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Ramola D: American Writer, Journalist, Civilian, Human Rights Attorney Miscast, Mischaracterized In Order to Disappear Her Very Vital Testimonial of Mil/Intel DEW/Neurotechnology/Psy Ops Crimes Against Herself and Millions of Other Innocent and Brilliant People Worldwide

Corrective Note | Ramola D | Dec 18, 2022

Ramola D: American Writer, Journalist, Civilian, Human Rights Attorney

In reference to Protection of Journalists under Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law Global perspective and Arab world realities and in reference to Ramola D | International Human Rights Law and Community Protection for All, there is really only one or two small things Ramola needs to say here, to unravel, unwind, unbind the miserable spells cast on herself and the world by the wrongful use of language on her and on others, and One, it is about that one word already referred to in the post here: Ramola D | International Human Rights Law and Community Protection for All but not made visible and evident thanks to the “covert comms” and “synthetic telepathy” she believed she was receiving while being put under heavy neuro surveillance and brain entrainment from the programs she has already disclosed for 9 years now almost and in the recent posts here including this one: Ramola D | A Few Notes From the Frontlines of the Incredibly Evil War on Humanity by Artificial Intelligence Developers Worldwide, CIA MK ULTRA Neurowarfare Takedowns, City and Neighbor Complicity in Extreme Whistleblower Retaliation on a Journalist, which convinced her she must not even use this wrongful word even in reportage lest it harm herself just by usage, even if she was calling attention to its usage as wrongful, given the current wrongful construct of its implications in international and other human rights law.

However she has increasingly become aware that this one word may have been used to completely disappear her and her voice as a writer and journalist as described above and online in her work. Clearly the brain entrainment programs being unlawfully used on her during these past 24 or so days of extreme harm with frequencies she has sought to call attention to, over and over, have been very successful even in tying down this accomplished journalist, and keeping her from plying her trade with skill and ease and kept her from using this word in any form–and she must at this time change this harmful reality being imposed on her in this way.

This word possibly used against her and against all like her, with a wrongful and depleting connotation in current international human rights law is one she believes she apparently still cannot use in her writings online, and all must note she is not presenting this word here, even as a journalist, for that reason, whether valid or not.

All others reporting similar situations as she is therefore, she believes, may need to know that a better word to use temporarily to call attention to their sudden depleted status as someone seemingly suddenly deprived of all their fundamental rights and freedoms may be created with the use of the prefix “non” before this word, while indeed they may or will fare better immediately within the current accepted context of human rights law by simply stating they are civilians who may actually be being exploited and used unlawfully as “non-consensual or non-consenting human test subjects” who are reporting great harms ostensibly done to them in secret experiments about which many including themselves have no real or complete knowledge of.

With regards to this excerpt from the article linked at the very top above, “Under IHL, journalists are entitled to all the protections afforded to civilians in times of conflict. Article 79 of the AP I to Geneva Conventions (GC) provides that “Journalists engaged in dangerous professional missions in areas of armed conflict shall be considered as civilians” (…) and “be protected as such” under IHL, “provided that they take no action adversely affecting their status as civilians, and without prejudice to the right of war correspondents accredited to the armed forces to the status” provided for in Article 4 A (4) of the Third Geneva Convention.”, Ramola would like to remind all therefore that 1) She is a writer and journalist and has been for the past 9 years a dedicated independent investigative human rights and science and technology journalist, essentially engaged in a dangerous professional mission in an area of armed conflict while writing, broadcasting, and reporting in the war zone of emerging technologies of different kinds, including slander (almost as a human rights defender would do, except she has little to no knowledge of human rights law) yet never taking any action adversely affecting her status as civilian and therefore to be considered a civilian 5) Everyone in the whole world needs to fully recognize her correct and true status as a dedicated independent investigative human rights and science and technology journalist and civilian as described above 6) These horrific international crimes she has been reporting lately being committed on her and on all others like her being similarly abused have been reported fully from, within, and out of her capacity and standing as a dedicated independent investigative human rights and science and technology journalist and civilian in a war zone as described above, and must, she firmly believes, be stopped, ceased, abrogated, terminated immediately and completely on her and on all reporting others in the interests of preserving and protecting the sanctity of her and others’ health and lives, while the true culprits and purveyors of crime, she believes, under whatever covers (even hidden as surveillance, community health monitoring and other such) must be stopped and investigated immediately in order to cease all actions of grave harm on her and on all reporting others; 7) Ramola’s own slight investigations into international human rights law currently convince her she herself is very much in need of greater knowledge in this area and would personally love to study and practice in this area for the benefit of all, going forward, if she could.

Two, Ramola recognizes she has made an error in the exact nature of her own status, which she has previously claimed here: PUBLIC-NOTICE: DECLARATION-OF-NON-CONSENT, but is a living woman and American, her true status, and a writer and journalist, as is well-known and also addressed here: Ramola D: Not a Warrior, A WRITER and Journalist, and wishes to therefore state now more clearly that her status as she understands it now is simply of American with other Americans, and perhaps, as Anna von Reitz has currently assured her, of “International protected person” under her protection–meaning, essentially, very much the status of “citizen” in the sense of any other citizen with a proper community and civic-minded interest in her nation as it stands (as her website title continues to say), however else citizenship is characterized, and not someone engaged in or seeking any kind of power position in building any kind of new government or seeking to overthrow any extant government–and writer, journalist, and civilian as described above, wherein she has always provided public service as a writer and journalist, now seeking to be fully involved appropriately with others in all duties and responsibilities of her community as a human rights attorney, going forward.

Ramola must also state her own work over the past few years, in her own mission intentions and objectives, was always imbued with the most positive intentions and ethos which also probably typifies the best of good Law Enforcement/DOJ/FBI, despite some of her unknowing statements online–always made, it must be known, given the constrained circumstances of her life the last 9 years, in incomplete knowledge of how all the LE/DOJ/FBI/Intel agencies are structured, linked and operate–and this remains the case.

Her slight investigations also into private and public status–given the confusions she has encountered in both the American State National movement and the Purple Thumb Community wherein all these confusing titles and labels–“suv’eran” “sovereign” “state citizen” “state national”–inhere, and their hidden implications, of which she is hardly aware, given her complete lack of awareness of human rights law and her current state of physical sickness currently–which she is in the process of self-healing, with her own wonderful knowledge of natural herbs and aromatherapy and Ayurveda–lead her to believe the greatest gains for her and her community may inhere in eschewing all these movements she has explored and aligned herself with, and instead simply think locally, internationally, and responsibly as any other citizen in connection with all other citizens the world over perhaps as a properly trained international human rights defender and attorney, in international law, international human rights law, and with the international human rights community and indeed entire local and international community, going forward, for the benefit of all.

Ramola D