Report 230 | Feb 7, 2021 | Sonya Roche-Duncan, Psych. Astrologer on The Great Reset Synchronization with Astrology

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Report 230 | Feb 7, 2021 | Sonya Roche-Duncan, Psych. Astrologer on The Great Reset Synchronization with Astrology

Riveting and powerful conversation with Sonya Roche-Duncan, a psychological astrologer rooted in Jungian psychoanalysis who does personal readings of birth charts and soul journeys written in the stars, who has come forward at this time, she says, to publish to a larger audience the great connections between what is happening in the heavens currently in terms of cycles and patterns and conjunctions and what the power-grabbing “cabal” is planning and trying to pull off regarding their “Great Reset” to corrall power for themselves.

The great challenge now of course is how to resist, oppose, and stop their blatant tyranny as they try to transhumanize the human race and cyborg-AI us all with nanotech, synthetic biology, and BCIs—facilitating full-on bio-surveillance, brain hacking, and bodily control.

Sonya’s reading of why events have been unfolding lately as they have is intimately linked to her understanding of patterns written into the configurations and movement of planets and time through the constellations of the Zodiac or Mazzeroth, something all astrologers can see, she says, with many of them currently co-opted into working for the cabal.

But what is reassuring is that the stars are showing us today we have already entered the Age of Aquarius—an age when the old constructs fall away and new vibrance takes hold—when people come to soul-center and sovereignty and stand in power to end the grasping totalitarian reign of greedy governments and billionaires.

This, she says, is already becoming evident in the rise of people sharing knowledge worldwide and such efforts as the Greater Reset and Great Reawakenings, with people coming together to create new forms of community, currency, interaction, information-sharing, living and thriving.

A fascinating conversation which touches on “mundane” or geopolitical astrology as well as pyschological astrology.

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