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Public Awakening to Nefarious World Agenda: Billboards, Signs, Papers in Ireland Warn of Scientific COVID Fraud, Dangers of Vaccine, Great Harms of Digital Reset

Brief Report | Ramola D | September 27, 2022

People worldwide are awakening to the nefarious world agenda of Global Communism and Techno Digital Slavery which numerous well-funded and fiat-propped world organizations and government corporations are continuing to build, publicize, and issue notice of, but which cannot be allowed to go forwarda situation which makes it necessary for everyone to get informed, and help raise public awareness of on an ongoing basis. Please share this report culled from Twitter posts in the last couple days widely.

Display Billboard in Ireland Alerts Citizenry to Harms of Vaccine and Great Reset

A display billboard in Ireland — posted on Twitter a few days ago (video below)– warns people about the fraud of the COVID tests and vaccine side-effects while publicizing the failure of the official Health System in Ireland (HSE), the failure of Irish Corporate Media (RTE) and the protection of pedosadists and pedophiles in high places by media such as RTE:

Digital Weapons for A Silent War/The Irish Light

Also circulating currently is this powerful video clip (below) of Gemma Doherty, investigative journalist and editor of the new Irish Light paper, presenting an issue of the paper titled Beware the Future, which covers the planned Digital Weapons for Silent Wars:

In this clip, Gemma relays that the Irish Light paper, published in conjunction with the Light Paper UK, is being distributed all across Ireland and can be subscribed to online for a print copy if you live in Ireland: https://irishlightpaper.com/.

Published to address the deadly failure of mainstream media to accurately inform the public, this issue of the Irish Light (Beware the Future)–based on content from The Light Paper, UK (links below)–covers the pressing issues of harm to the people represented by the COVID vaccine, the Big Harma hold over governments and media, and the “Great Reset” into complete slavery intended by manic billionaires with a psychopathic bent and armies of paid minions (who are assisting in the reckless scaffolding of their own demise).

Screenshot/Sep 27, 2022/The Irish Light Paper, Website

Gemma Doherty:

“In this issue we have so much information about what the real agenda is — the digital weapons for the silent war they are inflicting on the Irish people. All of the information they are going to need about the Digital Prison that they are going to exist under if they do not stand up and resist it now — The implementation of a digital currency–And that is why the Irish People must use cash as much as possible–24/7 surveillance, Automated vehicles that they will be able to control remotely: You will no longer be able to get up in the morning and decide, This is where I want to go — This is about the complete removal of your freedom which is required for them to implement their Great Reset….”

Gemma Doherty of The Irish Light paper/Posted at Bitchute/Philosopher’s Stone.Info pureblood Sep 25, 2022

The Light Paper, based in UK can be found here: https://thelightpaper.co.uk/

The Light’s Beware the Future issue can be found here: https://thelightpaper.co.uk/assets/pdf/Light-25-Web-Final.pdf

Protests in Dublin Over Inflation

People in Dublin are out on the streets today protesting the rising cost of living as food and energy prices soar all over Europe and the US–a situation everyone in the West is soon going to need to address as winter approaches. This is from a rally on Sep 24.

More coverage on the energy crisis in Europe to follow.

Please share widely.

COVID’s a Hoax, the Vaccine’s a Bioweapon, the Masks will Kill You, Governments & Media are Lying: They Can’t Arrest Us All

Video Post & Note | Ramola D | Feb 22, 2021

Thanks to the creators, this is posted at Spacebusters on Bitchute– Youtube took this down in 20 minutes apparently.

Screenshot: “They can’t arrest us all”

Please share widely. There is a MASSIVE DECEPTION ongoing, and it is the Way of the SERPENT seeking the end of humanity and the rise of the cyborg’d slave while technocrats and ancient Roman despots running Fraud of various kinds on us all live large and enslave all. Stay tuned for further coverage and searing op-eds: currently, my laptops are severely hacked, my podcasts have been audio and video hacked and I am working on finding new platforms as I continue to write and post here. Truth journalism and candid conversation lives here forever.

There is only one way to end tyranny today, and that is to continually expose it, publicize it, use the power of language to tear it down, in your family, your neighborhood, your locale, your world–in addition to all spiritual and energy tools of prayer, meditation, calling on your own energy powers to change energy grids and world consciousness. Please listen to Sonya Roche-Duncan in Report 230 linked below: Yes the Schwab Resetters are working hard at tyranny but we are already in the Age of Aquarius, the heavens are on the side of humanity: you do need to take a stance and speak and write or engage energetically, though. Join all of us who are speaking out because guess what: they sure as heck cannot arrest us all. Even with Stasi harassment and Covert Millimeter Wave & Microwave and Neuro Tech being used in neighborhoods worldwide with drones, satellites, cell towers, antennas, portable devices, as the KraitResetters work overtime at Over and Covert Tyranny and Communism — which is daily being exposed at this site.

News Panel 17: Women’s Power in Humanity Rising : You Have to Stand Up to Stop the Tyranny and Crime | Use the Power of the Spoken and Written Word

Report 230 | Feb 7, 2021 | Sonya Roche-Duncan, Psych. Astrologer on The Great Reset Synchronization with Astrology

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NewsFlash 1 pulls it all together for those unclear about how the Covert assaults on people today are intimately connected to the COVID hoax and the push for Great Reset Transhumanism which Must Be Stopped.