Ramola D Reports | Newsbreak 160: Stopping the WHO’s Secret Private IHR Controls from Publicly Bullying Governments | James Roguski

Video Report and Links | Ramola D | 14th of January 2023

Secret negotiations and meetings amongst various countries on a working panel at the WHO are going on this week in efforts to transform the already-draconian International Health Regulations of 2005–an agreement signed by 196 countries, as reported here in 2020: CONFIRMED: COVID-19 Plandemic a Known, Live “Training and Simulation Exercise” under WHO, Treasonously Agreed to by 196 Countries–into a doubly dictatorial document, designed to bring down the exercise of basic human rights and freedoms worldwide while suppressing governments’ abilities to exercise their sovereign rights as separate nation states to protect their own people.

The saga of panels, reviews, secret proposals, secret discussions across a staggered schedule of months last year and heading into this year as well as the great danger to all human freedoms worldwide was discussed in Newsbreak 160, now at Ramola D Reports video channels at Bitchute, Odysee/Lbry, and Rumble. (Video could not be uploaded to Brighteon.)

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James Roguski has enumerated his view of the top ten reasons to reject the proposed amendments:

Essentially, he notes, in his article 100 Reasons:

The World Health Organization is attempting a GLOBAL POWER GRAB by seeking to have the 194 member nations of the World Health Assembly adopt amendments to the International Health Regulations as well as adopt a completely new international agreement commonly referred to as the proposed “Pandemic Treaty.”.

The proposed amendments would make the WHO’s proclamations legally-binding rather than just advisory recommendations. The changes would institute global digital health certificates, dramatically increase the billions of dollars available to the WHO and enable nations to implement the regulations WITHOUT respect for the dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms of people.

Agreement by a simple majority of the 194 member nations is all that is needed to adopt the amendments because, as amendments to an existing agreement, neither the advice and consent of the United States Senate, nor the signature of the President would be required.

These amendments are being negotiated in secret without any opportunity for comment by people from around the world.

Readers and viewers are encouraged to get in touch with their country’s parliaments and Congress and register their protest of the proposed amendments. More can be found at these posts from James Roguski at his Substack:

An Open Letter to the United States Congress

Secret Meetings

Both the IHR 2005 and the proposed amendments read as Medical Tyranny off the charts where dictatorial powers to isolate, quarantine, treat anyone they like with forced medication etc. are being assumed — the only counter to which, James reminds us, lies in recognizing and promoting sovereignty, independence, free will, and the freedom to make our own health choices.

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2 responses to “Ramola D Reports | Newsbreak 160: Stopping the WHO’s Secret Private IHR Controls from Publicly Bullying Governments | James Roguski

  1. I have just found from viewing the work of Michael McKibben and Douglas Gabriel that the WHO the same year that this pandemic hysteria was established just happened simultaneously to change how it treats the restrictions and requirements for the use of vaccines. So, in essence it is essentially as people like Christine Grady believe that they can manufacture consent and hand out waivers to these corporations on informed consent the same took place with WHO, the UN Agenda 21 where what we see taking place is a coup if you will by these NGOs and private institutions like Wellcome Trust and Pirbirght Institute and DARPA et. al to conduct experiments upon the public without our consent and knowledge and or our full acceptance all of this essentially being a long held goal by the Nazi controllers like Klaus Schwab and the like. annex-1nonclinical.p31-63.pdf

    The FDA now is moving full steam ahead to do away with natural cures and natural remedies in favor of non consensual experimentation that people like Juval Noah Harrari fully support and who in his own words has countless times admitted that people are going to be hacked by way of remote means and that people will not have a right to reject these medical interventions because it will be made illegal to choose to reject what they are creating because it will be made mandatory. These people are indeed very evil, and I did not realize until seeing the most recent research by McKibben and Gabriel that Elon Musk’s grandfather was not just the founder of the Canadian Technocracy movement but also coined the term social credit essentially coming up with the social credit association long ago and that this same man worked in the Nixon Administration under Kissinger right around the time that the dollar was taken from the gold standard another coup it would seem and then of course Nixon was axed after this like they are doing with Biden.

    I think we are indeed in danger here because they do have the capability as targeted persons have long been aware to do many things to our minds and bodies without our consent even stealing our intellectual thoughts and ideas something that people like Bill Gates are known for. I have signed and given my thoughts on many of these FDA proposals to ensure that these types of programs do not move forward of course they just are ignoring the will of the people in favor of their own evil agendas as we see in many places in the U.S. and around the world. They intend to enact the ESG social credit system in order to subject us all to tyranny cutting us off financially if they do not submit to their will. I have already experienced this as a person who has been targeted for more than twenty years. I have already had them prevent me from getting jobs and even certain products I need from the stores. I have already had them prevent me from doing important things in my life in order to accuse me of crimes and have had them report me to various agencies in order to destroy my life all as I have also been prevented from getting any kind of assistance and or employment. I even had them work to prevent me from getting SNAP food benefits, this was an elaborate undertaking that is easy for them with all their resources, but I have no defense against this. I have had them stage accidents to accuse me of crimes and to prevent me from legally licensing my children all deniable of course. I have been bullied out of the public school system and then stood accused as I homeschooled those children with various entrapment scenarios staged in order to arrive at their foregone conclusions. I am followed everywhere with drones and various agents are staged to park and intimidate me. I have had them attempt to kill me several times with DEW, and on one of these times I did honestly think I was going to die. I had them use this same method at a government office several times each time giving me hits to my heart. On December 27 of this year, I believe a drone along with DEW was used to attempt to murder me once more with severe attacks to my heart that this time I think may have caused me permanent damage to my heart.

    I have had them cause various accidents about three or four times and on one of these a man threw a rock out of his window with the intent of breaking my window and causing me financial duress and to give the appearance that I am a degenerate who cannot manage things in my life. I live in a place next to the border, El Paso actually and the crimes here are extensive that have been done to me and my family. I would say akin to the variety that Geral Sosbee describes only more so because they have staged relationships with my older girls and now it is like they set them up with gang members or cartel because I am made aware that I am being threatened with my life or the life of my children on a daily basis. I am well aware of the threats and how they are carried out. They have tried to murder me several times and hit me with DEW to try to prove I have various diseases to kill me with like Diabetes that I do not have and then used DEW to cause neuropathy in my legs to disable me permanently all acted out using street theater of course.

    These people actively are in the business of trying to use CPS reports to steal my younger children from me. They have taken everything from me already and make sure I can get no job and appliances are sabotaged and my vehicle too in order to cause me financial duress infinitely. I just wanted to comment about the 2005 IHR because I think it is important to get this out to the public who may not be fully aware of the crimes that are taking place and how far along they are in their evil plans. They are in fact destroying the lives of the little people like myself and even those who have a broader reach to silence them. Thank you as always for what you do Ramola. Please do not give up.

  2. Hello, I am a targeted individual from NY I’ve been targeted for as far as I know for about 8+ years now. I am requesting assistance in finding my harassers which is most likely police military & defense contractors combined with potential 3rd parties who are strangers. I am harassed 24/7 and have a little child to take care of and look out for my situation is beyond serious. if there is anyone on this page or any recommendations please email me at kewonjones3@yahoo.com

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