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NSA Whistleblower Karen Melton Stewart – Letter to SAMHSA on behalf of referred Targeted Individual(s)

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
5600 Fisher’s Lane
Rockville, MD 20857

Dear sirs,

I understand that you have totally dismissed without the slightest investigation, a complaint of vicious, coordinated harassment lodged by ____________ ________________ which qualifies as prosecutable crime under RICO law as well as 18 US Code § 241, conspiracy to deprive of civil rights, because your education, experience, and intellectual depth is sorely lacking and in its place you are relying upon your limited and rigid professional knowledge and closed-minded bias as if nothing new or different could possibly exist. You have instead, merely assumed that your lack of capacity to read and understand new information is someone else’s problem with substance abuse or mental illness. I assure you, one person’s ignorance, or one groups’ ignorance does not induce mental illness upon another, never has and never will. And a brain addled with substance abuse could hardly produce accurate reports of a very real social phenomenon and criminal program being reported by potentially hundreds of thousands of others across the nation, who come from all walks of life, all ages, all ethnic groups and both genders. Mass delusion is after-all, not exactly a medically sound occurrence nor viable diagnosis especially within these parameters.

At one point in time, “state of the art science” scoffed at the “round earth” notion. Everyone “just knew” if you sailed too far, you would fall off the earth and dragons would gobble you up. Later, “state of the art science” told us the idea that things smaller than what we could see, and therefore invisible, made us sick (germs) was utterly preposterous and the proponents of such ideas were laughably delusional. During colonial times everyone “just knew” tomatoes were poisonous too. Yet, those not blinded by arrogance, did some actual research and found out conventional science of the era was contemptibly wrong.

Let’s examine the supposed “preposterous” notion of stalking perpetrated by multiple persons, first of all, an exposé called “Cause Stalking” on multiple person stalking in the US was written years ago by a Private Eye in Florida named David Lawson detailing how rich and powerful people paid dregs of society to stalk and harass people the “boss” did not like, for whatever reason. History shows that the mob was known to do this, the KKK was known to do this, fringe groups like PETA were known to do this, the corporation NESTLÉ was even accused of doing this to disgruntled employees. The Communists fully engaged in doing this to dissidents, in fact, the East German Secret Police (STASI) are credited with “perfecting” a heinous and viciously effective methodology of psychological destruction of dissidents, their version of today’s targeted individual, called “Zersetzung”, a noun that means de-construction, as in deconstruction of a victim’s life, every single aspect (job loss, family break up, destruction of reputation, destruction of emotional and physical health, etc) until the goal to push them into suicide was realized, without overtly tainting the entity which ordered the lengthy, slow-kill “hit”.

Coming from an Intelligence Community (IC) background, I can assure you, that Federal agencies and military as well as specifically the Department of Homeland Security, which relied on Markus Wolfe, former STASI official and Yevgennij Primakov, former KGB official, as “advisors”, know and practice this type of psychological operations today, within the USA. They will tell you that this is done to “enemies of the state” in the aftermath of 9/11. This however, is largely false.

In order to create and grown a Police State, which was the intent of the 9/11 false flag ( I worked at NSA during 9/11, it was indeed an inside job ), one needs an enemy. You may assume that the vast number of “enemies” on the Terrorist Watch List resemble those credited with carrying out 9/11, Muslim males; they do not. The DHS, crafted by totalitarian-minded proponents, and headed by… a Muslim male for 8 years under Muslim President Obama, have created the narrative that Americans are the real terrorists. Are you a veteran? You are a terrorist. Are you a Christian? You are a terrorist. Are you a Constitutionalist? You are a terrorist. Has your family been here decades or Centuries? You are a terrorist. Do you like coffee more than tea? You are a terrorist. Hopefully you get my drift, the Terrorist Watch List is a total scam, but a means to an end. Worse than that, it is sedition in the guise of “protecting the homeland” when it is actually a ruse to eradicate a growing number of Americans by various covert technological and asymmetric warfare means… at the hands of “useful idiot” Americans fooled into thinking that their fellow Americans are somehow “threats”.

Did you know that the IC has purposely misinterpreted post 9/11 law that declares those listed as terrorists, as targets who can be killed with no due process? Did you know that once placed on the Terrorist Watch List, by means of secret, unvetted accusations, you are secretly stripped of your Constitutional, Human, and Civil Rights in line with the previously mentioned legalistic sleight of hand misinterpretation? President Obama lowered the criteria needed to be put on the Watch List to less than probable cause in 2013. That means there is no criteria and no vetting of any worth. The Watch List is essentially, a “national security good old boy’s club” personal enemies’ list, being used to fraudulently bloat the numbers of “perceived terrorists” in order to bilk the government out of a fortune as well as building personal kingdoms within government and the military industrial complex and related private security companies, but it is also a non-consensual human experimentation subject list, and a human-trafficking list. You see, once falsely accused victims are declared non-citizens and non-humans, DHS/FBI/Fusion Center and their sycophant civilian Infragard (and other faux community watch groups) and “business partners” as well as other cronies in other agencies, sell contracts on the victims to various entities. The victims are then terrorized by 24/7 relay-stalkers (multiple mercenary stalkers surveilling and stalking in highly coordinated shift routines) using a methodology known as cast-iron targeting in the IC. This protocol also involves break-ins, vicious slander, vandalism, hacking personal accounts like email and bank accounts, theft, etc. essentially, 24/7 harassment on every level possible, continuously. This keeps the victim stressed, off balance and easily dismissed by ignorant authorities.

The stalkers’ salaries come from Homeland Security budgets, filtered through Military Industrial Complex shills, such as Lockheed Martin, which launders the under-the-table tax money by turning it into gift cards, products (riding lawnmower, new roof, etc.), services (carpet cleaning, landscaping, etc.) to pay the organized stalkers in order to hide the obscene abuse of tax-payer money to pay Americans to attack and kill other Americans for a false narrative that serves the growing Police State. The stalkers are too gullible, greedy and unsophisticated to know they are subverting their own country and freedoms. And often even criminals are actually hired to commit the worst offences against the innocent victim, such as pet mutilation and murder. But contractors generally carry out covert assaults using high tech weaponry, such as war grade poisons, gasses, high tech weaponry such as nano dust, weaponized medical chips, and Directed Energy Weapons akin to “non-lethal weapons” (which do kill) given law enforcement.

Police are generally actively or passively complicit. Actively, when a Fusion Center tells them to help harass the person and try to set them up as the perpetrator not the victim, or purposely misreport facts to portray the victim as delusional while coveting for the criminal stalkers. They are told it is “for national security” and “there are things they do not know”… yes, like the Feds are lying. They are passively complicit when their mediocre minds fall for the play-acting by the Fusion Center run civilian domestic terrorists, and the police cannot be bothered to make an effort to do their jobs or “think outside the box”. Again, another example of 1-dimensional thinking, and arrogant ignorance playing to their desire to put the least amount of effort into their jobs until their shift is over.

Now, who am I that you will not want to dismiss me and my previous testimony because your ego will not allow you to believe your knowledge is so lacking? I am a retired National Security Agency, Intelligence Analyst, who held a Top Secret clearance for almost 30 years. In order to be hired, I had to pass a psychological battery, in order to retain my security clearance, I had to pass routine psychological testing about every 5 years. I had a thorough base-line redone in 2005 by the former head of NSA Security Psychological Services, Dr. Paul Clavelle, who pronounced me one of the strongest people emotionally and psychologically he had ever met. I also have been retested and evaluated by an independent senior psychologist (2009) in Columbia, MD., and then re-evaluated later by a second independent senior psychologist (2015) in Tallahassee, FL. All tests and all evaluations were strongly normal.

Have I become suddenly “delusional” in the last ten minutes? Highly unlikely. And I think real professionals must admit that a person who has been so thoroughly vetted over a lifetime, has shown NO signs of mental illness, is no more likely to “suddenly go crazy” and “imagine” the aforementioned real but covert scenario, any more than they are likely to suddenly become a unicorn.
And I have never indulged in alcohol or drugs of any kind.

I would remind you that Mark Twain astutely said that, “It is easier to fool people, than to convince them that they have been fooled.” This is of course due to ego ego ego.

You need to come out of the Dark Ages and reassess what is possible. Stop blaming the victims of heinous and monstrous psychological abuse that you yourselves could probably never hope to weather for a day, much less 24/7 for years, with gratuitous abuse heaped upon you by ignorant and lazy or complicit law enforcement and mental health “experts” who are using petrified criteria in an elastic world.

Karen M. Stewart
National Security Agency,
Intelligence Analyst, ret.

NSA Whistle Blower Karen Melton-Stewart – Attention Law Enforcement



You struggle with getting respect from the public you supposedly risk your lives to protect. You think it unfair, but you carry on. And some of you indeed lose your lives helping the public. You serve and protect the grateful as well as the ingrates. It’s part of your job, equal protection under the law.

What if I told you however, that one set of people has every right to resent, even hate you? EVERY RIGHT? One set of people has every right to view you as the enemy, as enablers of sheer evil and raw criminality the likes of which the world has NEVER seen before, largely because you sold out?

What if I told you that your utter refusal to afford them equal protection under the law was not only unconstitutional and illegal, but inexcusably contemptible, depraved, and treasonous? Presumably the opposite of why you went into law enforcement, hmmm? Are you protectors or bullies? Choose.

What if I told you that these certain people across the board, report the same abuse from you no matter where in the country they are? They report being ignored, insulted, mocked, abused and even set-up to be committed or incarcerated when their only “crime” is reporting crime? Begging for help.

Who told you that you were allowed to DISCRIMINATE against “certain people” and just allow them to be viciously targeted for on-going daily slander, harassing, stalking, and blacklisting campaigns by civilian vigilantes, and subjected to on-going vandalism; pet abuse: theft, murder, mutilation; computer hacking; phone hacking; postal mail and package tampering and theft; home break-ins; ID theft; credit card theft; bank account theft; car vandalism; multiple car accident set-ups to destroy property and cause continued financial loss, as well as assaults by various cowardly means such as gasses, poisons, and new covert technology called Electronic War Weaponry (brought back from use in Iraq and Afghanistan and secretly turned on innocent Americans)? Federal law 10 US Code §950t (2) forbids attacking non-combatant civilians with weapons of war. Only a rogue, criminal government would do that, meaning, an ILLEGITIMATE government operating CONTRARY to its citizens’ best interests. Are you OK with that?

Do you know by what “criteria” these certain people are chosen for slander, torture, and extermination (and asset stripping)? Here is a sampling:

A) Random, i.e., wrong place, wrong time;
B) Vulnerable (such as single or widowed, older women);
C) Journalists;
D) Constitutionalists;
E) Ex-spouses/lovers or women who said, “no”;
F) Whistleblowers/truth-tellers;
G) Anyone an insider has a grudge against, imagined or real;
H) Veterans;
I) The Elderly.

Do these sound like people who should be on the Terrorist Watch List? Well, they are. They are specifically on the NON-Investigative Subjects (NIS), Code 4 Silent KILL List, as specified by the dubious FBI and corroborated by an ACLU FOIA to them. Let that sink in, NO INVESTIGATION, just ASSASSINATION. NO DUE PROCESS, NO 4TH AMENDMENT RIGHTS. Ever hear of COINTELPRO? It was an illegal program run by the FBI to murder Civil Rights and Women’s Rights leaders in the mid-20th Century. The Senate Church Committee condemned it and forbade that the FBI “ever war on the American people again”. But they are at it again. They likely never stopped. But 9/11 was certainly a boon for them to expand and renew COINTELPRO.

Do you have “non-lethal weapons”? Then you are familiar with the principles of Electronic Weapons. They do exist, you have some. Yet you are told to pretend such devices are mythical, make-believe, nonexistent. And that a person is delusional or crazy to report being assaulted by people misusing them. Were you not warned that even non-lethal weapons can be lethal? Especially if abused and misused? Not merely do you have and use these non-lethals and less-lethals, you know that Defense & Air Force contracts with big Defense contractors are being run in your town, testing these Directed Energy Weapons on Americans. You know that Top Secret Highly Classified Federal programs are being run in your city and county; some of you have seen the fake Terrorist Watch Lists passed on to the CIA, so these Americans can be neuro-experimented-on, covertly implanted, and tortured with Voice to Skull (aka the Voice of God weapon the military so proudly revealed in Iraq), remote electroshocks, and Nervous System assault. These are the people you’ve been trained to call delusional, so no-one will believe them when they report Crimes Against Humanity being committed on their bodies and brains. 18 USC §2441 prohibits the Federal governments and agents thereof from committing Acts of War upon unarmed, non-combatant civilians.

According to Executive Order 13606, all those who conduct or conspire to facilitate prohibited activities using sophisticated electronic technology to harm communications equipment, communications networks, or human beings, are Axis of Evil, Rogue State Actors or sympathizers or terrorist infiltrators working against the American people and public at large, by the definition in (section) §7, to include transmission and display. So are those using information and communications technology to commit serious and grave human rights abuses, in violation of the Counterfeit access device fraud and Computer Abuse Act of 1984. This defines “electronic harassment,” which can be lethal.

If a person or several people aimed a radar gun, or several, at your home and family 24/7, would you allow that, knowing radar guns can cause cancer with over-exposure? Yet, when civilians complain of being assaulted with demonstrably similar electronic devices by others, they are ignored? This is the legal definition of “Willful Blindness Doctrine,” the purposeful attempt to stay ignorant of pertinent facts to avoid civil or criminal liability. The crime-fraud exception law may also be applicable in regard to the withholding of equal protection under the law to facilitate yet more Human Rights Crimes by the perpetrators (under color of law). These weapons, which we have established that Law Enforcement by and large knows about, cause Cancer, bleeding in the brain, strokes, high blood pressure, internal and external burns, eye damage, hearing damage, brain damage, autoimmune disease, joint disease, organ failure, etc. 50 USC Ch 40, §2301 Congressional Findings clearly states that Congress recognizes that chemical, biological, radiological and other (electronic) weapons of mass destruction are now capable of being made by domestic terrorists and criminals. So are you stupid or just cowardly hypocrites? So THIS is the ONLY crime you refuse to deal with? You sanction this crime?

Who told you that ONLY one-person stalking was against the law BUT NOT premeditated, multi-person stalking and harassment, so you could ignore ALL of these highly coordinated, vicious crimes? No matter the harm to the victim?

Did you know, 18 US Code (sections) §241 and §242 prohibit conspiracy to deprive anyone of their Constitutional Rights? The first applies to civilians, the second to the authorities (you), who can indeed be held liable and prosecuted for failing to do their jobs. There are also RICO laws that apply. But Law Enforcement seems uninterested in this very unique crime. And some victims are even reporting being denied protection because their name is found on an “untouchables” list being kept by Law Enforcement outside normal file systems, such as in the car trunk of the duty officer, so that the illegal and treasonous Kill Lists will be out of public scrutiny. This is un-Constitutional. There is no exception. This is prohibited by 42 USC 1985 – Conspiracy to interfere with civil rights, and 18 USC 1510 – Obstructing a criminal investigation, conflict of interest roles in government. In so doing, you are skirting the victims’ ability to gather evidence for potential criminal action against you. According to Supreme Court rulings Marbury v. Madison, NO unconstitutional law is valid. According to Norton v. Shelby, following an unconstitutional law affords you NO protection from liability and prosecution.

Someone is telling your superiors to deny certain people their Constitutional Rights and ignore their persecution and murder by Federally-funded, ILLEGAL Death Squads, masquerading as Neighborhood Watch and other secret organizations like Infragard, run by DHS/FBI/Fusion Centers and paid tax dollars under-the-table by such contractors as Lockheed Martin. Your bosses are even making deals to accept bribe money for the department to get all the latest “cop toys” and maybe even for themselves, by marginalizing innocent people DHS needs to falsely and SECRETLY accuse of criminality or terrorism, in order to build up an un-American fascist police state on a fraudulent “threat” and on the destroyed lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent people who have no idea why they are suddenly a caste of people being denied their basic rights by Law Enforcement and illegally warred upon by their own government and fellow citizens, using weapons of war like sophisticated gasses, poisons, radiological weapons, and electronic weapons (EW). 18 USC §2441 prohibits the Federal governments and agents thereof from committing acts of war upon unarmed, non-combatant civilians. Yet, you do nothing. You do not investigate, you do not consult experts, you do not get educated.

Did you know that Law Enforcement in many cases is actively engaged in repeated provocation and falsification of police reports at the behest of the FBI or Fusion Centers in order to protect the criminals and help frame their innocent victims? Did you know they are doing so partially to please DHS “partners” who own privatized prisons and mental institutions? Did you know that DHS is also registered as a “private for profit” business, and is buying up such entities? Clearly they want the prisons and mental health facilities filled to capacity and do not care how they do it. There is little difference in policies to provoke lashing-out or falsifying charges in order to arrest someone, and outright kidnapping, is there? Is that what you want to be a part of? Can you tell the difference between Law Enforcement in a free society and the Gestapo tactics from Nazi Germany?

Are you aware that the American government has a history of illegally experimenting on people incarcerated in such facilities? Very often killing them? Prisoners have been injected against their will with everything from devastating diseases to plutonium! Are you aware that the 8th Amendment of the Constitution prohibits cruel and unusual punishment?

Do you realize that the Terrorist Watch List is purposely populated with hundreds of thousands of completely innocent Americans with NO terrorist leanings or contacts, much less any criminal record? And that these are the scapegoats you are helping DHS/FBI/Fusion Centers and their secret, unconstitutional civilian armies persecute, torture, and murder for the profit of criminals within the Federal Government? You see, people on the Watch List are declared non-humans and contracts are sold on them to use them for lethal experimentation. The contracts are worth billions. (Can you spell, h-u-m-a-n t-r-a-f-f-i-c-k-i-n-g?) Did you go into Law Enforcement to help transition the USA from a free country into one of a subhuman, totalitarian predator and prey “society” (a dystopian nightmare)? Where YOU are used to facilitate heinous Human Rights Abuses against innocent citizens, including a large number of women and children, in order to aid and protect monstrous psychopaths, murderers, and pedophiles running abusive government? Do you have a “Don’t care if it is right or wrong, just doing my job” mentality? The early 21st Century will be regarded as the Dark Ages of SHAMEFUL Law Enforcement BETRAYAL, when it ALLOWED hundreds of thousands of innocent people to be tortured and murdered under their noses. Now, ARE you an OATH KEEPER and PATRIOT who supports the PRINCIPLES UPON WHICH our country was FOUNDED? Or are you a thug for the New World Order, which has invaded, infiltrated, and usurped the US government in order to commit genocide – with your passive and active help? Are you the watchmen who fell asleep on the wall and allowed the USA to be destroyed from within?

W A K E U P ! REFUSE TO SIT BACK AND ALLOW CROOKED FEDS TO TORTURE AND MURDER INNOCENT PEOPLE FOR PROFIT IN THE BIGGEST HUMAN RIGHTS AND WAR CRIME SCANDAL IN THE HISTORY OF THE USA – THE TERRORIST WATCH LIST SCAM. Which is enveloping more and more innocent people every day, as you do nothing. Do you imagine you and your families are protected? No, you are not. When Communism takes over a country, millions die. We are in the last stage of the end coup, just before the slaughter plans of the Deep State DHS/FBI/Fusion Center are made public. Decide now to protect your country and your families or just sit back and surrender to evil because you were simply never up to the job of protecting anyone.

Karen Melton Stewart, NSA Intelligence Analyst, retired, with contributions from Ramola D, researcher, journalist, and chronicler, and significant legal research from B. Clark and T. Wellons.

Endorsed and supported by the US-Europe Joint Investigation Team: http://www.jointinvestigation.org.

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NSA Whistleblower Karen Melton-Stewart – The DHS Scam and Human Trafficking of Innocent Citizens

When the Iron Curtain (Communism) fell in 1989, Congress began slashing Intelligence and military budgets and that meant falling profits for the military industrial complex and the loss of intelligence big wigs’ immeasurable power and prestige (their private kingdoms).

Hence, it would appear, the intelligence community and the military industrial complex that they were in bed with, decided that a new enemy had to be created to feed the war machine, and to make sure the well never ran dry, an endless war was declared on “secret terrorists”, from a well of unending targets… regular, unsuspecting citizens of the world, secretly declared terrorists without proof or even minimal probable cause.

An elaborate ruse was concocted with the 9/11 false flag (insider job), originally planned for the late 1990’s but delayed by opposition that failed to “out” the seditionists, who intended the event to be the catalyst for enacting emergency “homeland security laws” that by and large began the wholesale subversion of the U.S. Constitution outright, but also expanded the attack on it through purposeful, secret, misinterpretations of the laws by the same intelligence community that planned and executed 9/11.

When President Bush declared that the US reserved the right to murder terrorists anywhere, unbeknownst to law abiding citizens everywhere, he really meant them. It is estimated that there are 500,000 completely innocent Americans on the Terrorist Watch List now. Housewives, teachers, nurses, bus drivers, local and Federal workers (especially whistleblowers), etc., wholly unsuspecting innocents, secretly declared terrorists in order to secretly strip them of their Constitutional, Civil, and Human Rights. Since “terrorists” can be “killed”, the military industrial complex has set up an elaborate matrix of selling kill contracts on these now “legally” non-citizen/humans. They are now subject to being targeted by vicious slander campaigns to isolate and tarnish their reputations, even to local police who are ordered to withhold equal protection under the law or to outright harass them.

Fusion Center-led Neighborhood Watch aka Neighborhood Nazis (militarized, mercenaries) slander, stalk and harass these “enemies of the state” 24/7 on shifts and for under-the-table remuneration – tax dollars used to slaughter.

Targets (and neighbors) are hit with gasses, poisons, Directed Energy Weapons (both ionizing and non-ionizing), Sonic weapons (as used in Cuba in the Summer/Fall of 2017), and are secretly implanted with sophisticated chips (medical chips) that can be activated remotely to induce cancer, intolerable, burning sensations, cell damage, reproduce or induce symptoms of very serious diseases or the disease/syndrome damage itself, even to lethality.

Often the target is on an “untouchables list” where medical personnel are ordered by DHS and their sycophants, to not provide proper treatment to them, or to provide false diagnoses of wellness to cover up the crime of constant physical assault and its damage, (medically inexplicable unless the person is telling the truth), and also to further the false narrative that the viciously targeted innocent person is a hypochondriac or a paranoid or schizophrenic person with delusions, to create yet another impediment to proper, legal and constitutional help.

This false mental health attack also can be used to falsely imprison a person in a mental health facility (which are being bought up by the side of DHS registered as a for profit entity), in order to milk the person’s health insurance for thousands upon thousands of dollars, while having access to the victim for yet more unwanted and unneeded Dr. Mengele (infamous Nazi torturer and murderer) style medical experiments.

So, in essence, with an insidiously wicked legal sleight of hand, DHS is “farming” innocent people by secretly, falsely labelling them terrorists, based on nothing at all, to sell access to their bodies to predatory military contractors, medical companies, universities, and others “in need” of human test subjects for their monstrous products, weapons, devices, while the military industrial, complex carries out an unending invisible war on more and more innocent citizens, with the help of other citizen’s whose consciences, humanity and patriotism can be bought for little to nothing in comparison to human lives, like two-bit whores.

To add insult to injury, and to further line the pockets of all involved from the crooked Feds to the lowest gang stalking scum, the victim’s personal information is used to max out life insurance policies on them to benefit their murderers, trust funds to benefit their murderers, and “joint” properties, which upon their deaths, are paid off to their “partners”, all unbeknownst to the victim or the victim’s family. Upon their inevitable deaths, the victims’ bodies are also often either purposely “lost”, “accidentally cremated” or the coroner is either bribed or coerced to lie about the heinous damage done to the victim, proving their allegations while still alive and pleading for help from a largely degenerate society or parasites and uncaring, in-compassionate narcissists which destroyed civilization and humanity actively and passively, respectively.

Karen Melton Stewart
NSA Intelligence Analyst, ret.