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James Tracy, ScoopFeed: International Conference on Covert Harassment Exposes Inhumane Mind Control Experimentation and Robotization of Humanity

Update 2/8/2016: Please also see this post for links to videos uploaded now at the Conference site.


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James Tracy, Memory Hole Blog/ScoopFeed

FORUM-Factory, Berlin – Thurday 1 and Friday 2 October 2015 http://www.covertharassmentconference.com

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Excerpt: “Today, the existence of weapons related to the recording, analysis and interpretation of bio-electric signals from the human organism covertly tested on individuals and the global population is a terrifying reality….

With the support of key-note speakers like Dr. Nick Begich amongst other distinguished juridical and technology experts, the STOPEG Foundation (STOP Electronic weapons and Gang stalking), The European Coalition against Covert Harassment (EUCACH), Initiative Gegen Elektromagnetische Folter (IGEF) and STOP Zorganizowanym Elektronicznym Torturom (STOPZET) are now organizing this unique event to stimulate the debate on unethical, non-consensual research and look for solutions to end the abuse.”

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Mother Nature And You: The Most Truthful List of all Vaccines published to date including all of the official Ingredients! A must share before its deleted!

Factual listing of vaccine ingredients, process ingredients, and growth mediums from 31 vaccines recommended by the FDA and CDC. “Controversial products used to make vaccines: African Green Monkey (Vero) cells, aluminum, cow products, Cocker Spaniel cells, formaldehyde, human fetal lung tissue cells, insect products, and mouse brains. Though not listed, each vaccine contains strains of the virus being vaccinated against.” Thanks to Mother Nature and You for posting this vital information.

Relevant to the GcMAF/Nagalase story discussing Nagalase, an immune-system inhibitor, found as an envelope protein in viruses.

The PPJ Gazette: Warnings for Patients Taking Psych Drugs (also for their families and prescribing practitioners)

Tremendous article by Dr. Gary G. Kohls, MD on the dangers of neurotoxic psychiatric drugs, which include induced psychosis, mania, drug-dependency, violence, depression, anxiety, apathy, insomnia, and the connections between psychiatric drugs and mass shootings.

Vital information for patients, families, practitioners, and the general public.

(Vital information also for the families of “Targeted Individuals” assaulted by EMR/sonic weapons by a corrupt Mil/Intel cartel, who are falsely characterized as mentally-ill, essentially deliberately misdiagnosed by colluding psychiatrists, occasionally forcibly incarcerated in mental asylums, and prescribed neurotoxic psychiatric drugs designed to degrade their mental and physical abilities and well-being.) Thanks to ScoopFeed for re-posting.