Covert Harassment Conference, Berlin, Oct 2015: Videos Uploaded

Please visit the Covert Harassment Conference, Berlin, Oct 2015 website for uploads of videos and information on all the speakers–a varied mix of investigative reporters, science and technology journalists, scientists, academics, alt. media broadcasters, engineers, and ex-Intel experts–at this conference. This may have been up for a while, I am just noticing it and watching the videos myself, starting with Dr. Nick Begich‘s first talk–which he opens with describing HAARP, its use as an ionospheric heater, its applications in earth-penetrating tomography, its generation of ELF waves (Extremely Low Frequency)–which are waves that can affect human minds at the low frequencies in which the human brain itself operates, and its use in Global Brain Entrainment (which Magnus Olsson, Director of EUCHACH, also speaks about here.) (I will make further posts on these videos in time.)

Many thanks to Peter Mooring of STOPEG for this excellent website and all information, including the videos, posted on it. The website also offers a compendium of information on the many subjects informing Covert Harassment and promises to be a central site on the Web for this purpose.

Covert Harassment Conference on Facebook

Covert Harassment Conference is on Facebook.

Note to journalists, writers, and human rights advocates worldwide: Please visit and listen to these talks to get caught up on the nature and extent of the Global Covert Assault technologies currently being used covertly on all of humanity, worldwide. These technologies now affect All of us on the planet--thanks to nanotechnology in aerosols being sprayed on all of us, thanks to ELF entrainments from HAARP and otherwise, thanks to cloud computing, AI, and various other technologies.

For anyone who isn’t aware of who was behind this excellent annual conference, this is from the website:

The Covert Harassment Conference 2015 is organized by:


I am so pleased and grateful to all the organizers and speakers of this conference for setting up and posting this international forum to disseminate information openly on how electromagnetic/scalar/sonic technologies are currently being operated and tested c/overtly on “Targeted Individuals” as well as globally on populations worldwide.  Hopefully this heralds a new era of absolute disclosure when the world wakes up to what exactly is going on today under the rubric of Global Governance (see this post on Mass Control Technologies), and more and more people from all walks of life can step forward to act to stop these atrocities and challenge the use of Electronic Warfare and Artificial Intelligence by our joint governments on humanity–without our consent--as they wake up to the truth.

The Who and Why of Global Covert Assault is being considered here in a new series of ongoing posts, which seeks to collect and archive information from all over the Net, both older and newer articles & videos considering these questions. Please check back for periodic updates. (Please look under Featured Posts and Pages on the sidebar for this page link, I will post it there shortly.)

One response to “Covert Harassment Conference, Berlin, Oct 2015: Videos Uploaded

  1. From Daniel E. Shaffer Jr., via Facebook/posted with permission: Better Wake Up America: It is appropriate that the conference would be in Berlin Germany. Nobody knows more about the oppression of a nation’s people then do the German citizens. The Germans know well what the American Police State is doing to it’s citizens.

    The World Community knows too what the American Gov’t is doing to it’s people. I am sure the German’s would agree, that the United States is now far worse than the East German Communist STASI.

    The STASI museum is right there in Berlin along with many, many victims of the STASI, that will eagerly talk to you right now. If you talk to those East German STASI victims, and read the history of the East German Communist STASI, you will soon find out, that it is exactly what is happening in the United States right now at this moment in time.

    The tactics, the non-stop surveillance, the harassment by neighborhood watch group sick Os, the corrupt cops, the police brutality, and execution of American citizens by the cops, the stalking of citizens, the discrimination of U.S. citizens, the black listing of whistleblowers and the trumping up of charges and manufacturing of crimes simply to black ball countless innocent United States citizens is well known in the World Community.

    The East German Communist STASI tactics and strategies that were once employed are exactly the same in the present day United States, BUT far, far, far worse now…

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