claim. While all details on this case are not known as yet by this reporter, it is definitely something to explore. Important to remember throughout that Todd Giffen is both a victim of police abuse in Oregon, hospital staff sexual abuse in Oregon State Hospital, and ten-year abuse of covered-agency neurotechnology use on him he reports as “NSA ESP” accompanied by “Non Lethal Weapon” directed-energy or microwave weapon assaults, who has taught himself law and has begun to file suits to protect his rights.

This extended incarceration, denial of helpful public defense, intention to Psych-Commit, transport of him up and down the country through various jails including in Seattle, Nevada, and Oregon, denial of medical care, denial of rights to subpoena or call witnesses, mischaracterizing of him as a violent individual with potential to commit homicidal crime, etc. seems to be adding up to an extreme attempt on the part of the FBI and court system to suppress his testimonial, witness, and voice on the subject of his own persecution as well as that of the hundreds of thousands of targeted individuals in this country reporting similar persecution.

At root of this we must remember is essentially the continuance of MK ULTRA, run by the CIA, NSA, FBI and their friends—inhumane, unethical, barbaric neurotechnology torture of Americans, and citizens worldwide—which is most surely being exposed by Todd’s research and whistleblowing, and now it appears, by their own inane actions in incarcerating him so long and making such grave accusations against him, in danger of being blown wide open. The courts, it appears are their last bastion against exposure, and the courts are being breached currently—despite their most desperate efforts to shut us all down from speaking out.

Physical Retaliation with Neuroweaponry and Noise Harassment Against a Human Rights Advocate

Kelly Wallace, leading human rights advocate on this case who seems to have done a lot more than Todd’s lawyer in mustering help, support, advocacy, and funds for Todd, has also been reporting to me intensive life-threatening neurotechnology attacks, the full nature of which I will seek her permission first to disclose, as well as intense noise harassment campaigns at her residence in New York state with screaming sirens, trucks, cars, motorcycles revving by her bedroom day and night.

Desperate Attempt by US Attorneys to Keep Dr. Farber From Testifying on Todd’s Behalf

One of the most extraordinary occurrences so far in Todd’s case is the sudden publication of a Memorandum to the Court from the US Attorneys involved in the case, whose essential intent it appears was to disbar Dr. Seth Farber, Todd’s clinical psychologist from testifying on his behalf.

Filled with detailed references to past court cases and belaboring at length the whole notion of “mental competency” – much more succinctly explained here in my article by a criminal defense attorney – this Memo then proceeded to state that Dr. Farber, lacking “forensic” training and practice could not be called upon to testify for Todd, an accusation Dr. Farber was therefore compelled to refute academically, with information on his diagnostic training and practice, as well as on his long years of both working with clients and testifying for clients to establish their mental competency.

Part of their convoluted and questionable treatise hinged on citing from a case US Vs Ivers where a man who was deemed schizophrenic was deemed, essentially, “schizophrenic yet mentally competent” in which they appeared not to be aware that the upshot of the case was the man still being deemed competent. In Todd’s case, the court-appointed psychologist has glibly decreed “schizophrenia” with no evidence or history of same, which these attorneys are seeking to use as primary tome by which they intend to declare incompetency, they have stated.

The attempt to keep Dr. Farber from testifying reads therefore as deliberate sabotage much as Lisa Ludwig’s bumbling efforts at defense also read as deliberate sabotage, to this reader of current events.

Notably, Dr. Farber has stated from the outset that Todd Giffen is not violent and has no intentions of violence toward anyone, is a completely harmless individual who is nevertheless given to metaphorical flights of aggression in verbiage in frustration and despair at his persistent complaints of victimization and abuse being ignored—he has informed the senators Defazio and Wyden he wished to see “blood pouring” in a jury trial where they would be, he imagined, convicted with the death penalty for ignoring his pleas—and whose intensity of purpose is only tied to using the law, a legal defense, and witnesses in claim to defense of his rights and to seek justice—those have always been his tools, not weapons of violence.

Obviously the FBI and US attorneys are more fixated here on naming him violent and justifying their arrest and horrific treatment of him in jail, as indeed their arrest warrant also appears to imply, given its focus on comparing Todd with Myron May and Aaron Alexis, both involved in mass shooting events–and both reporting Government persecution with ELF neuroweaponry prior to their shooting sprees.

Of course, that brings up the entire MK ULTRA Manchurian Candidate false-flag program as well, which many of us are well aware is still in operation, so if what we are witnessing is one covered agency (FBI) seeking to cover for the crimes of another covered agency (CIA? DOD? US Navy?), then that would explain both the intense neurotech assaults on Todd, the (neuro-influenced?) inflammatory tone of his emails—which yet never promised violence, and cannot be categorized as threatening violence, but can indeed be seen to be using language in metaphor—and the current sustained effort by bumbling attorneys and judges to indict him as mentally incompetent and potentially violent both.

It will be interesting to see what happens next, but Todd’s case is indeed well on its way to unraveling much of the hidden crimes of an enmeshed government bureaucracy which should know well better than to attack its own citizens with stealth neuroweapons and imagine they can get away with it forever.