Janet Phelan to President Trump: “At This Juncture, America is No Longer Free”

Janet Phelan, investigative and human rights journalist, poet, author of the memoir Exile, whose recent appeal to the Inter American Commission on Human Rights seeking protection as an American journalist from retaliatory harassment and death threats was covered here earlier, responded this week to an email solicitation from Team Trump asking Americans to sign the “Official Stand for the National Anthem petition NOW” with a powerful reminder to the President about the dismal state of affairs in the USA today—and the complete loss of freedom and lack of justice evident currently in America.

Team Trump from DonaldJTrump.com’s letter offered the usual verbiage appealing to patriotism and calling up veterans and sacrifice and freedom:

“The President has asked for a list of everyone who supports STANDING FOR THE NATIONAL ANTHEM, our country, and our great veterans who have made the ultimate sacrifice defending our freedom.”


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Pointing to the rampant corruption and abuse in today’s fallen US court system where judges take bribes, police kill citizens, minor drug-offenders are excessively penalized, and children are wrested from families and handed over to “sexual predator(s) and known abuser(s),” Ms. Phelan called attention also to intensive whistleblower retaliation, the current use of “unconventional weapons” on NSA whistleblower Karen Melton-Stewart and the silencing of dissent, saying she was not going for stand for the national anthem but weep for it instead.

“At one time, America was the leader of the free world. At this juncture, America is no longer free.”

I am not going to stand for the National Anthem. I am going to weep for it.

In language and admonition that surely resonates across the length and breadth of America today, Janet Phelan wrote:

Mr. President,

I have made my decision. I am not going to stand for the national anthem.

I am going to weep for it.

At one time, America was the leader of the free world. At this juncture, America is no longer free.

Police kill citizens with impunity. The courts are dead set on extracting as much money as possible from litigants, while dispensing abuse, rather than justice. This is best seen in probate courts, where judges regularly appoint guardians-for-profit who then rape the hard earned savings of their wards and then deny them appropriate medical care, sending them off to early graves. Equally problematic are family courts, where children are regularly sent to live with a sexual predator or known abuser while the judges demonize a loving parent.

The plight of those in the criminal justice system is equally severe. For years, concerns have been voiced about the incarceration of those who commit victimless crimes, such as minor drug offenses.  We are now seeing criminal sentences being levied for what are non-crimes: lengthy incarcerations for violating unconstitutional and first amendment violating- gag orders, lengthy incarcerations for contempt of court for violating unconstitutional court orders, and even incarcerations for failure to pay court costs, which were already deemed to be non-jailable and redolent of “debtors prisons.” Judges’ orders—even when legally unsupportable and clearly unconstitutional–have the effect of law and are being used as  political tools to shut down whistleblowers and dissidents and to fill private prisons and psychiatric hospitals.

Foundationally, America is a system of laws. This has been corrupted beyond recognition and we now have judges taking bribes under the table through “loans” they do not pay back or through other mechanisms, such as laundering payoffs through casinos. We have dedicated whistleblowers, such as former NSA analyst Karen Melton Stewart, who are under mortal attack by unconventional weapons and we have an increasing number of Americans fleeing the country for their safety.

I am still waiting for you to “drain the swamp,” Mr. President. I am waiting for freewheeling judges who legislate from the bench to be led off in handcuffs. I am waiting for the police officers who attacked me, including Loren Dawson, to face a jury and culpability. I am waiting for the district attorney who tried to jail me for reporting a death threat to join Officer Dawson. Until then, there is nothing very much to stand up about.

I stand for freedom and justice, not for tyranny and lies. When America has returned to her principles, I will then join you in standing for the national anthem. Until then, I will only weep.


Janet Phelan

In Exile

Source: Janet Phelan, email. Posted with thanks, by permission of the author.

3 responses to “Janet Phelan to President Trump: “At This Juncture, America is No Longer Free”

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  2. My maternal origins are from England and fought in the American Revolutionary War. We were a nation founded on God and Christianity that had a moral compass and recognized good versus evil and the right of the individual to pursue happiness. We are no longer free. As for the American Flag, if I could fly it on my own property, I would fly it upside down. This is the sign of a nation in severe distress. Shame on our military and intelligence community that pursues endless war against all humanity on this earth. Shame on the military for turning our nation into the armed electronic concentration camp.
    Dianne Renee Chandler
    Electronic torture victim after filing EEO complaint in 2010 Dianne Chandler vs Secretary of the Army, John M. McHugh

  3. My family has been in North America since the 1620’s (French Huguenots), with a “later” infusion in the 1700’s (South German/Swiss), with marriages to English, Irish, Scottish, Dutch, and Cherokee. I am related to many famous pioneers and settlers to include George Washington, his military chaplain who baptised him, John Gano, Henry Clay, Daniel Boone, etc. I consider myself very American and I take to heart the quote that a patriot is not someone who mindlessly obeys “the government” but someone who stands unwaveringly for the PRINCIPLES UPON WHICH it was FOUNDED and should be MAINTAINED. However, with the invasion of the military industrial complex into power positions thanks to its incestuous relations with the unscrupulous, opportunistic Deep State that sees Americans and all citizens of the world as expendible possessions, America is no longer recognizable. It is now a growing parasite nation preying on its own innocent people and in the absense of Christianity in the public arena (over 90% of Americas professed Christianity in 1776) the government is now teaching sociopathy as a cult religion, whose adherents practice 24/7 gang stalking, electronic torture/murder, pedophilia, and non-consensual medical chip implantation and non-consensual V2K harassment (Voice of God technology the military revealed in Iraq), as well as much worse torture and abuse, to include taking out peasant policies on their victims…and perpetrators, to profit one last time on their innocent victims and recoup monies paid to useful idiot proxy stalkers. I too will weep for this country that has taken God’s blessings, spat in his face, and has become a curse on the world. I will fly the flag that was ours in 1776 but no later one until we return to our identies, reconcile with God, and turn our blessings outward to the world as is our responsibility. Remember, God warned the Israelites that he could raise children of Abraham from rocks. We need God, he has no NEED for us, but he does desire us… at least for a little while longer before the choice for or against him is irrevocable. 2 Chr 7:14. Thank you Janet, thank you Ramola. You both have real American tatooed on your spirits, which is the source of the true American identity.

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