Suspected DEW attack on Retired American Doctor in California

–Ramola D/Posted 7/2/2018

oie_3024185r2iESTRDr. Edward Spencer, retired Yale and Stanford-trained neurologist as well as current researcher of human history reports that he may have been the victim of a suspected Directed Energy Weapon attack last week on his GI tract when he woke from a brief evening nap one weekday evening to find himself copiously bleeding. He has been admitted to a San Francisco medical facility where he has undergone a surgical procedure and is recovering, although currently battling a colon infection and seeking to recover his strength.

Dr. Spencer spoke to this writer from the ambulance transporting him to the hospital and subsequently over the past week from his hospital room.

Prior to this attack, Dr. Spencer had been keeping good health and had in fact sounded in good spirits over the phone to this writer just a few hours earlier.

Misleading Mainstream Media Coverage on Cuba/China “Sonic” Attacks Does Not Obviate Reality of Ongoing Directed Energy Weapons Testing/Training Contracts in US

It should be noted that despite CIA-led mainstream media coyness currently in reporting DEW attacks on US diplomats in Cuba and China as “bizarre,” “mystifying,” and a “mystery,” and State Department officials (well-coached by CIA?) supposedly saying (to the New York Times) they were “baffled” and “confounded” and “flummoxed,” as if there were no precedent for such reports, and as if the DOD’s Joint Non Lethal Weapons program and Electronic Warfare weaponry programs did not exist—and as if the USAF/Navy/Army & Military contractors General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin and others were not testing their Directed Energy Weapons on Americans, which federal contracts and whistleblowers prove they are—it is well-known that thousands if not millions of Americans and citizens worldwide have been openly approaching media as well as HR groups like ACLU and Amnesty International with cries for help and accounts of painful assault with EMF weapons, DEWs, and neuroweapons for over two decades now.

In other words, despite lies of omission and commission published by controlled mainstream media, some educated citizens are perfectly aware that non-consensual weapons testing of EMF weapons on Americans is going on, and non-consensual experimentation as well as undisclosed and invasive neuro and physical DOJ/FBI surveillance with classified “dual-use” technologies—reported here earlier—is underway.

EW pic

Not everyone in the reading public however is aware, given the control over mainstream media by the dark forces in this country who seek to keep Americans dumbed-down and uninformed. This precise problem is being addressed currently by a US-Europe Joint Investigation Team campaign-in-planning to inform doctors and psychiatrists of the reality of covert military experimentation and Spectrum weapon-use on Americans, and the pressing humane need to provide medical and surgical care to such citizens, whom the military and Intelligence agencies work to discredit by having doctors and hospitals dismiss them as “mentally ill” and “delusional” and “paranoid” in order to keep their Mengele-style New World Dysorder experiments deathly quiet.

Hospitals are Not Sanctuaries for Patients from Targeted Directed Energy Weapon Attacks

Fearing that he may be the recipient of ongoing microwave weapon assault while in the hospital—not an idle speculation given the many reports of others who have experienced electromagnetic assault even inside hospitals (pulse shots to head and body parts)–a phenomenon experienced also by this writer, at Brigham Women’s Hospital in Boston, Quincy Walk-In Care and Quincy Satellite Emergency Medical Center in Quincy, and reported publicly on the JIT weekly broadcast at Techno Crime Fighters’ Forum—Dr. Spencer sought to obtain shielding of some kind to protect his body, including at the region of his heart, where he was monitored to show a slight fibrillation, and requested a lead apron from the nurse on duty, which unfortunately elicited quite some resistance from her and other staff.

This writer was present on the phone during this request when the nurse attempted to relay to the doctor that “no-one was being microwaved at the hospital” and that she “didn’t want him to be anxious about microwaves.” Dr. Spencer, rightfully, informed the nurse she had no idea what she was talking about and that she needed to quiet down and listen to others who knew better about what was going on. On his request, this writer informed the nurse about her research, reportage, and publishing in this area, conveying the authenticity of this information—that indeed American civilians are being attacked with microwave weapons, millimeter wave weapons, and neuroweapons—as borne out by DOD/DOJ Memoranda of Understanding, military weapons-testing contracts, and the revelations of whistleblowers.

Finally, reports Dr. Spencer, a lead apron was provided.

Important Discussions on Scanning Reporting Victims Interrupted

It is interesting to note that the day this attack occurred, Dr. Spencer had just called this writer across the continent in Boston to declare his interest in seeking out and establishing scientific scanning operations in the USA for those wrongfully targeted and over-surveilled members of the public who are reporting covert and criminal RFID implantation as well as covert assault with electromagnetic neuroweapons—both related to ongoing US Military and Intelligence-Agency abuse of surveillance with non-consensual experimentation rolled in, a human rights and High-Tech subject frequently covered by this writer–and to suggest a later conversation that night on the subject.

Scanning and RFID detection under controlled Faraday-cage conditions requires the participation of scientists, radiologists, or University physicists with access to the right kind of spectral and EMF detection equipment, and is something that is greatly needed today as more and more Americans come forward to report the egregious crimes of remote access and assault of their bodies and brains with through-wall surveillance radar, microwave weapons, sonic weapons, Active Denial Systems infra-red heat weapons and others which leave burns, lesions, blisters, rashes, and scars, or administer remote electrical shocks and vibrations, or inject synthetic sounds, images, smells, voices, and dreams into skulls.

In Europe, human rights organizations such as ICAACT and ICATOR have set up scanning sessions for reporting victims.

Scanning for radio frequencies either received on the human body from satellites or celltowers or seemingly emitted from localized spots on the body has indeed previously established the detectable presence of non-consensual implants at various sites including the skull, spine, and heart for various individuals. However, experienced and qualified scanners are few and far between, and until Universities open their doors to assisting reporting victims of these crimes with such scanning and follow-up surgical removal, Americans will it appears continue to suffer these abuses being perpetrated by the Military Industrial Intelligence Complex under cover of classified and non-classified research activities, criminal justice activities, and intelligence collection activities.

Scanning therefore is most important, and the efforts of medical professionals such as Dr. Spencer in this area would be invaluable.

Dr. Spencer reports that he suffered a similar GI attack only one time earlier, several years ago when he was headed to Kuala Lumpur to give a presentation on the hazards and toxins contained in the swine flu vaccine. On both occasions his efforts also to share the fruits of some of his research into human origins and other planetary species through radio talks and online video shows had been gaining prominence.

Dr. Spencer also reports disruptions in the visual field and has provided to doctors at Pacific Medical Center this important article stored at NIH online on microwave effects on the brain: Effects of microwave radiation on brain energy metabolism and related mechanisms by Yan-Hui Hao, Li Zhao, Rui-Yun Peng/Beijing Institute of Radiation Medicine.

Additionally, Dr. Spencer reports an EMF protection device using Tesla technology he had purchased over, which he had kept under his pillow, only to wake in the middle of a medical crisis–something he therefore suspects as possibly instrumental in the attack on him and wishes to explore further.

This writer is working on getting some useful shielding to Dr. Spencer to shield his head and heart from pulsed microwaves, and to help him determine whether indeed he is being hit from the outside.

For all readers seeking to shield or to learn if you are being hit similarly when afflicted with sudden medical emergencies or random pains: a shield made from basic Teflon-coated bakeware such as a small cookie/baking sheet or pie pan, covered with Reflectix, which is aluminium bubble-wrap used in home insulation, and then wrapped in foam craft sheets you can get from a children’s craft store, will indeed record the audible pulse shots from a PEP weapon—a Pulsed Energy Projectile weapon or a high-powered microwave weapon—and can be recorded. These weapons are mentioned in Navy and Air Force contracts. Of course, EMF detectors and meters will also record pulse shots.


6 responses to “Suspected DEW attack on Retired American Doctor in California

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  2. Excellent points! I think much of the gassing of targeted individuals include not just toxic chemicals but nanites and nanobots etc all under nanorobotics. This technology can build a network in the body. It s part biochemical and
    part computer. If they can burrow under the skin or get into the blood stream they create networks responsive to certain frequencies. This weaponry is a horrible misuse of technology and I am wondering how complicit the medical industry is in all this.

  3. Definitely appears the attacks Dr. Spencer received were retaliatory in nature as there is a pattern there. Kim Arth who was medical-kidnapped says the hospitals are now prisons. I’m glad Dr. Spencer was able to use the apron. I hope he makes a full recovery.

    I have it on good authority that internal and skin-based detox for microorganisms/heavy metals/polymers/nanotech-based biofilm is crucial to managing DEW-type attacks.

    Our healers and whistleblower doctors are being slaughtered, as has been covered by people like Erin Elizabeth. I am a healer and I know this danger acutely. I am subject to these hate crimes here in Minnesota, so far without legal justice. These crimes need to be stopped. It’s making the world worse, not better. Humans have the capacity to be healed to dazzling proportions with natural divine energy. They need this healing and not the slow-cooking.

  4. Freedomisntfree2016

    Well said Karen and best wishes to Dr. Spencer. Thanks GiGi for the ideas large containers of bottled water inside the large storage totes can be stacked up as a barrier. Perps complain about my bottled water supply interfering with positioning their attack weapons. I have used the hoody and matching pants from lessemf. It can be expensive but worth the investment. These protected me from vicious microwave attacks. I use layers of their headbands and hats. I also wear cotton pajamas and sweat clothes and cotton socks then put the protective clothes over that. I wish I had protected my face better. My head and eye sockets have shrunk and I look very different from vicious attacks in the past year and a half. Lessemf has a face shield. Thanks for all the ideas. It’s good to be reminded with ideas that there are many ways to tailor our own defense. Thanks. Karen you are so right on about the traitors we are ALLOWING TO OPERATE IN OUR FACES ATTACKING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! The mystery claimed by officials about sonic attacks is ridiculous. THE MILITARY HAS DECLARED WAR ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Karen is right. Stand up Americans or dig your own grave. Dianne Renee Chandler

  5. Heartfelt gratitude that Dr. Spenser survived this cowardly and covert attack. America needs to WAKE UP that this is happening to 100,000’s of people AS A PRELUDE to take over from within by the rogue DOD and contractors, facilitated by the fraud DHS traitorous FBI and their oathbreaking Fusion Center minions. If you do not get enlightened now, and involved, then it will overcome you and your children. These weapons can kill one person or thousands at once. There is no defense. Stand up now or dig your own grave. The Deep State is real and wants a purge of decent citizens like all other totalitarian regimes.

  6. The lengths this group goes to hinges on insanity.
    It seems that many of the microwave and electromagnetic pulse weapons have been amplified and can now be sent from quite a distance ,as many before me have mentioned. Additionally, signals can be intensified and transmitted from such devices as cell phones….That is one of the reasons why the 5G grid is being set up. to now intensify short range without human intervention. Eventually even your Smart TV will be a weapon and a listening device.(Sounds incredible but true. All you need is a signal)
    Dr Spenser was right to protect himself in the hospital. Unfortunately, You are only safe where electricity does not exist.. “Damn Tesla…”
    I have a few suggestions for Dr Spenser.. and any other person suffering
    from these weapons. I have 14 years of overall torture and 10 years of actual weapons torture experience . So,here are my suggestions….
    I have used all of the following with success: Thermal clay pads from CVS(do not heat or cool) use as is, on the area of the body they are attacking. You can sleep with them.
    Electromagnetic shielding products clothing etc. (Try Less EMF )
    Hats, under shirts and emf protection glasses for the eyes…
    G iron shielding, and other shielding materials, to place around you.
    Ramola has pointed out several times it is not just one weapon, you are protecting yourself from, you need to improvise to address the attack.

    An engineer mentioned on one of the sites, that water in the room you sleep in helps with the radiation & to draw the heat. It really does work!
    Other items : Lead aprons as DR Spenser mentioned(could be expensive) rubber mats for the electrical currents they try and pass through (especially if you have wood floors in your home) and emergency thermal blankets (Mylar)for through the wall microwave heat. You can place Mylar along the area you sleep in just cover with a blanket or towel because excessive microwave over time may cause some flaking. Sound attacks can be fought with barriers placed around the ears. (Sleeping on the thermal clay pads at night helps to give you some comfort in your sleep) Use I phones with ear buds for outside work or to combat noise campaigns . Turn up your favorite music you will not hear a thing!
    There are radiation protective sheets for windows (somewhat less effective but provide another barrier),
    For those being gassed at night (beside the rudimentary air flow diversion with fans), try the ice packs , I mix mine with 1/3rd alcohol and 2/3 rds water in a Zip Lock bag (cheap and effective).
    I am currently working with some more esoteric relief but I cannot lay claim to anything yet. Sound Physical protection first and then additional therapies. Plus, spiritual answers cannot be sought until after the physical body has some relief…Anyone who tells you otherwise is misleading you or has never experienced these weapons!

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