Seven/Soulutionaries Media Network Sounds the Alarm on Sevengate, Satanist Crime Syndicate: Planning Nuke Attacks?

–Ramola D/Posted 1/15/2018

Sevengate, a Satanist Crime Syndicate Targeting Humanity

sevenIn a vibrant podcast conversation last night (1/14), Seven of Soulutionaries Media Network takes us through a dizzying array of clues and covert communications left on our doorstep by the crime cartel who has attacked her which she terms Sevengate, an intimate ring of media mavens, law firms, Intel agencies, and other corporations running deathly Satanist operations, child trafficking, and false flag ops which essentially target everyone, not just a handful of people named “Targeted Individuals.”

The same crime ring involved in the theft of her intellectual property which has included ideas, concepts for TV shows and series, documents and journals is also behind the targeting of every other individual, she says.

Revealing the powerful, shadowy figures within this crime syndicate as she encountered them, Seven also points to the Millenium report on Women Operatives in Pedogate, a compendious look at the backgrounds and lives of various women operatives for the cabal who are occupying prominent positions in society yet working in arenas of fraud, intellectual property theft, sabotage of careers, and ruination of lives.

The curious thing about these cultic Satanists who think nothing of causing death, destruction, fear, panic, and misery among humanity is their apparent penchant for leaving exotic and overt clues both in movies, books, signage, sometimes years before the dramatic and tragic events they unleash on populations as well as after public events. These events are Satanic ritual sacrifices, such as 9/11 and Grenfell: they involve the physical sacrifice of humanity. Seven illustrates clues left about Grenfell Tower—described in detail in an earlier podcast—for three decades prior, as well as signs left in false flag ops like the 7/7 bombing and on her street, in movies and posters of movies, signs closely related to the theft of her own work and the burning of her own flat.

Bringing it to the present day: Q Anon, Defcon1, SpaceX Zuma/Hawaii Missile Alert & Maggie Q/Mushroom Clouds/Designated Survivor

Walking us through the sinister actions depicted in the Economist’s 2017 cover of tarot cards, with a single tower featured right next to Trump sitting on the globe Earth, she notes that the burning of Grenfell Tower occurred on Trump’s birthday, June 14. Fast-forwarding to the present time, she points to the most explosive revelation of tonight’s podcast, a 2016 movie set titled Designated Survivor, which depicts a nuke taking out the cabinet and President in Washington, leaving, presumably, the Designated Survivor fated to carry on the work of government.

This she ties without much complexity to the mushroom cloud engulfing the Economist’s 2018 cover, and points to the recent brouhaha over Defcon 1 supposedly issued as a first-step red-flag nuke alert, and the launching of Elon Musk’s SpaceX Zuma and Rods of God rockets, as well as recent word of a missile attack alert in Hawaii, which turned out to be a false alarm. These are warnings, she says, not duds. People are being primed for something big. Two more cues point to current events, where Q Anon has been supposedly posting information on the takeback of the country from the Deep State: This movie mentions a Trail of BreadCrumbs—a nod to crumbs from Q, and displays in its credits a “Maggie Q.”

Could it be possible that we are being primed with all these clues to get ready for a nuke attack on a major city in the USA? The key is to openly share information, Seven says, in order to deflate the intent and plan beforehand; the publishing of the information will create its own ripple effects, enter enough minds, and stop the Satanist cabal cold in its tracks: They cannot proceed with their evil intent when people know and wake up and understand the nature of the covert communications and the imminent threat; consciousness itself can serve to end the threat. The most important thing, Seven says, is for people to wake up and understand how deadly this crime cartel wrapped up in prurient human sacrifice, modern slave trading, and child abuse is, and what extreme enslavement it has unleashed on humanity, in order for it to be stopped. The UK and London, she says, are at the heart of the enterprise.

Intelligence Agencies (Deep State), Media, Corporations All Part of the Crime Syndicate

Seven reveals more about what this nefarious group is engaged in, and spells out how mainstream media is not merely being Mockingbirded into propaganda ops, but is an active part of this enslaving and targeting and child-abusing Satanic crime syndicate. The Intelligence Agency and Media connection she says forms the same enterprise; the crime syndicate acts like a high-flyer club for the Satanist psychopaths who care nothing for humanity and willingly use human bodies for their ritualistic depraved purposes. This is played out in many ways including in the use of film production companies and crisis actors at the creation of false flag ops all over the UK, Europe, and USA with “Muslim terrorists” being the set-up fall guy who then conveniently bring in to this US/UK/EU Deep State cartel regular trillions of dollars for “anti-terrorism,” as Ole Dammegard has demonstrated.

In powerful and passionate language, Seven appeals to the world populace to fully recognize the menace, danger, and harm posed by this crime syndicate, which she says tops the Bilderberger pyramid and maintains the veneer of propriety while engaging in lawless violence. Humanity needs to step forward and stop the carnage.

Please watch the video for her intricate analyses, insightful connections, and impassioned speech; please share this information widely so more people are awakened. Our friends and neighbors need to know: supporting the fusion centers, supporting Intelligence agencies in their avid programs of targeting “terrorists” and “extremists” in their midst is essentially supporting this deadly Satanist enterprise wreaking death, torture, and destruction on all of us. And as Seven meaningfully points out: We are ALL targeted. If you breathe the air in the US, UK, or Europe, consider yourself targeted: you are being nanotech’d via aerosol, for complete bodily and mental control purposes, covered in detail earlier here in several articles, and to be covered again.

We hope to continue doing podcasts together to keep this campaign of informing the world going.

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  1. Hello Merryl, those moments of audio and video sabotage were deliberately left in the video to publish to all the extents of sabotage to which our podcasts are subjected. Is there a reason that the Surveillance agencies/companies don’t want this information to be published? Think you can figure it out!

    Thanks for drawing attention to these technical difficulties bequeathed on us by a criminal and corporate Surveillance State which fears exposure of their crimes!

  2. Worst video I have ever seen in my LIFE! “Can you hear me? Can see me”? with this HORRIBLE SCREECHY NASAL VOICE, OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER. PLEASE do something with your technical difficulties!

  3. kelly wallace

    Ramola, Thank you for all your work, and interviews on YouTube. I am a TI woman, for many years, from Lake Grove, NY. My Family and I have had our Intellectual property stolen, and our Artistic and Invention ideas too. There have been many crimes done against me, and this involves Police, Firemen, Military, Neighbors, etc. I am a victim of directed energy weapons and im being held hostage, with no freedom, no free will, without them being there. They are always locked onto my brain, inside of me, like a layer of a virtual reality game with a man operating me. They are in my private thoughts, feelings, body parts, and they never leave. It is NOT RESEARCH but war crimes, A TORTURE, SURVEILLANCE, TRAUMA BASED, MIND CONTROL program. I have not been charged or convicted of any crime, yet im being tortured, electricuted, molested, raped, remote controlled to the eyes, brain, speech, hands, private thoughts. I have had no privacy in 5 years, locked onto a 24/7system that tries, AND HAS controlled my thoughts and physical movements. I have no psychiatric condition, and I have photos over 5 years, of my skin being radiated by these weapons, and a doctor in my defense. He is willing to go to court, either for war crimes against the government, military, and a case of medical malpractice. Your videos help me to stay strong, as a person and a woman, to not let these men dumb down my intelligence, try to take my identity, try to kill me off, and try to do mind control of me. I have to stop, pause, before doing anything, because they try to take over, and TRY TO THINK FOR ME AND MAKE DECISIONS FOR ME. And this is important for your viewers to know. They do not have a right to REMOTE CONTROL HUMANS, and THINK, CHOOSE, MAKE DECISIONS FOR US. They hold my head and eyes daily, trying to force me to have feelings i dont have or have to have, and force me to look at things i dont have to. They hit me, hurt me daily. they do psychological torture, and make many things traumatizing. We dont have to live the way anyone else does and im not going to. As long as im a hostage, i have a right to an attorney, not be a slave. Im not here for their sexual fantasies or entertainment. Im not alive for them, to view and put on social media. Or videotape me in my home without a warrant! Im hoping the New Year will be hopeful in getting this stopped, getting some of these men arrested, a law passed to ban the weapons, a created new task force to enforce the ban, getting surveillance laws changed, new shielding on the market, a shielded house, retreat, built for relief, a private investigator to help us. The ICC helping us to have court cases heard, against the President and all agencies involved in our torture, and The UN taking complaints and having court cases.

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