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Speak Out To Stop the TPP/Save the Grand Canyon/Ban Fracking on Public Lands

The secretive and disastrous TPP is in the House. Although Fast Track was blocked in the Senate, it’s yet to be dropped by the House.

Public Citizen is running a campaign to send letters to House representatives — You can send a letter from their website.

“We’ve seen the damaging effects of the so-called “free” trade deals of the past which send our jobs overseas, undermine protections for workers, the environment and consumers. The U.S. is currently negotiating the most threatening of all trade agreements: the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) — the biggest and most dangerous deal since NAFTA and the WTO.”


EarthJustice is running a petition on to save the Grand Canyon from mega development–please take a look and sign.

“The Forest Service is currently weighing a permit application from the tiny Town of Tusayan, Arizona, to improve roads and build utilities in the Kaibab National Forest to enable development of a sprawling housing and commercial resort complex on the doorstep of Grand Canyon National Park.

Tell the Forest Service to reject this damaging development proposal now.

The purpose of the proposed roads, sewers, water and other utilities is to literally pave the way for construction of a huge development benefiting Italian developer, Gruppo Stilo USA, at the expense of Grand Canyon National Park.

Because the development may tap and mine groundwater that feeds creeks, springs and seeps in the Grand Canyon, the National Park Service has labeled the project one of the two biggest threats to the park in its nearly 100-year history.”


Food and Water Watch is running a campaign to Ban Fracking on Public Landsplease drop in to sign.  fracking

Update: U.S. Representative Mark Pocan re-introduced the bill to ban fracking on public lands (Earth Day – 4/22/15).

Fracking has already caused serious damage to our public lands, particularly in the areas that serve to buffer America’s most precious national parks and monuments. By the end of 2014, oil and gas companies had leases on over 34 million acres of public land, and over 200 million more acres are currently being targeted for drilling.

No amount of regulation will protect us or our public lands from the impacts of fracking. Regulated fracking still results in harm to people’s health, accidental spills of toxic waste, air pollution, earthquakes, drinking water contamination, habitat destruction and worsening climate change.

The only way to protect ourselves and our land from the risks of fracking is to ban it altogether.






Clandestine MKULTRA Continues Today, Hand in Hand with Clandestine Electronic Warfare Radiation Neuroweapons Testing & Training on Americans

How and why is it that thousands of people in the US who are reporting being assaulted by pulsed radiation weapons are ignored by pretty much everyone they approach for help/exposure/justice: members of Congress they write to, doctors and psychiatrists they look to for help–who don’t bother acting like the scientists they are supposed to be by actually testing or physically measuring this radiation which can indeed be picked up by radio frequency meters, human rights advocates at the big Human Rights organizations like Amnesty International or the American Civil Liberties Union, even their local Law Enforcement officers–who ignore the thugs in cars speeding into neighborhoods and pointing military Non Lethal Weapons at certain, select “Targeted Individuals” and demand that counseling or a psychological evaluation is in order instead?

How and why is it that small aircraft and helicopters incessantly buzz –everyday, constantly during the day, and constantly during the night too–into certain neighborhoods, often hovering or circling for hours, often seemingly summoned by said speeding cars on the ground–their intent and mission deliberately not shared with the public, even when questioned–as FOIA requests to the FAA indicate? (See Muckrock for my FOIA request to the FAA, stalled and delayed over all of last year, and ultimately non-responsive, currently under appeal.)

Could it be that Top-Secret/Special Access Electronic Warfare EMR Neuroweapons are being tested and trained on them? Could it be that pilots–and ground crew–are training together in Electronic Warfare on these “Targeted Individuals”? (The people on the ground who are being assaulted, the so-called “Targeted Individuals,” including this writer, know this rings true–the hits on their bodies speak to the aircraft connection.)

Perhaps the extreme and questionable silence surrounding this situation is because these assaults have been fully permitted and authorized as Classified “Top Secret” Research and Experimentation Projects, to be conducted in a Clandestine way–meaning no-one can legally speak about them. Just go on “legally” assaulting, criminally and covertly, forever, the assaulters well-hidden by Secrecy laws, Defense directives actually permitting weapons-testing on civilians, and the Common Rule with its flagrant loopholes permitting the Institutionalized Hijacking of Informed Consent–which isn’t required in Classified Research on Human Subjects today.  All of this extreme criminality and flagrancy of human rights violations can exist in silence and refusal-to-acknowledge, thanks to our society’s current miasmic cowering in the face of Secrecy.  Secrecy permits abuse, and Clandestine Projects which promote Secrecy are currently promoting Extreme Abuse. Innocent individuals are being openly tortured, in the USA–and this practice is occurring worldwide.

These speculations and analyses, supported by commentaries and interviews and videocasts with various other analysts, doctors, researchers, weapons experts, weapons creators, and neuroscientists, are examined on this new page under Human Rights: 2015: “Targeted Individuals” are Non-Consensual Subjects in Criminal Clandestine, Classified “Top Secret” MKULTRA-Extended Mind & Behavior Control/Torture Experimentation by Joint Military/Intel/Justice/Academic Institutions, as well as Targets of COINTELPRO  and Electronic Warfare

David Wilcock 5-6-15… “Secret Space Program: Countdown to Exposure!”

Fascinating stuff. Reblogged from Kauilapele’s Blog, who reposted from David Wilcock’s Divine

The Pen: Action Page: The Trans Pacific Partnership is Toxic and They Know It

Posting The Pen’s new letter and call to action re. TPP: Please click on the action page link below and sign to send a note to your Congress reps. and local newspaper.


Dear —-,

We are having an amazing impact on defeating the so-called Trans
Pacific Partnership, but only because tens of thousands of our own
participants, and many others, continue to speak out against it every
chance we get.

And we know we’re having an impact because John Boehner was on TV
Sunday morning literally begging for Hillary Clinton to throw her
support to it. Imagine that, begging for Democrats to help support
this toxic turkey, so fewer Republicans have to suffer the inevitable
blowback. Does this mean he would support Hillary Clinton for
president in return?

If you need to know more about why this thing is so bad, please read
the link in the petition text on the action page itself below about
the ties to multi-national corporations.

So let’s keep submitting and keep the pressure on:

TPP Is Toxic Action Page:

And here is the petition text:

This last weekend the House Majority Leader said this on Meet The
Press about the so-called Trans Pacific Partnership:

“We’ve got the majority here in the House and the Senate, but we
can’t do this by ourselves.”

Since when did a party in total control of Congress not have the
power to pass anything they want?

And the answer is, since someone tried to browbeat members of the
House in particular into passing one of the most repulsive and
deceptive measures ever, to abdicate all meaningful congressional
authority over trade policy, and by top secret agreement to surrender
the interests of the American people to the tender mercies of
multi-national corporations.

This is one toxic hot potato. Drop it. And leave it dropped.


And after you submit the action page, feel free to request one of our
“Expressway To Trade Hell TPP” bumper stickers. We will send you one
for no charge, not even shipping. And you can request it directly
from this page.

All Bumper Stickers:

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You may forward this message to any friends who would find it

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Karen Hudes: We Are Already Under Martial Law

The Global Currency Reset with Karen Hudes– Reblogged from The Maine Republic Email Alert.

Jon Rappoport: Obama, Hillary/Bill, Bush, “income inequality and violence”

Reblogging from Jon Rappaport’s blog. The whole issue of race problems that’s in our face these days–the crazy police action, the senseless brutality, the spurts of violence at protests, and then the Reaction with National Guard brought in, and police with riot gear and this whole Income Equality/Civil Unrest/Future Violence trope that’s trotted out is what’s mentioned here.

There are hidden stories behind police violence that media doesn’t cover–the training of police with Israeli Mossad and military, the targeting of some police with EMR weapons–is there a movement afoot to make some police act more aggressively/brutally than they would otherwise? Stories to unravel there…