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Note | Ramola D | Dec 29, 2022

Just a note to reassure all I’m back home and back to my writing — if not reporting just yet — which has been back-burnered for quite some time now. Probably also back to my art and a few other creative and community pursuits I’m very keen to pick up on, begin anew, return to….I’ll post more soon when I have a better sense of how to move forward with new podcasts, audio, video, writing websites, books, learning, teaching, studying, et al.

There’s certainly much to report about some of my recent experiences, but I’m not certain now is the time to report on any of it yet. I rather think I need to process a bit all that’s lately transpired — nothing, ultimately, harmful to me at this point (I’m blowing some of it away for now), now that certain intensities have been halted and steps have been made by certain parties to return me to community, human interaction, and my own art and writing. I’ve certainly learned a lot over this past month — A December to remember. And I’m aware and glad for these notably-returned paths forward…

So for a while I will be off the Net (as a writer/broadcaster) but hopefully will return at some point better and brighter:)

Meanwhile, check out this rather interesting podcast (may be rife with disinfo for all I know, but seems to have some interesting info too): Charlie Ward: Urgent! It’s About to Go Down!! Get Ready, Folks!! (Video) – best news here.

Never forget the vitally important subject of my journalism the last 9 years — which I’m not forgetting either, just stepping aside from currently as I strive to restore my life, self, family, sense of self in community.

And do pick up a copy of my book, which will greatly help this wonderful indie press in Washington, DC, Paycock Press, which has published me:

Ramola D | For the Sake of the Boy | The Books Have Arrived!

Ramola D | Book Launch: For the Sake of the Boy & Other Stories

I’m in the Boston area and hoping at some point to do a reading or two locally to help this book along into the world. Please send all book-related email to my main id here.

And a note from Rumi to remind us all, even those who non-consensually probe us, where our true souls lie…and where people can really find us:

While the great poets remind us, in clarity, as Georg Trakl here, of the true cost of all war:

3 responses to “Ramola D | Resurfacing to Write

  1. Marcelo Araujo

    Great to know you´re back home now.
    It appears you have been under intense attack lately.
    That is what happens when you choose to be an instrument of God – for He is Truth and Justice.
    Sometimes, when you choose to be Great (and Ramola is truly Great), it comes with a very heavy price.
    I hope that you can your resume your journalism and broadcasts ASAP. And, ofc, the newsletters are greatly appreciated.
    You DO make a difference.
    I follow you all the way from Portugal.
    Thank you very much and may God bless and protect you.

  2. What this guy saying in the Charlie Ward video does not sound right to me, not adding up

  3. Glad to see you back Ramola, we missed you and fully support you. Marcus

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