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Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh, Canada Free Press: The Terrifying Tentacles of One World Governance

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Ultimate End Game 101

One World Government, Climate Change, Agenda 21/Replaced by Agenda 2030, Project BlueBeam: Global Government/Global Totalitarianism/Loss of National Sovereignty/Loss of Human Sovereignty/Loss of Human Lives/Being Sold to Humanity As Saving Planet Earth


The Terrifying Tentacles of One World Governance, Agenda 21, Pope Francis


“The one world governance will control and dictate:

  • Energy production, delivery, distribution, and consumption via Smart Grid, Smart Meters, and Renewables (wind and solar)
  • Food growth and production via FDA regulations
  • Education via a curriculum centered on Mother Earth, global communism, and global citizenship (Common Core, International Baccalaureate)
  • Water through irrigation denial to save a tiny fish, forced reduction in home use, recreation activities, destruction of dams and reservoirs
  • Population control to “manageable levels” through sterilization, eugenics (who decides and how?)
  • No borders, no sovereignty
  • No national language and culture, a multi-cultural hodge-podge
  • No Christian faith
  • Longer distance travel through light rail use for the masses while elite continue to fly and lecture the rest of us about limiting our carbon foot-print
  • Mobility restrictions
  • Homestead in high rise apartments in order to designate formerly private land wildlife habitat”

Please visit Canada Free Press for the whole excellent article detailing the history of Agenda 21/Agenda 2030, and spelling out more closely why this plan is seriously problematic and destructive to both Earth and all her people, and why all of humanity needs to be very concerned, and needs to oppose this plan in all its varying shapes and forms.

Source: The Terrifying Tentacles of One World Governance

LaRouche: ‘Most Momentous Weeks in Modern History—We Must Now Take This Moment’

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State of the Nation: Open Letter To Pope Francis: IMMIGRATION CRISIS Engineered, Coordinated, Manipulated, Exploited

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James Tracy: 9/11: Decade of Deception (Full Film NEW 2015)

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Press For Truth

Source: 9/11: Decade of Deception (Full Film NEW 2015)

Richard Presser: Rebekah Roth’s new research blows the doors off 9/11- update

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Recently I shared with you some details from Rebekah Roth’s first book called The Methodical Illusion. Since completing that book, Rebekah has continued to research and has also had many…

Source: Rebekah Roth’s new research blows the doors off 9/11- update

Richard Presser: Another Rebekah Roth interview on 9/11

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Well, I thought the Jeff Rense interview with Rebekah Roth I shared with you was mind blowing, but this interview shares even more. Rebekah is coming to 9/11 from the…

Source: Another Rebekah Roth interview on 9/11

BrasscheckTV: The 9/11 Solution: How the Myth was Sold/The Brasscheck Five Point Action Program

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From their website:

We produced this in 2003 and released it in time for the second year anniversary of 9/11.

It’s been viewed over 1 million times.

It’s also been taken down dozens of times by various hosting companies to try to obscure how many times it’s actually been viewed.

Notice that in perfectly coordinated fashion, the top US TV news networks pinned the crime of 9/11 on Osama bin Laden while the dust was still settling.

Here’s everything you need to know about TV news

Anchormen (and women) are just actors.

They may have dabbled in news reporting at one time in their lives, but they are hired for their ability to convey stories credibly…whether they know what they’re talking about or not or whether its true or not.

The ability to do this night after night in the face of obvious bullshit and official lying is a relatively rare and highly paid skill.

That’s what newsreaders get their big salaries for and they understand that to keep the paychecks coming, they’ve got to keep reading the ‘news’ – whatever is handed to them to read – and make it sound believable without question.

The real power in the newsroom is held by the person who hands the news reader the script, selects the guest “experts” and tells the reporters on the street who to talk to.

To pull off the scam you saw in this video requires a grand total of just three people (one for each of the clips.) Three “embedded” news directors in the employ of an intelligence agency.

All year long these people collect two paychecks, one from the TV network and one from the Agency.

When needed, they do what needs to be done – as they all clearly did in perfectly coordinated fashion the first hours after the 9/11 attack. – See more at: http://www.brasschecktv.com/videos/the-911-files/the-911-solution-.html#sthash.fngZ8BjX.dpuf


Here are their suggestions on what we all can do, as we still strive to thrive in the midst of propaganda, deception, corruption, and crime–also see more of their 9/11 research videos here:

The Brasscheck Five Point Action Program (Ver 1.0)

Real information for real change

Much of what Brasscheck reports is dark, but the purpose of our reporting is not to make you despondent. We’re simply covering elements of reality that the corporate/government news media withholds from you.

Before positive productive action can be planned and taken, accurate assessments of conditions have to be made.

Brasscheck is designed to stimulate discussion, encourage future research and inspire positive action.

If you’re seeking an answer to the question “What can I do?” here’s a five point course of action from the simplest actions to the most complex that might stimulate your thinking.

1. Study reality and dismantle propaganda

That’s what Brasscheck TV videos are designed to do. Sometimes they are complete packets of information. Sometimes they are springboards for additional research.

Realize that it’s a process that never ends – because propagandists and professional liars (PR people, “journalists,” paid-for scientists and doctors, government officials etc.) never stop manufacturing new self-serving bullshit.

2. Use what you learn to protect yourself, your family and friends and your community – and to make their lives better

Sometimes it’s immediately obvious what to do in response to information. Sometimes it’s not. Act on what you can act on.

KEY POINT: Support positive alternatives for yourself and others. Create them too.

For example, most people are all but enslaved to the products of a toxic corporate food industry. You can start weaning yourself off that today and it will have many positive effects both in your own life and beyond.

See our sister channel The Real Food Channel for information and ideas.

3. Don’t cooperate with evil doers

Ignorance is a form of cooperation.

Giving the authorities “the benefit of the doubt” is a form of cooperation.

Getting swept up in a wave of corporate/government media-generated hysteria on any subject is a form of cooperation.

Doing business with unethical banks and companies is a form of cooperation.

You can help – and help a lot – by simply withdrawing your cooperation and consent.

4. Help victims

Many entirely innocent people have been and continue to be the victims of the corporate/government. You don’t have to look far to find them. If you’re so inclined, you can share your resources with victims directly or find reliable groups that do good work.

Note: Large “non-profits” like the Red Cross are not generally good organizations to give money to.

5. Work to undermine The System

Notice I didn’t say “fight.”

The System loves nothing more than for people to fight it.


They have exponentially more guns and gun thugs and it won’t be even a remotely fair fight.

So how do you undermine The System?

Review the first four action points and use your own creativity and imagination. Ideas will come to you. It’s a life’s work, not something you figure out in a minute or a day.

Please share Brasscheck and the Five Point Action Program with your friends and colleague.

If just 1% of the population thought and acted this way on a daily basis, it would be the start of a massive irresistible change.

Good luck in your self-education and all your positive endeavors. No one said life was easy (well, the TV did, but it was wrong.)

Brasscheck TV’s answer to the normal human question: “What can I do?”

For more Articles videos, click here– See more at: http://www.brasschecktv.com/videos/articles/the-brasscheck-five-point-action-program-ver-10.html#sthash.WKV1ImcV.dpuf

9/11 BOMBSHELL: Cheney, Halliburton, Mossad, Art Students, Bomb Experts

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This video (part of this post) is currently going the round of the blogs, a must-watch/must-share excerpt of an interview with researcher Rebekah Roth, author of Methodical Deception–shows Israeli “art students” engaging with bomb fuses at the World Trade Center, and traces the connection with Cheney:

From Rebekah Roth’s website:The book will be available on Amazon and through any bookstore to order some time very close to the fourteenth anniversary of what we were all led to believe was a terror attack by radical Muslims. Finding that nearly half of the accused hijackers are still alive and that the accused were not on the real passenger manifests that day, inspired me to delve into research unlike any other.

Paul Craig Roberts: The Official Version of 9/11 goes something like this:

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Source: The Official Version of 9/11 goes something like this:

The Official Version of 9/11 goes something like this:

Directed by a beardy-guy from a cave in Afghanistan, nineteen hard-drinking, coke-snorting, devout Muslims enjoy lap dances before their mission to meet Allah. Using nothing more than craft knifes, they overpower cabin crew, passengers and pilots on four planes.

And hangover or not, they manage to give the world’s most sophisticated air defence system the slip.

Unfazed by leaving their “How to Fly a Passenger Jet” guide in the car at the airport, they master the controls in no-time and score direct hits on two towers, causing THREE to collapse completely.

The laws of physics fail, and the world watches in awe as asymmetrical damage and scattered low temperature fires cause steel-framed buildings to collapse symmetrically through their own mass at free-fall speed, for the first time in history. Read the whole post at PPJ Gazette.

John F. Malloy/AntiCorruption Society: Judges and lawyers are all members of the same private club