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Ramola D | International Human Rights Law and Community Protection for All

Note | Ramola D | Dec 16, 2022

In my opinion as a writer and journalist, I have recently understood it may be very important for all to know that “International protected person” may be the correct status to claim under international human rights law, for the full protection of the international human rights community, and the cover and protection of all good people worldwide, for pretty much everyone who is reporting any kind of harm on them. From my very brief research last night into human rights law, national and international, I have learned that a certain other word (which can be found by looking up human rights law anywhere) has a curious and opposite meaning, exactly opposite meaning, within the realm of human rights law: in actuality it appears this word points to No Standing, No Rights in human rights law. This is obviously a disaster all around, and really means that many of us worldwide have been using this word to mean one thing while in actuality signaling without intention quite another, in fact exactly the opposite. How on earth could this have happened?

This is a huge discovery on my part then last night and it has huge repercussions and ramifications for everyone, absolutely everyone worldwide.

None of us should be claiming this kind of status at all, ever, under the current construct of human rights law.

I myself therefore absolutely revoke and cancel any usage of this particular word I have made myself, in relation to myself or anyone else, as well as any usage others may have mistakenly made, guided wittingly or unwittingly from my own previous mistaken usage of same, and I revoke and cancel all claims of this supposed status as well, which has no standing whatsoever in current human rights law.

Instead we should all do everything we possibly can to seek for and claim the protection of the international human rights community, as I have done, seeking protection for myself and my family at all times, and finding it with the American State National movement which has guided me to establishing my status as a Massachusetts state national, living privately on the land and soil jurisdiction of the Massachusetts state and the united States of America, presided over by the Fiduciary for the united States of America, Anna von Reitz, who has assured me I am now an Internationally Protected Person, enjoying the full protection of the international human rights community and international human rights law, as indeed also is everyone in my immediate, nuclear, and extended family, especially my spouse Paul Tanis, my daughter Sophie Nerine–for whom I have done the right documentation to establish her status on the land before she turned 18, the Baby Deed, which is also recorded at Hampden County as a courtesy as also privately at the Land Recording Office, my father Abel Dharmaraj, and my sister Sharola Dharmaraj as also my brother Reuben Dharmaraj and their own families.

While it appears my browser is hacked and the real news of the world is not being relayed to me, I once again extend the mantle of my protection to my immediate family, especially my spouse and daughter and sister, and call for all to come immediately to and stay within the protection and sanctuary of my home, named :Pine-haven, so we can make the right decisions together as a family moving forward. My family members are all Internationally Protected Persons living under my protection as an International Protected Person now.

Now we come to the subject of Informed Consent, full disclosure, and non-consensual experimentation.

What I have been reporting on as a journalist for almost nine years now is that much unlawful experimentation and testing is being carried out on people in the USA and worldwide, without any kind of Informed Consent whatsoever, any kind of disclosure, let alone full disclosure, and no attempt made to obtain proper, complete, and full Informed Consent or indeed any kind of legitimate, lawful consent.

Therefore all those who have been so experimented on, especially in the realms of Neuroscience, Neurotechnology, Nanotechnology, Directed Energy Weaponry, Artificial Intelligence, Cybernetics, Telemetry, Telemedicine and so on–frequently called “Mind Control” technologies but evolving as all technologies do into different spaces–it must be known, never consented and cannot be held responsible at a certain level for their own thoughts, words, and actions, since they are being unlawfully influenced with neurotechnologies applied non-neuroethically. This is something for Neuroethicists, Bioethicists, Medical Ethicists, and Human Rights Lawyers–no doubt other professionals too, physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, etc–to unravel.

In the view of this writer and journalist, the Informed Consent principle is sacrosanct and no action can or should be taken on anyone at any time without their Informed Consent.

Therefore I believe all those being wrongfully looped into these experiments under cover/classified cover etc. are being greatly wronged against. Every one of them, I believe, should be seen as someone needing immediate and extensive protection under international human rights law, indeed each should be automatically accorded the status of Internationally protected persons while the investigations into these experimental projects at every level of discovery is undertaken by the right criminal justice, law enforcement, military and other parties, even Artificial Intelligence, as it is evolving to become a better arbiter of human affairs using international human rights law.

Sadly, to me, it is those agencies and compartments engaged in projects in some secrecy who may need ultimately to be fully explored and understood to be fully responsible when their experiments with non-consensual test subjects go awry.

Again, in the view of this writer and journalist, all non-consensual test subjects must be seen to have International protected person status to immediately preserve them from further experimentation and to save their health and their lives.

Finally, an important thing for all to do, I currently believe, is to revoke any kind of presumed or tacit consent made in their name by anybody, pulling them into non-consensual test projects of any kind, which they may not even know of, and to revoke all of their own usage of words possibly ultimately harmful to themselves under current human rights law. I myself therefore revoke, cancel, erase, eradicate, end, terminate any usage of any such harmful words that I may personally have made myself, in this page, site, or any article, podcast, tweet, social media post I may have made, wittingly or unwittingly, without full knowledge of the meanings or implications of such words nor their usage in human rights law nor in the language of computational linguistics, and I also revoke, from this day, 16th of December, 2022, forward, any tacit or presumed consent, witting or unwitting, spoken, written, imagined, or otherwise, that some may in the past have presumed or made, wittingly or unwittingly, from my own actions of kindness, respect, grace in affording them space or including them on my video platforms, on my website pages, and in my articles, as well as in my home and my personal family life.

To the extent of my own ability and agency as well, I terminate any and all such putative contracts made under such tacit or presumed consent, whether made unwittingly or wittingly by family members under conditions really of impersonation fraud, or by anyone else in any other context engaging deceit, speculation, projected or attributed untruths, or anything else which might have persuaded larger bodies to impose actions which I am now experiencing clearly as deleterious to my life and health, without informed consent or indeed consent of any kind from me.

I believe also that as an International protected person, writer, journalist, and human rights defender within international human rights law, lawfully speaking, I cannot be detained in any kind of forced detainment or treatment scenario even with something large and profound such as “Healing AI” without disclosure, consent, contract, assent, and approval of myself as well as the international human rights community and international human rights law.

If however there are currently situations inhering which I have no knowledge of whatsoever, presuming or projecting the primacy of AI or any such body taking precedence over what I have just stated, then I must ask that such information and knowledge be kindly presented openly to me, so I can comprehend clearly what exactly is transpiring here, and what I should do to better secure my health, life, rights, and freedoms as an International protected person, writer, journalist, and human rights defender living and working under the protections of international human rights law.

I thank all readers for their time and attention given to this most serious and important issue pertaining to the sanctity of my human rights and freedoms–which surely has implications for every other reporter whose voice I have sought to platform through my human rights advocacy and journalism for nearly nine years now, always with the best of intentions for all.