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Let’s Make 2018 Count as the Year of Fully-Intentioned Change

Dear friends: I know, it’s a few days past Jan 1, but I wanted to pause to wish everyone a bright and beautiful New Year–and thank all those who have stopped by to read, watch, donate–please know your funds are finding their way to those who need them currently, I’m so glad to be able to pass them on. 

I also wanted to make a little note about what I hope to do on this site and with the video channel this year, and how I see what’s going on currently. Like probably everyone else as we step into 2018 I find myself poised between two pressing realities, one very dark, and the other very bright, really as bright as any of us choose to make it–and I do believe that (but we have to make an effort to get there).

The first is: despite all that roller-coastering of news out there of possible arrests and possible clean-ups and executive orders stopping human trafficking etc., our streets are still infested with mercenaries, people are still being hit with microwave and sonic weapons, and that neural dust is still raining down on us. I hear the drones at night above my head, and as I switch off the light in my room, a helicopter crosses overhead to kindly mark the moment. Plus, it’s freezing cold outside, well below even usual Boston temps I’m told, at 10 degrees F, two days after a blizzard flagrantly named a “bomb-cyclone” dropped ten inches of snow down on us. Weather weapons, anyone?!

On the One Hand, It’s Still Horror Story Central Out There

If you live in America or Europe or any continent or country which has chem trails crisscrossing your skies today, egregiously increased surveillance, militarized police, medical strictures, and a posse of secret-society networks–AKA Masons/Skull & Bonesters/Satanists/Illuminati–running every public and private institution in your country, with child trafficking and pedophilia and pedosadism apparently at core, you may want to wake up to the reality of what the global deep state or shadow government is engaged in actually, as we step into 2018.

It’s not just totalitarian fascism, Agenda 21, megaregions and wildlands and stack-and-pack concentration camps  we are staring in the face today for ourselves and our kids, it’s full-on brain and body takeover: it’s Remote Neural Monitoring, hive-minding, brain-computer assimilation, it’s transhumanism, cyborging, removal of free will, it’s electronic brain stimulation minus your consent, swarm intelligence and Artificial Intelligence singularities headed our way just down the road, synthetic telepathy, subliminal messaging, mass mind control, mass docility, mass compliance, mass behavior control, mass “crowd-control,” all in the interests of National Security no doubt, or perhaps in the name of World Peace, that other prominent delusion tossed about like foam by our prime humanitarians, the Peacekeepers with the trillion-dollar budgets who like to drop bombs and classify MK ULTRA-extended black ops human experiments and incarcerate whistleblowers.

Many of us are aware of these subterranean realities, but many have no idea still that human remote control technologies have been in the making for more than 50 years now, and are currently in use on all of us–in ways that are actually being amped up, as the global electronic control grid expands, as 5G rolls out, as telecom companies work quietly with the Surveillance State to lock down neighborhoods, and as aerosol’d nanotechnology and heavy metal particulates make our atmosphere electrically conductive, the better to hit you with brainwave and microwave frequencies, m’dear….

I hope soon to make a few videos and publish a few articles laying out how exactly this has happened, insidiously, over time, in ways that few noticed–but there is a lot of information out there, and many books, websites, and videos offer insight. The important thing is: we need to wake up to what is going on. We need to understand the deliberately pernicious ways in which technology is being deployed against us.

Enter the Portal of “Conspiracy Theory” Please! Transhumanism and Neuro Takeover of Humanity Currently Underway

The time to play around with that post-JFK CIA-wordspell “conspiracy theory” is way over: of course the particular delusion the CIA succeeded in imparting there is that illusion of superiority inherent in calling everything a conspiracy theory. At this point, from everything I can see, I can assure you this is fact: Humanity is being transhumanized and eugenocided and robotized and degraded: we are being de-humanized–and huge billions of dollars are being poured into this effort; humans are being paid currently to act in anti-human ways, against humanity.

Deborah Tavares, who runs StoptheCrime.net, which has served to early-warn us spells out the technological soup we are currently swimming in, the play of the end-game in our midst, and the urgency of waking up communally in this video which records her recent interview at The Power Hour:

Cody Snodgres, the Oklahoma bombing whistleblower, who has been opening our minds lately about the bottomless depths of perfidy of the Deep State, speaks candidly with Scott Richardson of SNAFU Radio about the microwave weapons being used on all those the agencies want to suppress, and about how the numbers of the targeted are on the rise, as well as how we are all being mind-controlled and manipulated–he says it as it is, as those of us who are targeted in particular can see it–“We are in a war, a clandestine war”:

For Cody’s e-book titled Choosing the Light/Dark Secrets of the Oklahoma City Bombing, available at Light on Conspiracies, please visit https://www.lightonconspiracies.com/cody/. I just learned he also has a blog at http://codysnodgres.com/. His talks and interviews can be found on Youtube–Ole Dammegard and Cody Snodgres appeared together on Alfred Webre’s show on Dec 11.

If you needed confirmation that mainstream media is flirting with but skirting the true issues behind the uncovering of pedophilia, child trafficking, and the horrific sexual abuse of innocents by politicians and priests alike, Jon Rappoport spells it out in this post: Sex Criminals Revealed on a Large Scale.

Some Resources on Deep State Whistleblowing

To follow the latest breathless leaks from QAnon and co.–the latest Deep State leaks on the Clinton foundation and more, as covered at Infowars earlier— check in at Roy Potter’s Youtube channel, and listen to his decodings of cryptic 8chan and Twitter posts:  latest on the news re. an alert of Defcon1 here and his chats with “B” on “Q” here

Ex-CIA whistleblower Kevin Shipp is running podcasts and giving interviews, check in for his mammoth disclosure on how the Deep State works on his various recent talks including this one here at The Hagmann Report and here, on his website: http://www.fortheloveoffreedom.net/ 

Current and Future Efforts: Crowdfunding Needed!

So anyway, I got a little sidetracked there with posting links to news sites–but really, this is all the whistleblowing on the deep state info out there–or some of it. I’m sure everyone can find their own way via alternative media to the main news; as far as our current reality goes, it’s the dark sci-tech side and surveillance/defense side intersecting with ethics/humanity/consciousness I am more keen to cover. On which note, please stay tuned as I continue to participate in and post the latest from the JIT team at Techno Crime Fighters Forum, run podcasts at Ramola D Reports, and publish articles here and soon at other sites and new media platforms; I aim to start a separate media site for Ramola D Reports shortly but will keep this space as a central site to keep publishing articles and videos, short blog posts and re-posts of others’ excellent articles and blog posts.

To support and participate in my expanding human rights/science/tech/surveillance/defense/ethics/consciousness journalism and podcasting, please join my media support-base at my Patreon page or please donate via the Paypal link here on the sidebar.  Current funds are being sent on to those in need, as part of the human rights intention of this site, and are being used also to pay for tech support for this site and for the podcasts.

To return to what I was talking about, I guess looking around, one can see the madness is not over yet, the surveillance state has not put its bulky paycheck on the table and slithered off into the sunset, the technocrats are still feasting on their egos, and the dark, occult, ritualistic sacrificers and abusers of all things human and humane who fancy themselves illuminated have not been routed out yet. But at least, there’s some whistleblowing and routing and airing and exposing going on–I live in hope.

The Other Side of It Is Your Intention Is a Powerful Thing

This is what I hold on to, that Intention can matter, as I stay focused on covering the ways in which technology is being used against humanity today. It can be very debilitating to realize that powerful forces are being arrayed against you. But human intention and energy and action can be powerful too.

Everything I discovered (from research, reading, and viewing others’ work) a while ago and put in this piece, Your Cool Calm Centered Intention Can Help Shape Our Collective Reality still holds; and I hope to explore these subjects further this year, as a counterpoint to the uncovering of all that dark deep state and military-strategy history.

Just looking at Masaru Emoto‘s water experiments should tell us sending emotions out from our heart-centers can affect our reality: water is everywhere, in every living cell; if we can send coherent resonance patterns into water with our thoughts, feelings, words, intentions, what could we not change?

There are the rice experiments too, which Truthstream Media covers here, as Melissa and Aaron Dykes repeat the rice experiment–also indicative of the power of thought and emotion, after looking into the water experiments again:

Intention releases waves of energy into the field that holds and surrounds us, and we have the power to make this field work for us, instead of against us, as the Occultists have been doing for decades and centuries; Jeff Godwin discusses the power of intention in his podcasts, both here in Report #36 and Report # 34.

Let me leave you with something that fascinates me today, actual footage of stars and planets from telescopes, and the uncanny resemblance of the patterned morphing and shining of stars to cymatic patterns of sonoluminiscence as well as bioluminescence from the oceans in a video from Ashlee Webster–extraordinary visual information which calls into question everything we have been traditionally told from our science classes about the stars and planets, the sky, and all beyond it:

yggdrasilAnd if you think that means I’m looking into all those Flat Earth videos out there, just out of curiosity–and learning a great deal more than I ever imagined, you’re right. It’s my form of unwind from all the work I’m trying to finish all the time–I’m always behind! there’s no catching up! but I truly am working on it!– and what I appreciate most about those flat earth researchers with amazingly open minds is the way they dig deep into history and come up with gems, as in the many Tree of Life narratives from cultures around the world covered in this video from Devin Madgy, which also has my favorite Tree of Life depiction, the Norse Yggdrasil, in it.

I thank you for subscribing to my site and for stopping by to read, I wish you a brilliant and beautiful, renewing, fulfilling, accomplishing New Year, and may this year be the one we come together across borders and oceans to take humanity back from the abyss. Happy 2018!

Ramola D/Posted 1/8/2018