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Podcast: As Congress Buys Into More War, CODEPINK Becomes the Conscience of America

Peace, Not War

Climate Change and Climate Engineering

So today’s historic–the day of the big climate march in New York and more than 2000 other co-ordinated marches worldwide.

Here are two news sources offering coverage on climate change and describing some of the reasons behind climate concern.

The first of these is Nation of Change, which offers live video from Democracy Now on the march, and all the UN-centered coverage on the importance of creating global change in this arena.

The other is Geoengineeringwatch.org, which is sounding the alarm of deliberate, undercover climate engineering globally, some say a UN-related Global Governance measure that is destroying the environment worldwide while aiming partially to control climate change. Geoengineering however is still being kept under wraps, as many Watch sites note–see also Aircrap.org.

Is the climate justice movement–focused on global warming–missing something essential related to the deliberate destruction of our environment, via geoengineering? In other words, is the mayhem in climate events we’re experiencing everywhere directly related to geoengineering? (Which is deliberately not covered by mainstream media.) You decide.