State of the Nation: Open Letter To Pope Francis: IMMIGRATION CRISIS Engineered, Coordinated, Manipulated, Exploited

Re-posted with thanks from Doreen Agostino/Our Greater Destiny; originally posted at State of the Nation.


U.S. & E.U. IMMIGRATION CRISES: Engineered and Coordinated, Manipulated and Exploited

The Global Immigration Crisis Is The Direct Result Of WAR


Your Holiness,

The immigration crisis both in Europe and the United States has now reached a crescendo. Nations large and small, rich and poor are all vulnerable to the tidal waves of immigrants which wash ashore daily.  Given the true level of desperation of war-torn nations around the world, who would be surprised at such a global predicament?

A boatload of refugees rescued 20 miles north of Libya by the Italian Navy during Operation

The EU has seen boatload after boatload wash ashore with their wet and weary passengers from the Middle East and North Africa.  The United States of America is likewise facing unprecedented invasions of illegal aliens which occur in the wake of trainloads of human cargo being deliberately shipped to it southwestern border.

Migrants ride on top of a northern bound train toward the US-Mexico border in Juchitan, southern Mexico, Monday, April 29, 2013. Migrants crossing Mexico to get to the U.S. have increasingly become targets of criminal gangs who kidnap them to obtain ransom money. (AP Photo/Eduardo Verdugo)

In both cases — the US and the EU — war is at…

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