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David Robinson, Maine Republic Email Alert: Background Information (We Are In a Time of Great Change)

Re-posted, with thanks, from Maine Republic Email Alert. Please visit that site for more information and other posts on this extraordinary subject. Let’s hope it’s all true! 

Background Information

Just before the end of 2011, Pennsylvania — as a state — removed
itself from the RuSA organization. After they did this, they put together a
Declaration of Notice to the World stating that the Commonwealth of
Pennsylvania had returned itself and its people back under its de jur
Constitution of the 1700s and declared the People of Pennsylvania Free!
— no longer recognizing unlawful corporate government within their state.

They did this legally and properly. They did not ask for permission,
they simply went ahead and did it. And they received their receipt of acknowledgement back from the Office of Private International Law at the Hague.

Shortly after that, an informed contact — who had been in touch with
the various groups who had come forward in the beginning, concerning
funding for RuSA and Rap, before changes were made and they withdrew
their support — was contacted by the Pentagon and given a simple
message; and that message was this:

“It has come to our attention what Pennsylvania has done. How
long would it take you to put together a simple majority of states
to duplicate what Pennsylvania has done, for at such a time there
could be monetary and military support?”

They asked for a copy of the original documentation that Pennsylvania
had submitted to the Office of Private International Law at the Hague, so
they could see who had been involved.

Our contact had no problem with that, and neither did Pennsylvania.
So they forwarded on the documentation that Pennsylvania had submitted.
The answer was “Yes! we’ll just see how fast we can get that done!”
So she sent out emails to everyone across the country that they knew,
and had worked with all this time, that they knew to be capable, honorable,
and honest Patriots, who would roll up their sleeves and actually get the
job done, once they were told what had to be done.

And by the following day, at least one contact in 20-22 states had
stepped up and volunteered to be a lead person in their state, to get it

The goal was for at least a simple majority — meaning 26 or more
states to duplicate exactly what Pennsylvania had done.

It was later decided by those involved, to add more strength to the
action by making the Declaration of Notice to the World, collectively
as a united effort, so that the world will know we are not just free people in
the various free states, but a Free People, united as we were meant to

We need no permission, recognition or opinion from foreign bodies
or corporations to be what we are — Americans who claim our rightful
heritage that was given to us by our founders in 1776.

This action should be seen as a Declaration; not just a notification —
this is primary.

This action is interim; and we can’t emphasize that enough.
A small group of elite people, have screwed things up — and in order
to make sure that this doesn’t happen again, all of the temporary aspects
of this will be in writing.

After a period of about 120 days, free elections will be held. Paper
ballots only; machines can be played with; paper ballots are a lot more

We’ve been told that old money people from before the Revolutionary
War have been in contact with our military, and that some 80-90% of the
military agree with the ideology found in our founding documents.
Everything we do is based on the principles in our 1787 Constitution
and the Bill of Rights — including the original 13th Amendment that
prohibits any foreign association, title of nobility, etc. — and the Oath of
Service that everybody must take to “support and defend the Constitution
of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

The U.S. Military has indicated to the financial people that they are
willing to back us and that we have their recognition and support.
This gives the Military — probably for the first time — power to be
used as a backup to federal Marshals who will take into custody all of the
crooks and “fun-and-games people” on Wall Street, and so forth. There is
going to be a tremendous house-cleaning.

The reorganizational portions of the government itself should be
concluded in about 120 days. This 120 day period will begin with a formal
announcement from the press-room of the White House.
This will give every reporter a clean shot at broadcasting the transition.
So these measures — in terms of what the military wants — they
want to be the good guys. They’re tired of being the bad guys. They would much rather be invited into a foreign country as a friend and an

You need some help? What do you need? Manpower? Bull-dozers?
Food? We can come in and help you out.

Yes! we’re the United States Military! but we’re the new one. We’re the
good guys. BINGO!

We think this new approach will work quite well.

We are not putting together any interim government. We are not trying
to overthrow anything. We are trying to revert back to law and order, and
create the smallest amount of chaos in the most peaceful fashion that
we can.

Our military cannot do this on their own for the simple reason that
under the current structure Obama is considered to be the President —
we all know that he is not — he is the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of a
Corporation called THE UNITED STATES.

The majority of the American people do not understand this.
So as long as the American people recognize a criminal corporation in
Washington D.C. as having jurisdiction over them — and they do not
stand up and say otherwise — our military’s hands are somewhat tied.
They have been taking orders from a fake Commander in Chief.

As far as the financial people are concerned, they will never bring forth
the money that’s been intended for this country these many years, until
Washington is cleaned out, because if they did it would disappear down
the black hole of theft almost immediately.

If the military are to once again take their orders from we the people,
we have to be ready with a list of what we require it to do.

As pointed out above, this is temporary, and what gives the people the
power and the authority and the standing to do this is simply that a majority
of states filed the same paperwork that Pennsylvania filed, putting the
world on Notice that they have gone back under their de jur Constitution.
They have reclaimed the Articles of Confederation which have never
been rescinded.

The Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation
and the Bill of Rights are the basis of our freedom.

These arrests will mean the removal of the final obstacles that will
allow for the implementation of the new abundance systems that are
ready to free humanity from the current economy and its falsely imposed
conditions of poverty and debt.

There are many men and women dedicated to this cause who have been working diligently in secret for years to bring us to this moment, who
are eager to present to humanity the New System that will redistribute
abundance to all, and release humanity from the mundane life it has known
in the past.

Freedom is being returned to the people.

The release of withheld technologies and other suppressed elements
will follow to assist this transition.

The news of these mass arrests will come sudden and come hard,
and many who are unprepared with an understanding as to why, may feel
shocked and confused to see so many people taken into custody.

Those people, however, have served to perpetuate our enslavement,
and all have actively taken part in serious crimes against the people of the

Certain big media groups have agreed to cover these events and assist
in the disclosure timeline.

These arrests will be televised and fully shared with you, for it is owed
to the people of the world that they witness the very moments and actions
taken that will mean their’s and our release from the control of these people
who have for so long worked to exploit and control humanity.

This manipulation will end and all humanity will enter into a new way of
life. True freedom is to be soon returned to you.

This is the link to a video posted on the Internet titled, “MAKE THIS
VIRAL! Freedom Reigns – Mass Arrests for the Cabal.”

David Robinson, Maine Republic Email Alert: We Are in a Time of Great Change

Re-posted from Maine Republic Email Alert–Extraordinary News for America! Let’s hope it’s all true! 

We Are In A Time Of Great Change

We are in a time of great change. America’s Currency was captured
in 1913. America’s Government was captured in 1933. This explains
why petitioning our government for grievances has been of no meaningful

The Corporations that masquerade as our lawful government today,
have almost destroyed America! Top people in our government —
including our military — know this. They have been waiting for the “right
time” to help take America back to our lawful government.

In the very near future, we can expect a major constructive change in
our banking and currency system. We can expect to see contingents of
Federal Marshals acting in the major seats of power — backed up by our

These Military people are NOT any part of a military coup. They are
backing up the Civilian re-establishment of our lost, lawful, government.
We can expect to see minor interruptions in our normal way of life.
This Transition has been designed to minimize interruptions in vital
services in our economy — to minimize hardship.

This Transition will be accompanied by announcements in mainstream
media. What we do not want is for people to become alarmed.

Our so-called “president” has been informed that he is no longer the
Commander in Chief of our Military!

This is part of a worldwide operation whereby the non-aligned nations
— those nations that are not part of the G20 — will re-establish solid

There will be additional announcements to come — designed to slowly awaken the masses; to reduce panic.

Civil authority has been restored to the people of the United States.

The Military who exist now only through Civil authority, will be ready to
assist the People whom they are sworn to protect in the effort to restore
this nation to the Constitutional Republic it was created to be.

International Law has been unlawfully in effect in America since 1933.
And rescinding this law, has been on the table since the 1950s.
We the People have regained Civilian Authority, in order to use the
Military Services to support the ongoing effort to bring us back to true
government “of, for and by the people”.

Do not misread what is going on — they are NOT coming for the
People. The Cabal’s time is up!

Please prepare for good changes to come. Please share this
information with others. The foundation has been laid. All that is needed
now is YOU! — regular, everyday people. You will be needed for your
insight, opinions and voice.


(More to come)