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COVID Vaccine Toxicity Now Undeniable: UK Lab Finds Toxic Graphene in Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca Vaccines While UK Govt “Vaccine Surveillance” Report Finds Double and Triple-Vaccinated Dying in Droves | Pfizer’s Hidden Reports with 9 Pages of Side Effects Surface

Report & Links | Ramola D | March 4, 2022

The presence of mega-poisons in the COVID vaccines as determined earlier by Spanish, Argentinian, Chilean, American, and German scientists including Dr. Pablo Campra, La Quinta Columna, Dr. Andreas Noack, Dr. John B, Dr. Robert Young, Dr. Carrie Madej has now been further confirmed, as reported by Not on the Beeb on Feb 8, by a UK laboratory which has forensically examined vials of Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca in Raman spectroscopy obtained in traceable chain of evidence fashion and reports the following ingredients,:

  1. Graphene
  2. SP3 Carbon
  3. Iron Oxide
  4. Carbon derivatives
  5. Glass shards

The lab report, now posted (all links below) states that the study “confirm(s) the presence of graphene compounds in each of the injection vials. Though a quantitative estimate has not been established for the concentration of graphene in the samples, its occurrence is on a high frequency range on an average 2cm transect when counts were conducted on a higher magnification (40x).”

Images from the report show terrifying inclusions of filaments, spicules, blobs, and self-assembling particles, much as reported earlier by the Spanish and German researchers and others. Some screenshots below from the report:

Further investigation reveals that this laboratory analysis was commissioned by a team of doctors and researchers led by Dr. Tess Lawrie, as reported at their group site, EBMCSquared (Evidence Based Medicine Consultancy) here: Statement — Lab Testing on Vaccine Content

How the investigation came about is described briefly in the document as initiated by a British medical practitioner witness to vaccine injury and adverse reactions among her patients, who wished to assist in a UK examination of vaccine vials and provided one from her own practice, which was later followed by vaccine vials for all three major vaccines–Pfizer, Moderna, AsraZeneca being similarly obtained:

Excerpt, Case Briefing and Lab Report

UK Citizens Have Demanded a Police Investigation and a Halt to the Toxic Vaccines

Using this and other evidence from earlier spectroscopy findings, a toxicology report, and information on VAERS, MHRA UK and Eudravigilance data on deaths and serious injuries post-vaccine, UKCitizen2021 legal and scientific researchers have submitted a case briefing to UK police demanding an investigation and a halt to the entire COVID vaccine rollout in the UK.

UKCitizen21 has posted both the case briefing and lab report, stating: “This report, ref AUC_101_Report, which was commissioned by EbMCsquared CiC and prepared and published by UNIT relates to initial findings and forms a strong case for continued further scientific investigation.”

This case briefing and lab report can be read and downloaded from the UKCitizen2021 site here.

Excerpt, Case Briefing and Lab Report
Excerpt, Case Briefing and Lab Report

Stating that “serious indictable offences have been committed,” the briefing states further:

“There is also more than enough grounds for the Police to apply for a S.8 Police & Criminal Evidence Act 1984 Warrant and seize injection vials for themselves and submit these vials to a Home Office laboratory with a view to replicating our findings.

Having replicated the examinations the Police will be in possession of their own hard evidence to support serious indictable offences.

The first and foremost duty of the Police is the protection of life. It is therefore incumbent on the Police that they take action to halt the roll-out of these experimental treatments immediately and until their own forensic investigations have been completed. Again, there are reasonable grounds for doing this.

The main potential defendants in this matter, as listed above, precludes them from conducting any investigation themselves. It is a matter for the Police only.”

The named defendants are:

● AstraZeneca

● Pfizer

● Moderna

● National Health Service (NHS)

● Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)

● Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI)

● Her Majesty’s Government

Lab Report Describes and Analyzes the Toxicity of Graphene and Other Inclusions

Including much relevant information from research papers on the toxicity of graphene, the report, starting at Page 12 of the document PDF includes details and images on the findings and a summary of the toxicology findings from the scientific literature on graphene:

The report characterizes the shapes of graphene found as ribbons, sheets, tubes, nano dots, and nano scrolls, and further reveals that self-assembly of nano graphene dots and scrolls has been witnessed. It is also notable that this toxic graphene, as also in association with Poly Ethylene Glycolas described earlier by Pfizer patent analyst Karen Kingston–has been found in all 3 vaccines: Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca.

Excerpt, Case Briefing and Report/Interpretation, Discussions, and Conclusion

“All three vaccines commonly employ the self-assembling lipid nano particles as drug delivery mechanisms. Where, the central find of this project has been the confirmation of the presence of graphene in all four samples, it is important to evaluate this find in the context of the subject itself.

As mentioned above, self-assembly processes are the core delivery mechanisms for the three types of vaccines. As has been reported under observations in the Chapter 3, the process in itself, is primarily dependent on weak intermolecular interactions (Mendes et al. 2013) which, in the case of lipid nanoparticles is driven and determined by the kinetics and the thermodynamic environment. However, based on the observations within this study, to kickstart the nucleation or seeding of these particles in the first state, Graphene nanoparticles seem to play an important role. This interpretation is drawn from the observation that each of the nanoparticles seem to have a graphene core made of nano particles that float in the beginning and then saltate prior to settling down. This process creates a defect in the solution medium thereby, facilitating the formation of the nano particle seed. Given, the high concentration of graphene nano objects in all four vaccines, as the nanoparticles move through the medium, they must be incorporating not only graphene nanodots, but also nano scrolls, thereby increasing their binding efficiency and their ability to carry their pay load.”

–Case Briefing and Lab Report

Scientists and Public Health Officials Worldwide Need to Read This Lab Report

This writer recommends that scientists, physicians, and public health officials worldwide read this report with care and as the UKCitizen21 authors of the case briefing suggest the UK police do, ask their own labs and police units in their own countries to speedily investigate these vaccines further and call a halt to the vaccines, whose undisclosed ingredients have now been scientifically scrutinized and found to cause massive numbers of deaths and injuries including to children worldwide.

UK Govt Report Reveals COVID Deaths are Actually Double and Triple Vaccinated Deaths: Death by Vaccine

In a second major story reported on March 1 by Daily Expose UK, the UK Health Security agency released a report titled a Vaccine Surveillance report/Week 8, which on analysis reveals that the majority of deaths reported as COVID deaths in the UK in February 2022 (and last week of Jan) were triple vaccinated and double vaccinated deaths, begging the question why they were listed as Covid deaths at all given that it has become obvious the world over the (non-) vaccine is slaying people at speed, sometimes on the spot.

The double and triple vaccinated are becoming hospitalized — being marked as COVID cases not vaccine injury cases — and dying in high numbers.

This is quite contrary to the storyline spewed out nightly by the television news and written up in the Pro-Deceit New York Times, but it is data right from the UK Government.

Daily Expose UK has analyzed this rather stultifying report in depth and reports that it also looks like the numbers in here are being manipulated, clearly for political and Chris-Witty-pushing-vaccine purposes; for instance, the number of children being admitted and hospitalized is being presented as if COVID case hospitalizations, when it is possible they are admitted for other causes and being force-tested in hospital and declared Covid cases. The actual figures when tabulated look remarkable and undeniable however (see bar graphs below).

“In all, there were 9,230 Covid-19 hospitalisations in England between 24th Jan and 20th Feb 22, and the triple vaccinated population accounted for 4,936 of them, whilst the not-vaccinated population accounted for 2,341 of them, 1,132 of which were allegedly children.

But this is where the data doesn’t make much sense. We know that Omicron is now the dominant variant in England, and we know it causes illness that is of equivalent severity to the common cold. So why is it that the data shows Covid-19 hospitalisations among children are more than double the amount that was being recorded when Delta was the dominant strain?”

–Daily Expose UK

Concern for the lives and health of British children continues as Chris Witty pushes the vaccine for children despite being served a notice of liability for children’s death, and a worldwide rally to save children is planned in the UK for 19 March, 2022:

Please search online for local efforts/Australia site here: https://www.wafreedom.com


Just plotting the deaths in a graph reveals who has died precisely: the triple and double vaccinated as well as the single-vaccinated. The UKHSA tables however try to emphasize days since “positive specimen” was taken, meaning when Covid was identified–in their quest to call these Covid deaths, not vaccine deaths.

But what is Covid? How is it identified? When no accurate test for it exists, when extant tests produce faulty results, when hospitals count Covid cases opportunistically, for profit, and when no virus supposedly associated with it–SARS-COV-2, Delta, Delta Plus, Omicron or any other variant has, by the CDC’s and other Public Health institutions’ admission been proved to exist in isolate as a discernible germ?

Please read the article at Daily Expose UK for the detailed analysis. Whilst you’ve been distracted by Russia’s Invasion, the UK Gov. released a Report confirming the Fully Vaccinated now account for 9 in every 10 Covid-19 Deaths in England

Pfizer’s Hidden Documents Are Being Released on Court Order: Nine Pages of Adverse Side Effects, Gene Deletion Included, Emerge

Nine pages of adverse effects from adverse event data on trials from Pfizer are currently causing alarm online, reported widely at many news outlets including Natural News here: Leaked Top-Secret Pfizer Document is Far More Dangerous than the world knows.

The data is from a document released as part of the data requested from Pfizer and the FDA on a FOIA request by lawyer Aaron Siri for the physicians’ group Public Health and Physicians Group for Medical Transparency, over Pfizer and the FDA’s protests, with the first release due by March 1. Aaron Siri described the situation here on Jan 6, 2022: Instead of FDA’s Requested 500 Pages Per Month, Court Orders FDA to Produce Pfizer Covid-19 Data at Rate of 55,000 Pages Per Month!

The documents can be seen at the PHMPT website here.

The Pfizer document being circulated currently is the one listing 9 pages of side effects reported early and can be found here.

Included is the deletion syndrome which horrifyingly sounds like a gene editing program intended by the mRNA vaccines for downgrading humans. Natural News reports that:

“The very first adverse event Pfizer admitted that was associated with the COVID-19 vaccine is 1p36 deletion syndrome. This is a congenital genetic disorder that affects fetuses and deletes part of their chromosomes, causing them to be born with severe intellectual disabilities.

Most affected individuals will have speech difficulties or will be unable to speak entirely. Children affected by this syndrome will also have structural abnormalities in their brains, have weak muscle tones and difficulty swallowing and more than half of them will have seizures.

This confirms what other researchers have known all along: that the unborn children of pregnant women who get vaccinated are severely affected by the experimental and deadly vaccine.”–Natural News

Over 42,000 adverse event case reports (corrected from side-effects/Rd/3/12/2022) are listed. What is astounding is that Pfizer has known of these side effects for over a year yet done nothing to stop the vaccines or inform the public.

It is expected that further analysis of the documents released so far will yield further information of import.

All in all, the sudden influx of data from all sides points to increased exposure of the truth of these vaccines, and one can only hope they will be stopped immediately. Please forward this information to all you know and ask them to share further on their lists, so governments can act at speed to halt these dangerous vaccines and protect their citizenry.

Please share widely. MSM is not reporting this data and people need to know. Lives are being lost and futures being destroyed. The vaccines need halting yesterday.


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