Dr. Robert Young Reveals Shocking New Micrographs of Capsids with Parasites and Reduced Graphene Ferrous Oxide Crystals in COVID-Vaccinated Blood

Post of micrographs | Ramola D | Dec 21, 2021

Dr. Robert Young has newly shared via email shocking new micrographs of COVID-vaccinated blood from electron microscopy showing distinct capsids or shells which he reports are filled with parasites and crystals of nano graphene and iron oxide, and close-up images of red blood cells in the middle of spiking out into pleomorphic forms after exposure to radiation and chemical poisoning from the “so-called vaccines.”

“The monographs above (shows) what happens to anyone who has been vaccinated. Healthy to sick. As it states in the Bible, “for the life of all flesh is the blood.” The vaxx destroys life because it destroys blood. I pray for those who are unvaccinated to understand and for those who are vaccinated that they are at risk and their days on earth are numbered.”

Dr. Robert Young, Dec 21, 2021

Dr. Young has previously written and spoken about what he terms the Corona Effect in the blood which is a spiking out of red blood cells under EMF bombardment, creating the distinctive spike-forms on the surface which manifestation he says is being mistaken for a spike protein on a virus. The highly conductive nano graphene and ferrous oxide in the vaccines operating within EMF/5G environments is now creating the situation of radiation poisoning inside the blood, and causing red blood cells to break down.

Image: Screenshot from Dr. Young

Dr. Young has also discussed and shown “pleomorphism” through videos of blood cells under the electron microscope undergoing distinct changes in an acidified environment and reforming into shapes of harmful bacteria; this startling “new biology” which derives from the work of Antoine Bechamps is little-known but is at the heart of Terrain Theory which suggests that all germs, bacteria, yeast arise from contaminated non-alkaline, acidic environments and do not come in as Infection-Carriers from the outside as Germ Theory or Virus Theory posits. Rather, disease is a matter of “outfection” in a compromised environment, Dr. Young explains, usually caused by radiation or chemical poisoning.

Several short videos showing pleomorphism can be found at Dr. Young’s Youtube channel, including the one below:

Dr. Young has described these concepts in several Newsbreaks and Reports at Ramola D Reports, which can be found at Bitchute, Brighteon, and Odysee/Lbry–as well as in various other interviews online.

Newsbreak 138 on Further Findings of Graphene Ribbons, Forming Nano Networks, Parasites in Vaccinated Blood, EMF Corona Effects in Blood, & True Cause of All Disease with Dr. Young

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Newsbreak 135 | Breaking News: Dutch Pathologist’s Concerns Addressed by Dr. Young: Graphene Poisoning, Blood Coagulation, & Immense Harm from Crystallizing Blood Cells Post-Vaccine

Newsbreak 133: Team of Scientists Confirm Presence of Toxins Graphene, Aluminium, Cadmium Selenide, Stainless Steel, LNP-GO Capsids, Parasites, Other Toxins Variously in 4 COVID Vaccines: Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson

Dr. Young has provided many other micrographs at the time of the publication of Newsbreak 138, which will be published shortly.

From all these micrographs–and from many others published online–it becomes irrefutably clear that the COVID vaccines are causing negative changes in the blood.

Press Conference by Pathology Institute in Reutlingen, Germany Reveals Deadly Ingredients in COVID Vaccines & Unusual Tissue, Blood Damage: “Death by Vaccination–Undeclared Components of COVID-19 Vaccines”

Newsbreak 127 | Dr. Jane Ruby to Parents: Do Not Let Kids Get COVID-Tests, Vaccines, Booster Jabs

The significance of finding self-assembling graphene in the vaccines and in vaccinated blood and saliva has been connected to the transhumanist intentions to literally cyborgize humans and prepare humans for “post-human” AI-supercomputing submersion and digital financial enslavement: Damning Evidence of Self-Assembling Wireless Nanosensor Networks using Graphene Quantum Dots, Nanorouters, Nanoantennas Found by Dr. Pablo Campra in 4 COVID Vaccines Revealed by Researcher Mik Anderson/Corona2Inspect

Physicians worldwide may wish to investigate further and step forward to do their part to immediately halt these dangerous non-vaccines with digital dominance intentions.


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  1. Coincidentally I have just purchased Elana Freeland’s book which is not a recommnedation until I have read it.

    I will take the opportunity to thank you Ramola for your journalistic work here.

  2. As a person who has studied Parasitology for 20+ years, I can’t tell you how Grateful I am to Dr. Young And Ramola D. for their work. If it weren’t for the brave scientists, doctors & journalists we would be totally in the dark. For those interested in understanding the bigger picture with all the synthetic biology, consider getting a copy of Elana Freelands new book: Geoengineering & Transhumanism to see the whole picture and come to understand the motives behind it. There are only so many of us brave enough to face the truth in these unspeakable times so it is up to us to warn people that will listen and to detox these synthetic materials out of our bodies so we can’t be manipulated and controlled by the greedy dark forces behind all this. A Special Thank You to Dr. Young and Ramola D. Thank you for bringing us exclusive knowledge we can use.
    Sincerely, Neal Chevrier

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