NSA Whistleblower Karen Melton Stewart – Letter to SAMHSA on behalf of referred Targeted Individual(s)

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
5600 Fisher’s Lane
Rockville, MD 20857

Dear sirs,

I understand that you have totally dismissed without the slightest investigation, a complaint of vicious, coordinated harassment lodged by ____________ ________________ which qualifies as prosecutable crime under RICO law as well as 18 US Code § 241, conspiracy to deprive of civil rights, because your education, experience, and intellectual depth is sorely lacking and in its place you are relying upon your limited and rigid professional knowledge and closed-minded bias as if nothing new or different could possibly exist. You have instead, merely assumed that your lack of capacity to read and understand new information is someone else’s problem with substance abuse or mental illness. I assure you, one person’s ignorance, or one groups’ ignorance does not induce mental illness upon another, never has and never will. And a brain addled with substance abuse could hardly produce accurate reports of a very real social phenomenon and criminal program being reported by potentially hundreds of thousands of others across the nation, who come from all walks of life, all ages, all ethnic groups and both genders. Mass delusion is after-all, not exactly a medically sound occurrence nor viable diagnosis especially within these parameters.

At one point in time, “state of the art science” scoffed at the “round earth” notion. Everyone “just knew” if you sailed too far, you would fall off the earth and dragons would gobble you up. Later, “state of the art science” told us the idea that things smaller than what we could see, and therefore invisible, made us sick (germs) was utterly preposterous and the proponents of such ideas were laughably delusional. During colonial times everyone “just knew” tomatoes were poisonous too. Yet, those not blinded by arrogance, did some actual research and found out conventional science of the era was contemptibly wrong.

Let’s examine the supposed “preposterous” notion of stalking perpetrated by multiple persons, first of all, an exposé called “Cause Stalking” on multiple person stalking in the US was written years ago by a Private Eye in Florida named David Lawson detailing how rich and powerful people paid dregs of society to stalk and harass people the “boss” did not like, for whatever reason. History shows that the mob was known to do this, the KKK was known to do this, fringe groups like PETA were known to do this, the corporation NESTLÉ was even accused of doing this to disgruntled employees. The Communists fully engaged in doing this to dissidents, in fact, the East German Secret Police (STASI) are credited with “perfecting” a heinous and viciously effective methodology of psychological destruction of dissidents, their version of today’s targeted individual, called “Zersetzung”, a noun that means de-construction, as in deconstruction of a victim’s life, every single aspect (job loss, family break up, destruction of reputation, destruction of emotional and physical health, etc) until the goal to push them into suicide was realized, without overtly tainting the entity which ordered the lengthy, slow-kill “hit”.

Coming from an Intelligence Community (IC) background, I can assure you, that Federal agencies and military as well as specifically the Department of Homeland Security, which relied on Markus Wolfe, former STASI official and Yevgennij Primakov, former KGB official, as “advisors”, know and practice this type of psychological operations today, within the USA. They will tell you that this is done to “enemies of the state” in the aftermath of 9/11. This however, is largely false.

In order to create and grown a Police State, which was the intent of the 9/11 false flag ( I worked at NSA during 9/11, it was indeed an inside job ), one needs an enemy. You may assume that the vast number of “enemies” on the Terrorist Watch List resemble those credited with carrying out 9/11, Muslim males; they do not. The DHS, crafted by totalitarian-minded proponents, and headed by… a Muslim male for 8 years under Muslim President Obama, have created the narrative that Americans are the real terrorists. Are you a veteran? You are a terrorist. Are you a Christian? You are a terrorist. Are you a Constitutionalist? You are a terrorist. Has your family been here decades or Centuries? You are a terrorist. Do you like coffee more than tea? You are a terrorist. Hopefully you get my drift, the Terrorist Watch List is a total scam, but a means to an end. Worse than that, it is sedition in the guise of “protecting the homeland” when it is actually a ruse to eradicate a growing number of Americans by various covert technological and asymmetric warfare means… at the hands of “useful idiot” Americans fooled into thinking that their fellow Americans are somehow “threats”.

Did you know that the IC has purposely misinterpreted post 9/11 law that declares those listed as terrorists, as targets who can be killed with no due process? Did you know that once placed on the Terrorist Watch List, by means of secret, unvetted accusations, you are secretly stripped of your Constitutional, Human, and Civil Rights in line with the previously mentioned legalistic sleight of hand misinterpretation? President Obama lowered the criteria needed to be put on the Watch List to less than probable cause in 2013. That means there is no criteria and no vetting of any worth. The Watch List is essentially, a “national security good old boy’s club” personal enemies’ list, being used to fraudulently bloat the numbers of “perceived terrorists” in order to bilk the government out of a fortune as well as building personal kingdoms within government and the military industrial complex and related private security companies, but it is also a non-consensual human experimentation subject list, and a human-trafficking list. You see, once falsely accused victims are declared non-citizens and non-humans, DHS/FBI/Fusion Center and their sycophant civilian Infragard (and other faux community watch groups) and “business partners” as well as other cronies in other agencies, sell contracts on the victims to various entities. The victims are then terrorized by 24/7 relay-stalkers (multiple mercenary stalkers surveilling and stalking in highly coordinated shift routines) using a methodology known as cast-iron targeting in the IC. This protocol also involves break-ins, vicious slander, vandalism, hacking personal accounts like email and bank accounts, theft, etc. essentially, 24/7 harassment on every level possible, continuously. This keeps the victim stressed, off balance and easily dismissed by ignorant authorities.

The stalkers’ salaries come from Homeland Security budgets, filtered through Military Industrial Complex shills, such as Lockheed Martin, which launders the under-the-table tax money by turning it into gift cards, products (riding lawnmower, new roof, etc.), services (carpet cleaning, landscaping, etc.) to pay the organized stalkers in order to hide the obscene abuse of tax-payer money to pay Americans to attack and kill other Americans for a false narrative that serves the growing Police State. The stalkers are too gullible, greedy and unsophisticated to know they are subverting their own country and freedoms. And often even criminals are actually hired to commit the worst offences against the innocent victim, such as pet mutilation and murder. But contractors generally carry out covert assaults using high tech weaponry, such as war grade poisons, gasses, high tech weaponry such as nano dust, weaponized medical chips, and Directed Energy Weapons akin to “non-lethal weapons” (which do kill) given law enforcement.

Police are generally actively or passively complicit. Actively, when a Fusion Center tells them to help harass the person and try to set them up as the perpetrator not the victim, or purposely misreport facts to portray the victim as delusional while coveting for the criminal stalkers. They are told it is “for national security” and “there are things they do not know”… yes, like the Feds are lying. They are passively complicit when their mediocre minds fall for the play-acting by the Fusion Center run civilian domestic terrorists, and the police cannot be bothered to make an effort to do their jobs or “think outside the box”. Again, another example of 1-dimensional thinking, and arrogant ignorance playing to their desire to put the least amount of effort into their jobs until their shift is over.

Now, who am I that you will not want to dismiss me and my previous testimony because your ego will not allow you to believe your knowledge is so lacking? I am a retired National Security Agency, Intelligence Analyst, who held a Top Secret clearance for almost 30 years. In order to be hired, I had to pass a psychological battery, in order to retain my security clearance, I had to pass routine psychological testing about every 5 years. I had a thorough base-line redone in 2005 by the former head of NSA Security Psychological Services, Dr. Paul Clavelle, who pronounced me one of the strongest people emotionally and psychologically he had ever met. I also have been retested and evaluated by an independent senior psychologist (2009) in Columbia, MD., and then re-evaluated later by a second independent senior psychologist (2015) in Tallahassee, FL. All tests and all evaluations were strongly normal.

Have I become suddenly “delusional” in the last ten minutes? Highly unlikely. And I think real professionals must admit that a person who has been so thoroughly vetted over a lifetime, has shown NO signs of mental illness, is no more likely to “suddenly go crazy” and “imagine” the aforementioned real but covert scenario, any more than they are likely to suddenly become a unicorn.
And I have never indulged in alcohol or drugs of any kind.

I would remind you that Mark Twain astutely said that, “It is easier to fool people, than to convince them that they have been fooled.” This is of course due to ego ego ego.

You need to come out of the Dark Ages and reassess what is possible. Stop blaming the victims of heinous and monstrous psychological abuse that you yourselves could probably never hope to weather for a day, much less 24/7 for years, with gratuitous abuse heaped upon you by ignorant and lazy or complicit law enforcement and mental health “experts” who are using petrified criteria in an elastic world.

Karen M. Stewart
National Security Agency,
Intelligence Analyst, ret.

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