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9/11 BOMBSHELL: Cheney, Halliburton, Mossad, Art Students, Bomb Experts

Re-posted with thanks, from Chemtrails, The Exotic Planet.

This video (part of this post) is currently going the round of the blogs, a must-watch/must-share excerpt of an interview with researcher Rebekah Roth, author of Methodical Deception–shows Israeli “art students” engaging with bomb fuses at the World Trade Center, and traces the connection with Cheney:

From Rebekah Roth’s website:The book will be available on Amazon and through any bookstore to order some time very close to the fourteenth anniversary of what we were all led to believe was a terror attack by radical Muslims. Finding that nearly half of the accused hijackers are still alive and that the accused were not on the real passenger manifests that day, inspired me to delve into research unlike any other.