Judi Macleod, Canada Free Press/Doreen Agostino, Our Greater Destiny: Where We Stand In Real Time, As Pope Francis Attempts To Give Our Children To Soul-less UN

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The ONLY way an illusory authority, including Pope Francis, can steer humans to accept  UN illusory authority masked as sustainable development is by our CONSENT!!!

GBTV: Agenda 21: Control 

The reality of UN Agenda 21 and 2030 compels humans to put aside differences and ‘pull together to preserve our body-mind-spirit and that of our children, from deception of unimaginable magnitude. Think deeply before VOTING. Incumbent Party Leaders approved these Agendas and wannabe candidates are likely compliant. Publication of UN 17 sustainable development goals is Public Notice to which silence is implied CONSENT, and VOTING for party leaders is also CONSENT. Please contemplate deeply, and share this awareness. [Doreen]

UN Agenda 21, One World Government, Pope Francis, Obama

By Judi MacLeod – Canada Free Press

In all the hoopla of his celebrated first historic visit to America,  Pope Francis as President Barack Obama’s latest booster must have started his adulation long…

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