Criminal & Unethical TORTURE Ongoing in Non-Consensual US DOD/CIA Neuro Experimentation–Ramola D Reports: Report # 98: Phillip Douglas Walker AKA Omni Reports Neuro-Framing, Bio-Robotizing, Extreme Neurotech Torture

-Ramola D/Posted 12/4/2018

I am making a special report today on the situation regarding Omni or Phillip Douglas Walker. I have been in touch with Omni/Phillip for about two years I think, and was introduced to him, if I recollect correctly, by actor, filmmaker and activist Ahmad Enani, with whom I ran a few podcasts last year under the header Real Talk True Media. Ahmad is also reporting aspects of non-consensual neuro-experimentation which defy imagination and sound absolutely extraordinary to the regular reader of Science news put out by such mainstream and CIA-controlled publications as the New York Times and the Washington Post, and will, I hope, publish his own testimonial and story with me in a print interview and podcast soon. 

Omni98coverI have covered non-consensual neuro-experimentation as reported to me by various people, both here in the USA and in the UK and in France, and elsewhere.

I have listened to the testimonial of many others who are not keen to publish their names yet or who shrink from publicity.

I recently wrote about my exposure to and understanding of ongoing covert neurotechnology operations on world populations, with whistleblower and documented military evidence of DEW bio-effects on humans in my Investigative Reporter Statement for Frederic Laroche, a human rights activist in France who is reporting criminal entrapment today in relation to his own activism reporting current-day neurotech crimes.

Make no mistake, the military and Intelligence powers who are running these unethical covert sacrifice-torture operations on humans today appear to see their experimentation as precious, legitimate, and justified under the covers of “National Security” they are using as blanket cover worldwide, or are perfectly aware they are committing crimes–these neurotechnology/AI/Robotics experiments involve Trauma-Based Mind Control and nonstop physical, brain, and psychological trauma being meted out to their victims, AKA Non-Consensual Human Test Subjects, and every single victim of these Mil/Intel/Mercenary crimes reports Torture, Extreme Bodily Invasion & Privacy Invasion, Trauma, Social Isolation, and Psychological/Spiritual Attack--and are acting to cover up their crimes of Torturing Humans by seeking to frame and suppress all activists and victims via Incarceration/Criminal Entrapment or Incarceration/in Psychiatry or both. Every activist working in this area in particular reports one or both of these, and is familiar with these sorts of entrapment and psych-commit attempts being run on them.

Phillip Walker/Omni has also reported psych-commit attempts: this is the way in which the black ops agencies running these ghastly programs of major neurotech torture seek to control the public image and public profile of their victims. As long as the average Joe thinks someone is “schizophrenic” or “paranoid delusional” or “having hallucinations,” they are easily convinced that person needs to be medicated or force-medicated as the case may be and, most importantly, must needs be dismissed each time they mention anything related to the neuro-experimentation they are being subjected to non-consensually.  This is standard military and Intelligence practice; I will dig up some references and post them shortly; I have personally read about “destruction of reputation” as being a necessary factor and SOP in non-consensual experimentation in a military manual addressing military research.

My previous print interviews with Omni can be found here:

Counterintelligence Crime | American Activist Filmmaker Reports Extreme Military/Intel Agency Neural Abuse with Covert Ops Brain-Computer-Interface Weapons

Omnisense/ Speaks Out: “Electronic Telepathy Cybernetic Secret Society Oversees the Targeting of Individuals”

This is the list he sent on in June 2017, enumerating the torture he has been subjected to:

Omnisense/Long List of Tortures/Targeting Injustices Endured

Because I have been in touch with him on Skype for so long (we text frequently), I can attest to the fact that Phillip is careful with the truth and reports what he experiences in the most truthful way possible; he is quick to correct misunderstandings or misperceptions and has in the past always sought to clarify what he is reporting such that I can understand exactly what he means and transmit what he means, rather than putting an overlay of meaning or personal interpretation over his reports that might misrepresent his reportage. 

Phillip has recently been reporting attempts to “neuro-frame” him. He, like others, has spoken extensively about bio-robotizing and neuro-invasion technologies taking over his bodily and brain functions; currently he is reporting 100% bodily control and total takeover. This kind of total takeover, via EEG cloning and BCI technology (Brain Computer Interface) has been reported by many others; please visit the videos at Ramola D Reports and the print interviews listed here at Ramola D/Reports to see reports here; also see Dr. Robert Duncan’s book Project Soulcatcher. 

This is obviously an extreme situation–and what it basically means for all of humanity is: we need to step forward and take some immediate action to stop these barbaric experiments on those reporting them. We need to pay attention to the cries of people in our midst reporting such extreme and invasive takeover. For what can there possibly be in our future if we do not? Are we prepared as a species to permit a small group of insane neuroscientists and AI scientists and supercomputing scientists/no doubt working at the behest of Luciferian bankers with world-control aims and agendas totally take over our human bodies and brains, one by one? 

Phillip Douglas Walker is currently in desperate need of media coverage, rescue, and restoration to his own authentic intrinsic human self. Please watch the podcast report below, share as widely as you can with everyone you know, and please call out for help to the very same military neuroscientists who are wreaking this unconscionable torture on him. I thank you all very much for whatever act of attention, media coverage, information dissemination, and restorative action you take, on Phillip’s behalf.

CLASSIFICATION TO CONCEAL CRIME: These experiments are most probably falsely being named or hidden under classification covers as “important for national security,”; I strongly disagree, and will be publishing further my own views regarding these massively unethical and criminal Torture operations on human beings flying undercover of classification soon. Suffice to say for now Neuro/Bio/DEWs should be banned.

Phillip has over the last few days relayed to me on Skype exactly what he means when he reports that he is in dire straits currently. I have included screen footage of our Skype text conversations with his own testimonial in this video report, Report #98, made last week, and I will link to his very important testimonial and Affidavit below:

Phillip Walker’s Affidavit/11/29/2018 (PDF): 



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  1. There are cheap and easy countermeasures for what Philip has documented on his sites, but for some reason he doesn’t mention them? In fact, he doesn’t even hint of any. Why is that? The answer is that he appears to be part of some type of counter-intelligence or psyop operation. If what Philip is saying is even partially true, why won’t he mention things that will counter-act the effects?. Some methods may be not 100% effective, but others can provide significant relief.Since he won’t list them I’ll start with this one; . You really need to start focusing on providing information on countermeasures. If you accept what people like Philip say is even partially true, then please give us some legal and inexpensive remedies (of which there are many). It certainly is better than waiting for a do-nothing Congress or trying to convince our demented leaders.

  2. Please also check out This man, (he does not name himself) is an exquisite presenter of these experiences. It appears he has a similar program.

    I strongly suspect the location where I live is a leader of the MK programs – (brain project/mapping focus), along with all the Mengele style (angel of death, twinning – cloning, suicide, etc) programs. The mental institution here is one of SAMHSA’s top TI care facilities with several staff from Michigan U
    – correct me if I’m wrong – a Tavistock school. I also suspect they are also a fusion center. This all needs to be researched. (I am unable to do this without some guidance, but would be willing to if I had someone to work with.)

    Has anyone considered that the entire DSM was developed by MK psychologists working to achieve ways to create and then heal mental illness in individuals, thus capturing their care for a lifetime? In this experience I am going through, the mental illness states are force injected as keys to complex set-ups to force me to betray and incriminate myself, fall prey to police or mental health professionals, lawsuits and a lockup. The states are almost always induced through my iphone. They have captured both suicidal states and extreme anxiety or paranoia. I can hear the phone capturing these frequencies.

    One other thing I believe people need to become aware of, is the combination of hypnosis and mind clones. It seems there is an ability to automatically and instantly create and stop hypnosis in anyone on a phone. They can then transfer the conversation to the mind clone of that person and you can talk to them until the topic of danger resides. Then the real person wakes up and talks to you again – never knowing what you had just talked about, and if you mention it they get mad. This has happened to me so many times I cannot count anymore. It is primarily done with my family members.

    There’s a great book on the Encyclopedia of Hypnosis. Shocking – but I do believe Behavioral Health under Obamacare is really Scientology, that hypnosis is employed to put people in the mental institution making them a ward of the state and stripping people of their assets, mental illness is induced, and SAMHSA runs the TI program from the aspect of mental illness. 2 documents I mentioned to you years ago were Leading Change and Change 2.0 on their site. They have now been scrubbed from the internet.

    There is much much more in this area – I cannot believe what I have been put through. (They did psychosurgery on me – cutting out the sensation in my brain of the things I love.) And what will continue to follow me around for the rest of my life until I can get it corrected, which seems impossible as I have tired. I don’t know how to remove a false diagnosis. That might be a show you could do. It would be so helpful to many people.

    Thanks again for everything. I especially like your guest Eric Karlstrom. Thank you Ramola.

    PS other good books: The Mind Stealers by Sam Chavkin (get the red cover, out of print version), and Puppetmasters, by Philip Willan. About the P2 mafia – so much of this current experience of CIA coup by increment was tested out in Italy decades ago. It’s also telling of the mafia and how it operates. A terrific journalist…

  3. Thank you so much Ramola and Philip. This is EXACTLY what is happening to me. Please look into – TI Care (Trauma Informed Care).

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