NSA Whistleblower Karen Melton-Stewart – The DHS Scam and Human Trafficking of Innocent Citizens

When the Iron Curtain (Communism) fell in 1989, Congress began slashing Intelligence and military budgets and that meant falling profits for the military industrial complex and the loss of intelligence big wigs’ immeasurable power and prestige (their private kingdoms).

Hence, it would appear, the intelligence community and the military industrial complex that they were in bed with, decided that a new enemy had to be created to feed the war machine, and to make sure the well never ran dry, an endless war was declared on “secret terrorists”, from a well of unending targets… regular, unsuspecting citizens of the world, secretly declared terrorists without proof or even minimal probable cause.

An elaborate ruse was concocted with the 9/11 false flag (insider job), originally planned for the late 1990’s but delayed by opposition that failed to “out” the seditionists, who intended the event to be the catalyst for enacting emergency “homeland security laws” that by and large began the wholesale subversion of the U.S. Constitution outright, but also expanded the attack on it through purposeful, secret, misinterpretations of the laws by the same intelligence community that planned and executed 9/11.

When President Bush declared that the US reserved the right to murder terrorists anywhere, unbeknownst to law abiding citizens everywhere, he really meant them. It is estimated that there are 500,000 completely innocent Americans on the Terrorist Watch List now. Housewives, teachers, nurses, bus drivers, local and Federal workers (especially whistleblowers), etc., wholly unsuspecting innocents, secretly declared terrorists in order to secretly strip them of their Constitutional, Civil, and Human Rights. Since “terrorists” can be “killed”, the military industrial complex has set up an elaborate matrix of selling kill contracts on these now “legally” non-citizen/humans. They are now subject to being targeted by vicious slander campaigns to isolate and tarnish their reputations, even to local police who are ordered to withhold equal protection under the law or to outright harass them.

Fusion Center-led Neighborhood Watch aka Neighborhood Nazis (militarized, mercenaries) slander, stalk and harass these “enemies of the state” 24/7 on shifts and for under-the-table remuneration – tax dollars used to slaughter.

Targets (and neighbors) are hit with gasses, poisons, Directed Energy Weapons (both ionizing and non-ionizing), Sonic weapons (as used in Cuba in the Summer/Fall of 2017), and are secretly implanted with sophisticated chips (medical chips) that can be activated remotely to induce cancer, intolerable, burning sensations, cell damage, reproduce or induce symptoms of very serious diseases or the disease/syndrome damage itself, even to lethality.

Often the target is on an “untouchables list” where medical personnel are ordered by DHS and their sycophants, to not provide proper treatment to them, or to provide false diagnoses of wellness to cover up the crime of constant physical assault and its damage, (medically inexplicable unless the person is telling the truth), and also to further the false narrative that the viciously targeted innocent person is a hypochondriac or a paranoid or schizophrenic person with delusions, to create yet another impediment to proper, legal and constitutional help.

This false mental health attack also can be used to falsely imprison a person in a mental health facility (which are being bought up by the side of DHS registered as a for profit entity), in order to milk the person’s health insurance for thousands upon thousands of dollars, while having access to the victim for yet more unwanted and unneeded Dr. Mengele (infamous Nazi torturer and murderer) style medical experiments.

So, in essence, with an insidiously wicked legal sleight of hand, DHS is “farming” innocent people by secretly, falsely labelling them terrorists, based on nothing at all, to sell access to their bodies to predatory military contractors, medical companies, universities, and others “in need” of human test subjects for their monstrous products, weapons, devices, while the military industrial, complex carries out an unending invisible war on more and more innocent citizens, with the help of other citizen’s whose consciences, humanity and patriotism can be bought for little to nothing in comparison to human lives, like two-bit whores.

To add insult to injury, and to further line the pockets of all involved from the crooked Feds to the lowest gang stalking scum, the victim’s personal information is used to max out life insurance policies on them to benefit their murderers, trust funds to benefit their murderers, and “joint” properties, which upon their deaths, are paid off to their “partners”, all unbeknownst to the victim or the victim’s family. Upon their inevitable deaths, the victims’ bodies are also often either purposely “lost”, “accidentally cremated” or the coroner is either bribed or coerced to lie about the heinous damage done to the victim, proving their allegations while still alive and pleading for help from a largely degenerate society or parasites and uncaring, in-compassionate narcissists which destroyed civilization and humanity actively and passively, respectively.

Karen Melton Stewart
NSA Intelligence Analyst, ret.

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