The PPJ Gazette: Warnings for Patients Taking Psych Drugs (also for their families and prescribing practitioners)

Tremendous article by Dr. Gary G. Kohls, MD on the dangers of neurotoxic psychiatric drugs, which include induced psychosis, mania, drug-dependency, violence, depression, anxiety, apathy, insomnia, and the connections between psychiatric drugs and mass shootings.

Vital information for patients, families, practitioners, and the general public.

(Vital information also for the families of “Targeted Individuals” assaulted by EMR/sonic weapons by a corrupt Mil/Intel cartel, who are falsely characterized as mentally-ill, essentially deliberately misdiagnosed by colluding psychiatrists, occasionally forcibly incarcerated in mental asylums, and prescribed neurotoxic psychiatric drugs designed to degrade their mental and physical abilities and well-being.) Thanks to ScoopFeed for re-posting.

The PPJ Gazette

new-logo25kohlsGary G. Kohls, MD

Over the years, I have formally taught my patients (as well as many participants in my lectures and seminars) about the un-advertised dangers of psychiatric medications – especially the long-term brain alterations and drug-dependencies that drug companies don’t test for before the FDA grants them marketing approval.

Since my retirement from my holistic, non-drug, mental healthcare practice, I have continued to issue written warnings about the multitude of serious, sometimes even lethal, albeit unintended (and untested for), adverse consequences of taking psychiatric drugs, especially over the long-term.

My warnings have usually been directed at my fellow healthcare practitioners, nurses, social workers, clergypersons, journalists, legislators, various industry groups, and the public in general, but there seems to have been no audible response from most of them concerning the dangers to the very people that these professions are supposed to be caring for.

The information that I have…

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