Update 2–Landmark Win, West Virginia, for We the People/Thomas Deegan: Conference Call Recording, August 4, 2015 and Legal Documents Pertinent to Tom’s Work to Free Humanity.

Can’t stress enough the importance of this story and all this material. Please block some time out to read these posts, to listen to the audios, and to take on board what is being discussed. For a preliminary discussion/explanation of what this is all about and why we need to take action Now, see the first post here.

(This story is about how a lawsuit in West Virginia has highlighted for the world that the USA is reeling under massive corporate fraud, how you and I as Americans have been stunningly deceived, how we are All being exploited, how our Names have been used in fraud involving Legalese, and how exactly we can take back our power, our sovereignty, and our human and Constitutional rights Now, before it is too late.)

More posts soon. Please read and share widely.


Thank you so much for this transcript, both to the reader who created it and to Jean, Co-Creating Our New Future on Planet Earth. Re-blogged on The Everyday Concerned Citizen.

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

Thursday’s Conference Call, August 6, 2015 Is Open to Everyone, 8:00 p.m. EDT
Tom’s hope is to make this call educational.

Phone number: 

605-562-3140    Pin: 399791#

Click Here to listen to August 4, 2015 Conference Call

(I hope to have notes for this call asap. We are blessed with someone who is willing to do this job for us all. ~J)

Click on the Document Titles below to read these Significant Legal Documents, mentioned in last night’s call

Organic Charter for the Living Souls

* * * * *

Declaration and Indenture Covenant

a Heavenly Trust 3.04.15

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