Deep State Whistleblower Cody Snodgres Reveals the Targeting of Americans with Mind Control, Microwave, Psychic Energy Weapons

–Ramola D/Posted 1/12/2018

Report #40: Cody Snodgres – Deep State & Mind Control, Psychic, Psychotronic, & Microwave Weapons, Targeting

cody2a.pngIn an impromptu conversation on Jan 11, Black Ops operator, geophysicist with degrees in Mathematics and Physics, and Oklahoma City Bombing whistleblower Cody Golden Elk Snodgres spoke of the many different kinds of plausible deniability weapons being used by the Deep State on Americans–and by extension on civilians worldwide.

Touching on various Mind Control projects run by the NSA/CIA, including Project Slammer, a mid-’80s ten-year FBI/CIA behavior modification project run with the NSA, DIA, and US Navy and Air Force Intelligence which used psychotronic weapons and psychological studies, and a synthetic telepathy project run inside the Vatican—the Holy See–he describes how occult and Satanic ideologies from Project Paperclip and before, from Mengele and his evil experiments, preceded the set-up of various experiments in the ’40s and ’50s by the OSS and CIA, and relates the use of various exotic weapons used on those being targeted including psychic energy weapons labeled PSY INT derived from remote viewing and Project Stargate experiments, as well as microwave weapons, sonic weapons, holograms, and electronic images, and runs through several patents from the past few decades.  

Mind Control weapons and methods, he reveals, are definitely being used on Americans. Plausible deniability weapons include long-term assault with slow-kill weapons as well as faster-kill assassination weapons.

The first of many conversations on these vital and necessary subjects, in the interests of informing all, Cody says he can talk for hours on the mind control projects that he has knowledge of, and that he believes everyone needs to hear about.  For his whistleblowing, he reports retaliation; he speaks about being surveiled and sniped at and targeted with microwave weapons. With his bodyguards, he says, and high-level detection equipment, he is able to protect himself. 

Mentioning his Cherokee heritage, he says he is speaking out now to avert the horrifying future planned by the New World Order–which seeks to microchip, robotize, and degrade all humanity–he says there is a need for us to learn the truth of the dark realities in our midst: “We are all truthseekers on the same path, brothers and sisters walking toward the Light of Truth.”

You can reach Cody Snodgres through his website and his email, shared on the podcast. Please write your thoughts to him on the show and what he has revealed here, he is interested in hearing from all. 

Please also write to me or leave comments with questions here that you may have for him, for our next podcast on these subjects. We hope to focus on one small area at a time within this vast landscape of Mind Control and Stealth Weaponry.

Cody Snodgres is the author of two books, which he mentions in the podcast. Tales from an Atlantean Master includes information on psychic defense shields to avert the effects of psychic energy attacks. Choosing the Light/Dark Secrets of the Oklahoma City Bombing covers the Justice Department’s role in covering up the bombing.  Both can be found on his website and at Ole Dammegard’s site, Light on Conspiracies.

Many thanks to Cody Snodgres for this revealing conversation and to Ole Dammegard for the introduction.


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  1. You might like my research at part of which is relevant to Cody’s work

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  3. Heather Veentjer

    Dear Mr. Snodgres, I’m going to cut right to the chase, why do you think my drill instructors raped us, us being my company, in basic training? I have my own theory, but appreciate the fact that you, obviously, had more access to “real” intel, than I could ever have hoped to see. I know this ritual wasn’t just a sexually motivated event, because it was done as a group and they, our chain of command, threatened to put us in jail, when we reported it. It took me 20 plus years to prove it. I couldn’t get my hands on my medical records and when I heard what you said about the Oklahoma City bombing, it all made sense as to why it took so long for me to track down my records. It was during that time period you spoke of. They were probably trying to make sure mine wouldn’t reveal the vaccines and other crap they did to us, that you spoke about. That combined with the fact that they couldn’t explain why we were in basic training 2 weeks longer than we were supposed to be. It was because I wouldn’t shut up and go along with what they had done to us. I wanted a rape kit and for these drill instructors to be held accountable. Sadly, all we ended up getting was some bullshit rape counseling and threatened to be sent to jail. My fellow soldiers weren’t as strong willed as I am and eventually they got scared and caved in. So we never saw any justice and just went on to our AIT posts. Please take a minute and let me know what you feel their motivation was behind doing this to us. What was their end goal? Thank you for everything, sincerely, Heather Veentjer.

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  5. YouTube Brainstem. Effective neck scarf for night wear to block all the chips at the back of the head and neck, ESD Static Fabric from Sleep with head on a cookie sheet to block the pulsing in the ears. I now have a Teflon fry pan to sit on etc. thank you.

  6. Wow! Cody takes high level, complicated and fascinating subjects and breaks it down to a level we can comprehend. I learned so much from this interview and look forward to future interviews with Cody. I will listen to interview again!

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