David Robinson, Maine Republic Email Alert: We Are in a Time of Great Change

Re-posted from Maine Republic Email Alert–Extraordinary News for America! Let’s hope it’s all true! 

We Are In A Time Of Great Change

We are in a time of great change. America’s Currency was captured
in 1913. America’s Government was captured in 1933. This explains
why petitioning our government for grievances has been of no meaningful

The Corporations that masquerade as our lawful government today,
have almost destroyed America! Top people in our government —
including our military — know this. They have been waiting for the “right
time” to help take America back to our lawful government.

In the very near future, we can expect a major constructive change in
our banking and currency system. We can expect to see contingents of
Federal Marshals acting in the major seats of power — backed up by our

These Military people are NOT any part of a military coup. They are
backing up the Civilian re-establishment of our lost, lawful, government.
We can expect to see minor interruptions in our normal way of life.
This Transition has been designed to minimize interruptions in vital
services in our economy — to minimize hardship.

This Transition will be accompanied by announcements in mainstream
media. What we do not want is for people to become alarmed.

Our so-called “president” has been informed that he is no longer the
Commander in Chief of our Military!

This is part of a worldwide operation whereby the non-aligned nations
— those nations that are not part of the G20 — will re-establish solid

There will be additional announcements to come — designed to slowly awaken the masses; to reduce panic.

Civil authority has been restored to the people of the United States.

The Military who exist now only through Civil authority, will be ready to
assist the People whom they are sworn to protect in the effort to restore
this nation to the Constitutional Republic it was created to be.

International Law has been unlawfully in effect in America since 1933.
And rescinding this law, has been on the table since the 1950s.
We the People have regained Civilian Authority, in order to use the
Military Services to support the ongoing effort to bring us back to true
government “of, for and by the people”.

Do not misread what is going on — they are NOT coming for the
People. The Cabal’s time is up!

Please prepare for good changes to come. Please share this
information with others. The foundation has been laid. All that is needed
now is YOU! — regular, everyday people. You will be needed for your
insight, opinions and voice.


(More to come)

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  1. DCL(S) frank

    Know the difference between a… Medical implant… verses a …. tooth cell type phone listening device implant…, especially when they put stuff in your mouth because this is where the ear is closer for subliminal /audio amplification!!They are using stolen war implant technology for military use undetected (signal) covert investigational aspects!
    Mind reading implants are being used to collect personal information, stalking, entrapment, or to set people up in Nut House Scenario to make you look like your getting an elderly fraud “All timers” health situations! It’s the new wave ( they will get revenge tactic!) without a cop knowing how it is done and thwart off a situation they are in!) Same as electronic harassment “UPDATED” now to include terrorism and fraud cases and illegal property stealing by forcefully loud horn beeping, home intrusions with WTH questions..and undetected or when your not home …set up….and they are going around implanting people and then by passing your electric with antennae to send subliminal reverse piggy backing electric lines signals and or telephone computer set ups with mind reading soft ware include To make it sound like your hearing voices… it ‘s all an illusion with real implants tiny hearing device!!!!…also in reverse they can hear your every word with war time implants use for espionage type situations non related to other countries, it’s thugs here who are playing the mind games now! Spreading rumor s of falsified rape and murder and hoping it flips the true identity of the one wanted to a hate crime for another person not liked! In Wisconsin beware your not crazy and you do not have all timers they hope to get you to forget stuff while being stalked with unidentified PAID witnesses following you writing this down as evidence for your fixed 24 hour watch un-needed!…nut house wheel chair or all timers situation!!>BEWARE IDENTITY thievery with look alike s also it’s very apparent we are in some type of end mind game war now! LETS all hope hope the police/FBI read up on all of the books( Mind Reading electronic harassment and Implants) out there because it has been happening all around us for years but now we are also in this situation! Clark County .WI

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