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Press Conference by Pathology Institute in Reutlingen, Germany Reveals Deadly Ingredients in COVID Vaccines & Unusual Tissue, Blood Damage: “Death by Vaccination–Undeclared Components of COVID-19 Vaccines”

Report | Ramola D | Sep 27, 2021

Pathologists presenting at a livestreamed conference in Reutlingen, Germany on 9/20/21 displayed and discussed micrographs of tissue damage from the autopsies of 8 people who have died succeeding administration of the COVID-19 vaccines, which confirm autopsy findings of 40 people by Germany’s Chief Pathologist Dr. Peter Schirmacher reported earlier, as well as revealed contents of the four major vaccines from a group of Austrian researchers, which confirm findings of toxic and dangerous ingredients by Japanese, Spanish, American and other international researchers, reported here earlier at Newsbreak 133 and in a number of articles reporting the La Quinta Columna findings.

The conference livestream dubbed in English, Part 1 can be watched here:

Conference agenda and participants are described here: https://pathologie-konferenz.de/en/

Transcript of the conference, Part 1 is posted here in English: https://freedomstrike.org/2021/09/22/german-pathologists-call-for-covid-vaxx-suspension-english-transcript/

Part II of the conference can be watched here:

FreewestMedia covered the story here on Sep 22, 2021: ‘Lymphocyte riot’: Pathologists investigate deaths after Corona vaccination

Dr. Uta Langer

Opening the conference was Dr. Uta Langer.

Presenting data were Prof. Dr. Werner Bergholz, Prof. Dr. Arne Burckhardt & Prof. Dr. Walter Lang, speaking, they said, for numbers of other scientists who had participated in the research but did not necessarily wish to be named. Part 2 of the conference included Attorney Viviane Fischer, Attorney Holger Fischer, Attorney Elmar Becker, Dr. Maria Hubmer-Mogg, Dr. Uta Langer, Dr. Axel Bolland, Dr. Michael Dykta, Prof. Dr. Arne Burckhardt, and Prof. Dr. Walter Lang.

Dr. Arne Burkhardt
Dr. Walter Lang

Fine tissue analyses were performed by pathologists Prof. Dr. Arne Burkhardt and Prof. Dr. Walter Lang.

Professor Peter Schirmacher

Earlier Dr. Peter Schirmacher had stated that he found 30-40 percent of the 40 autopsies he had done revealed that the sole cause of death was the vaccination itself and said that “the frequency of fatal consequences of vaccinations is underestimated”–in other words, that the deaths by vaccine were not being reported accurately, statements which caused some controversy in mainstream Press and in Merkel’s government apparently, since adverse effects of the vaccine are being covered up by pharmaceutical companies and governments still frantically pushing the transhumanizing vaccine and Nanobot Agenda–since their entire Great Reset and Bio-Digital Convergence along with Digital IDs, Vax Passports, and putative Quantum Financial System tied to Bio-Digital Health depends on these vaccines.

Profs Dr. Werner Bergholz and Dr. Walter Lang


Discussing their concerns over the number of deaths including deaths of children recorded in the EMA (European Medicines Agency) databases and by the Paul Ehrlich Institute, the pathologists expressed consternation that what they witnessed in the tissue and blood of the deceased–most aged over 50–post-vaccine was excessive immune system action and an unusual number and clustering of lymphocytes in all tissues and organs.

Images of vaccinated blood from the Reutlingen Conference, image from Freedom is the Solution

They also discussed acceleration of cancers in the vaccinated and the evidence of myocarditis and multi-organ failure stemming from the spike proteins and lymphocytes found in all organs.

Other scientists from other parts of Germany and Austria presented their findings of strange fragments, shards of metal, glass, and Morgellons fibres in the Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines (images below).

The group is seeking to share their concerning information worldwide and initiate proceedings to halt the vaccines, prosecute the manufacturers and vaccine-pushers in International Criminal Court at the Hague, band with other doctors and lawyers worldwide and bring an end to the vaccine roll out, especially on children and babies.

While understanding the political component to the worldwide vaccine push, their concern is the health and safety of humanity, including saving those who have already taken the vaccines.

Viewing and listening to this conference should raise alarm bells for doctors and lawyers worldwide, as well as for all parents and adults being deceived by the lies of omission and commission evident in mainstream media coverage (and lack thereof).

The overwhelming message is to steer clear of these dangerous vaccines and protect your children: do not let your children get these deadly, contaminated vaccines.

Images below of dark field microscopy from the livestream, Part 2, taken from Dr. John B’s Telegram channel:

Foreign bodies found in the blood of vaccinated people as well as in vials of the vaccines:

Rectangular foreign body found in Pfizer vaccine
Rectangular foreign body found in Pfizer vaccine
Brief video excerpt showing the rectangular bodies in the Pfizer vaccine moving, sparking speculation on these being nanochips or microchips.
Triangular foreign body frequently found in Johnson & Johnson
Oddly-shaped foreign bodies found in Pfizer vaccine.
Fibrous and ring-shaped foreign bodies found in Pfizer vaccine
Glass shards and oblongs found in Pfizer
Strings of bead-like foreign bodies found in AstraZeneca vaccine
Strings of bead-like foreign bodies found in AstraZeneca vaccine
Fibrous-shaped foreign body found in Pfizer vaccine
Oddly-shaped fragments in Pfizer vaccine
Rectangle found in Pfizer vaccine
Rhombus found in Pfizer vaccine
Jagged-edged large structure found in Johnson & Johnson vaccine
Fibrous body in blood of vaccinated person
Fibrous body in blood of vaccinated person
Unhealthy looking blood of vaccinated person with health problems post vaccine–with erythrocytes in unhealthy condition and granulocyte visible.
Fibrous object found in blood of vaccinated person
Odd-shaped objects in blood of vaccinated person
Fibrous objects in blood of vaccinated person
Oddly-shaped object with fibres found in blood of vaccinated person
Dried blood of vaccinated person with strange white dots

Questions raised by Dr. John B:

What are these foreign bodies?
What are they made of?
What is their pathophysiological significance?
Are they hazardous to health?
Does the quality control of vaccine production not work?
Why were they not discovered/reported by the regulatory authorities?

The images of both blood and contents of the vaccine resemble images shared earlier by other international physicians and researchers, some of which has been covered here earlier:

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Please share this article and information widely via social media and email so people can be informed despite the purposeful deceit by mainstream media and governments about these non-vaccines which are causing death and grave injury in millions now worldwide. Free to repost with credit and linkback.