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Anna von Reitz: “They are telling a big, fat, self-interested lie, in other words, and trying to deprive you of the rights and Guarantees you are owed as an American.”

Report | Ramola D | Dec 13, 2022

/Updated Dec 14, 2022/Updated Dec 15, 2022

UPDATE, Dec 14, 2022: Please see all my documents establishing my rights as an American State National, Massachusetts National, literally native American, sovereign, and diplomat, Internationally Protected Living Woman living privately and peacefully on the land and soil jurisdiction of The united States of America, protected in American Public Law by the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, and the Northwest Ordinance as well as protected in International Human Rights Law, recorded (not registered) here as a courtesy at the Hampden County Registry of Deeds website:



These documents are recorded at other websites pertaining to my private status as a Massachusetts National as well, with notations below to address further.

Regarding Family Members’ involved unlawfully in a civil committal or forced treatment procedure of any kind including with AI on her: Ramola wishes to make it clear that in such instances–from her journalistic research and reportage–when people become figures of political persecution with such exotic emerging technologies, the family members are also usually subject to similar entrainment technologies which render them not fully competent to make judgments accurately on their own professional expertise. Therefore she believes that although great crime continues to be committed here–human rights crime–her own family members must be removed from complete blame for all such harsh endeavors to control a whistleblower journalist and exonerated for their unwitting participation in crime against their own family member, out of mistaken counsel, which endeavors, she would like to persistently remind all, are unlawful in the extreme, put her life and health in grave danger, and must be immediately stopped. This continues to be a case to be addressed in international human rights law and American public law.


Dec 13, 2022: As noted earlier in this string of communications lately exposing the recent and ongoing unlawful use of high-intensity EMF frequencies on this writer and journalist under cover of a “Healing and Health AI” program wrongfully instituted by her own family members against her, one of the big concerns Ramola has had is the fact that she is somehow being wrongfully profiled as a violent individual and “sovereign citizen” with an “Open Carry” declaration made wrongly in her name, she has thought earlier, perhaps in error, by the American State National movement to restore all Americans to their rightful birthright American status as free and sovereign living people on the land and soil jurisdiction of America. She has found that one website does indeed declare this, and she has been working with members of the Massachusetts State Assembly including Ronald Carriveau, Co-Co-ordinator of the MSA with whom she has been doing a number of podcasts under the Let Freedom Ring! series at her video platform, Ramola D Reports on various platforms such as Odysee, Lbry, Bitchute, Brighteon, and Rumble to address this error, since Ramola herself as a journalist exposing (putative) military and Intelligence classified crimes on the populace using DEW/Neurotech/scalar/Psy Ops and other tech under cover of Surveillance has always wanted the entire world to be very aware she is a peace-practicing journalist and writer and not in any way to be associated with the (very rightful and no doubt meaningful) Second Amendment right to bear arms.

Dec 15, 2022, Addressing the Inutility of the Word “Victim” and the Clear and Utter Failings of Extant Human Rights Law Therein: Her main intent here is to explain she is not interested in arms or weaponry in any way whatsoever herself; her intent in helping to bring up the voices of those wrongly named “victims”–the absolute wrong word really in human rights law since human rights law does not protect “victims” as a category, which points frankly to the utter and absolute failings of human rights law to correctly address the horrors faced by those who are unlawfully captured, exploited, used, and abused in non-consensual experimentation programs of any kind, or indeed, any other kind of subjugating scenario whatsoever, the more useful term here may be “unwitting non-consensual human test subjects”– as such a non-consensual subject herself of EMF frequencies directed her way for many years now who works as a journalist and has ensured she is an Internationally Protected Person (which every single non-consensual test subject aka “targeted individual” must ensure for themselves, to protect their own unalienable fundamental human rights in international human rights law) is simply to bring forward the human rights issues here and help all in the community and larger world see the great need here for human rights, ethics, medical ethics, bio ethics to step forward and be a part of this larger conversation which surely all must have, surrounding the issue of these new and emerging technologies which are now in our midst. Clearly human rights law itself must be deeply scrutinized, investigated with compassionate Feminine Principles in mind, and changed.

In any case, since she recently wrote to Anna von Reitz on this subject, Anna has written back to let her know that her status as American state national and Massachusetts national does give her Second Amendment rights but more importantly establishes fully her lawful status wherein she has now taken back her name, her power of attorney, and much more. Therefore it is still and always impersonation fraud when someone else–even a family member–“signs her out” into a civil committal procedure of any kind, or submits her to “forced treatment” or “community health intervention” of any kind: her name cannot be used by anyone else, plain and simple. This becomes a crime in international law, public law, and human rights law, which can be addressed in several forms, within America and outside, in the International Criminal Court at the Hague and the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights or Special Rapporteur for Torture Special Procedure. Family members would therefore be held culpable for grave human rights violations against a reporter of previously reported EMF-Tech crime and science and technology journalist of international stature.

Ramola wishes to assure all readers this is not in any way a crisis of unresolvable proportions and she herself is simply writing to inform the world as she steps forward, of the situation in which she finds herself. She is always hopeful all situations of harm can be properly and respectfully addressed and resolved, and there is always time to make amends, have open and calm conversations, and see all situations as an opportunity for communication.

While it appears certain dark forces have made decrees and programs against her health and freedom, she must remind all she is still a journalist exposing grave human rights violations, she is still a reporter of grave EMF/Neurotech harm against her, and she recently published a truthful testimonial addressing the harms of the April 12-19 unlawful Psych Hold run on her wherein she fully challenges the wrongful diagnoses made by Psychiatry against her name. She is still a woman in PTSD-space seeking to heal and slowly healing in the privacy and sanctity of her own home.

Further, Ramola wishes to assure all locally she is very much a part of the local community herself and is both interested in continuing to contribute openly herself as a writer and artist and poet and teacher while welcoming any community health intervention for the amelioration of PTSD they might wish to suggest to her in the areas of such healing as Aromatherapy, Herbalism, Zen Buddhism, Dhammakaya Meditation, Tai Chi, Church Services, Painting and Art, even such activities as International Coffee Clubs, Irish Dancing (which she has discovered a new love for:), and other such, rather than remote-access “Healing AI” which sadly is causing much harm and has been put as a mantle on her without Informed Consent and without public disclosure. Direct community interaction and conversation would be much more beneficial for Ramola currently—and indeed all other reporters of non-consensual EMF/Neurotech use on them—than anything else.

Informed Consent is a holy principle and all human rights defenders call for its restoration in our midst.

Anna’s email also establishes there is a legal or lawful aspect here which must not be ignored: indeed, Ramola is neither a criminal, putative criminal, criminal in the making, nor mentally ill, and must be accorded her rights of Due Process at all times, without presumptions, assumptions, and tacit consent being made against her–all of which has been unleashed against her in whistleblower retaliation for her defense of her own full mental health and rights as a journalist to speak and write. These are still international and human rights law matters.

In addition, since this sadly involves the betrayal of family members, Ramola must note that her sister Sharola is not God and is not the one to decide if she needs Irish Dancing or Tai Chi…let’s ask the world: who should decide for Ramola what kind of healing Ramola needs…?

Finally, if there is some other darker agenda unrolling here–of whose presence Ramola has already reported on–of “forced hospital treatment” impending, then Ramola must once again remind all she has herself put out a call for military neuroscientists to step forward to assist, and stated she will be happy to go to a military or other medical hospital to receive a full scan with MRIs, radiology scanning, toxicology scanning, and so forth but only if she is provided full assurances of immediate return to her home directly afterward, and if she can be accompanied by one or more supportive patient advocates, woman neuroscientists, and physicians who can advocate for her human rights, her rights of Due Process at all times, and her sensibilities as a writer and artist who needs the true support of her immediate family, community, and society at this time. Without such support no one in PTSD scenarios of any kind can offer to step forward thus. The best option at all times that Ramola sees fully here is to stay in the sanctity of her own home, quietly healing, while slowly being reintegrated back into her local community with mutual assurances of cordiality and compassion on both sides. Ramola feels she needs the protection of her family, community, and society, but also reminds all of the great need for Informed Consent: no psychiatric treatment should be imposed on her. This is all about wrongful diagnoses being imposed on a journalist and non-consensual EMF/Neurotech reporter, wherein her reportage is wrongfully being dismissed as mental illness–when there are indeed scientific ways to establish the presence of such technologies.

Ramola calls sincerely for the help of support of journalists, human rights lawyers, and international human rights law to publicize her case and help provide the right means to save her health and her life. All she has previously reported regarding AI, the development of AI, the Internet of Bodies, and Incomplete or Wrongfully Skewed AI is true to the best of her knowledge at this time.

The journalism and reportage will no doubt find its own place in the world in its own time.

Here is Anna’s email in full:

Anna von Reitz

Monday, December 12th, 2022 at 3:33 PM

To Ramola D<ramolad@everydayconcerned.net>

CC Ronald Carriveau

Edward Fulke

Teri Kealoha Sahm

Bonnie Feldstein

Monday, December 12th, 2022 at 3:33 PM

“There is no information about concealed carry or the Second Amendment anywhere on any ASN database that I know about, Ramola. The Second Amendment is a Guarantee owed to Americans along with all other such Guarantees, and we are all grandfathered-in so far as those contractual Guarantees are concerned, so once you establish your proper standing and record your political status as an American, all those Guarantees are yours. Free Speech, Right to Bear Arms, Freedom of Religion, etc.

What they are trying to pretend is that you aren’t an American and part of the Body Politic of your nation-state, but are instead some kind of Federal Employee or Dependent. They are telling a big, fat, self-interested lie, in other words, and trying to deprive you of the rights and Guarantees you are owed as an American. The only reason that they are so afraid of the Second Amendment is that they know they have been acting illegally as Privateers and they expect the rest of us to murder them in their sleep.

The obvious answer to that concern is for them to stop doing what they are doing. Stop profiling, surveilling, name-calling, harassing, making false claims, racketeering, extorting, and doing other loathsome and illegal and unlawful things.

Then they can have a clean conscience and sleep well at night.

The FBI put out a very notorious (and ignorant) program bad-mouthing non-existent “sovereign citizens” and has been running around calling Americans “sovereign citizens”—- apparently because they don’t know enough grammar to realize it is an oxymoron.

You can’t be a sovereign and a citizen at the same time.

So they are just trying to label people and doing a ridiculously poor job of it.

Send a letter to the United States Secretary of State requesting that he put an end to any presumption that you are a Municipal citizen of the United States or a Territorial U.S. Citizen, either.

Ask him to send out a blanket notice through the Bureau of Consular Affairs to all Departments and Agencies that you are an Internationally Protected Person and they are not to detain you or misrepresent you in any way.”


This is a course of action Ramola is indeed embarking on. Ramola D/:Ramola-grace: Dharmaraj is an Internationally Protected Woman on the Land and Soil Jurisdiction whose life and health must be protected under international human rights law.

Ramola D must also state unequivocally that every action being taken by anyone against her, including the AI project, any health care departments, any governments or anyone else is being done without her own freely-given and in full-consciousness-given Informed Consent, without public or private disclosure, in stealth, in great and grievous harm, causing persecution, and must be stopped at once.

Ramola D | Revoking All Monetary Claims Made Recently to Various Parties Involved in the Wrongful April 12-19 Psych Hold on Ramola D | Clarifying a Few Matters

Press Release | Ramola D | Dec 12, 2022

In the matter of the Notices and Letters of Claim sent recently to Quincy Police, City of Quincy’s Mayor Thomas Koch, Mark Brewster of Brewster Ambulance Services, Commissioner Brook Doyle of the Department of Mental Health in Massachusetts, Andrew Witty, CEO, United/Optum Health, Stan McLaren, President, Steward Carney Hospital, and various named ER and Psych Ward staff, doctors, and psychiatrists, I wish to report that I have just sent brief letters by email and website forms to each of these parties revoking all monetary claims made in these Letters and Notices of Claim, and letting each of these parties know I am 100% letting these monetary claims go.

Investigative Journalism Exposing Electronic Warfare, Neuro Warfare, Cognitive Warfare, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Bodies, Satanic and Demonic AI, Beast AI, MK ULTRA False Crime & Mental Illness Creation Versus “Mental Illness” “Halleluia Projects” “Identifying Geniuses” “Identifying God Avatars” “Healing AI” and “Going to God Ascension Projects”

I am not however in any way conceding that any one of the false mental health diagnoses laid against my name and living self during and after this experience is legitimate in any way shape or form whatsoever. In fact, as stated in all letters of claim sent, this is not an issue of “mental illness” but an issue of extremely vital human rights reportage from the frontlines of the world’s most current war on the human brain, the human body, and humanity itself in “Cognitive Warfare” using the modern tools of weaponized neuroscience, nanoscience, electromagnetic weaponry, wifi, artificial intelligence, Psy Ops, “Mildec” or military deception and other military technology currently being tested and operated worldwide.

Since November 21, and most especially since November 26, I have been targeted with the most highly vibratory frequencies which are having a deleterious effect on both brain, body, and behavior–an easy target therefore for further Behavioral Health takedown, which appears to have been unleashed on me with 24/7 no-privacy audio/video/neuro surveillance in my own home, thanks to missteps in law (impersonation fraud: international crime) committed by my own family members.

These matters must therefore be addressed fully in human rights law and journalism. Earlier posts have described, albeit briefly, the nature of the whistleblower retaliation I have been subjected to, the fact that essentially I am reporting persecution and torture, which I have sought to report to the OHCR Special Procedure office, and sought to report this openly as documentary reportage:

Ramola D | A Few Notes From the Frontlines of the Incredibly Evil War on Humanity by Artificial Intelligence Developers Worldwide, CIA MK ULTRA Neurowarfare Takedowns, City and Neighbor Complicity in Extreme Whistleblower Retaliation on a Journalist

Alex Crosbie Exposes the Story of the Century: Unlawful and Unethical AI-Driven Neurowarfare and Cognitive Warfare Being Conducted in Whistleblower Retaliation on the World’s Pre-Eminent Journalist Exposing MK ULTRA, DEW, and Neurotech Classified Mil/Intel Crimes

Additionally, attempts have been made and continue to be made to miscast and mischaracterize Ramola D as paranoid, violent, and delusional, a “sovereign citizen” (no such thing exists, this is a FBI concoction) who is carrying arms in concealed or open carry–nothing being further from the truth: I don’t believe in using weapons or arms whatsoever, and use my pen and laptop alone as a tool to express my thoughts.

Ramola seeks to establish the truth of her being and her work as a journalist, going forward, all of which has always been and continues to be conducted in a peace-practicing, inclusive, human rights-centric, caring, and compassionate way as she moves forward.

The edifice of Psychiatry, Spychiatry, and Law Enforcement appears to be standing fully at odds with matter of fact journalism and human rights reportage pointing to serious crime, subjects surely to be addressed in full by all. In the age of Neurowarfare, Cognitive Warfare, Electronic Warfare, MK Crime Creation, and MK Mental Illness Creation, investigative journalism and targeted investigative journalists exposing the collective abuse of 100s of 1000s of people reporting grave harm worldwide must not be mistaken to be Mental Illness or Mentally Ill.