UK Funeral Director Blows the Whistle on Non-Existent 2020 Pandemic & Rising Deaths Now Due Only to the Deadly COVID Vaccines: “The Delta Variant is Vaccine Injury”

Report | Ramola D | Sep 17, 2021

In a blockbuster interview with Max Igan currently sending shock waves around the Internet, funeral director John O’ Looney from the United Kingdom has blown the whistle on the true nature of the mammoth fraud going on worldwide, with an absolutely non-existent 2020 pandemic and all increase in deaths now attributable to the COVID vaccines, being passed off by lying media and corrupt government figureheads in the pocket of Pharma as “the Delta variant” and other variants.

MUST WATCH!!! Funeral Director John O’Looney Blows the Whistle on Covid/Max Igan Interview, Sep 16, 2021

Highlights of Mr. John O’Looney’s testimonial:

As early as November 2019, this funeral director learned a major pandemic was on its way, with anticipation of epic death, when he was shown an inflatable Pandemic Mortuary on a visit to Northampton to pick up the body of a deceased loved one belonging to a client. This was well before any Wuhan virus story hit the airwaves.

In early 2020, when he like everyone else believed the media-stories of deadly viruses coming out of the Wuhan labs and infecting everyone worldwide, and as propaganda about a pandemic claiming thousands of lives filled the airwaves, Mr. John O’ Looney was interviewed by the BBC in a very primed, set-up interview where his questions and answers were handed to him, and where he was asked to wear full PPE (personal protective equipment) for the interview, which he did. In the course of his work he says, such PPE as masks are never used, generally speaking, since it was known masks could not stop viruses; on the rare occasion masks with Vicks would be used to allay the stench of a long-deceased body.

Throughout 2020, he did not see numbers of dead anything close to a pandemic.

Many were being labeled dead with Covid even though they had other chronic diseases.

He took care of bodies “still warm” since the “pandemic practice” was to rush the dead into body bags and mortuaries.Neither he, his wife, nor embalmer wore a mask the entire time and none of them contracted Covid, which they might have, had Covid been a real thing and an infectious disease likely to jump from one person to another, alive or dead.


In March and April 2020 they saw a brief spike “for about 2 to 2.5, maybe 3 weeks” and he says these were 90% hospital deaths, with the rest being nursing home deaths, hospice deaths and people sent home from hospital to die.

At the time, the government made a statement about particularly protecting people in care homes–which he did not understand as an undertaker. He was called every night to care homes–this was when Matt Hancock, then UK Secretary of Health was moving all elderly in hospitals conveniently labeled with Covid into care homes.

He has since learned there has been a 1000% increase in sales of Midozolam purchased at that time. What this resulted in was continuous death at the care homes. “All of those people were labeled with Covid. I never saw a doctor once. I never saw a Covid test. I never saw a ventilator–there was no need for those patients to be heavily overdosed, sedated, for intubation–there were no ventilators. So I suspect that thousands of people were killed, euthanized in these care homes with Midazolam.”

He was approached by a government pandemic analyst who told him his job was to regularly get the figures of deaths from him and other funeral directors. At this time, he was witnessing people dying of cancer, old age, motor vehicle accidents, who were all being labeled as dead with Covid. Family members were afraid undertakers would not touch their deceased loved ones, fearing it was a contagious COVID death when these deceased-of-other-causes had just been labeled with COVID–“I told them not to worry, I washed and dressed every one of them.”

“Apart from that 12-week cull that happened in the care homes, (nothing was happening): That is statistically impossible. Viruses don’t target care homes.”

Towards late 2020, after a number of months, the “pandemic guy” confessed to him he didn’t know why he was doing this job even, because nothing was happening, there was no pandemic death rise to tally. “That’s from the guy who spoke to all of the funeral directors locally regularly.” They stopped him from recording deaths after the vaccines started.


Death numbers were not up in 2020 — but the death rate skyrocketed from December 6 when the vaccines started. This went on for 12 weeks and ended in April — mixture of all ages, all locations–hospitals, homes–“it was just awful, that was pandemic numbers but only when they started vaccination.” He says, “I suspect these people died of vaccine injury, or Midazolam overdose, or neglect–people with other diseases like cancer Stage IV were left to die since no-one was seeing them.”

After April 2021 he says there was a quiet period, no-one passing away “the quietest period in five years.”

Now he says, three weeks ago, the death rate picked up again, people of all ages, exclusively of vaccinated people, dying of four consistent causes: heart attacks, strokes, blood clots and multiple-organ failure.

He mentions several cases he knows of or has heard of, a 23-year old barber dropping dead after second dose, a father paralyzed almost instantly after a first dose, named “vulnerable” and given a second jab after three weeks who died right away, someone else who went blind right away.

“I am seeing a pattern of death directly related to the vaccines–and nobody wants to talk about it.”

“The BBC are quite happy for me to promote their hysteria but now that I am actually seeing a pattern of deaths related to the vaccines and am voicing my concerns about it, nobody wants to talk about it. And this is despite the fact that many eminent people, doctors are all saying the same thing: Government is just forging ahead, forcing and coercing people to take the jab and create a two-tier Nazi type of society for a pandemic that isn’t there.”

“The Delta variant I can tell you is widely recognized within the NHS as a vaccine injury–it’s not a virus, it’s vaccine injury. And I can tell you as a funeral director working on the coal face: You’ve been told and weaved a very elaborate lie to convince everyone that a) there’s a very dangerous virus and b) you need a lifesaving jab. And the real death rate was in care homes as a result of Midazolam, and then the deliberate relabeling of every normal death as a COVID death, and then we’ve seen the extreme death rate only once they began vaccinating and it is 100% that, I can tell you.”

He says family members sometimes do not see the pattern since people die 8 weeks after the jab–but he has seen it often enough to see the pattern: The vaccinated are dying.


“They’re already jabbing children–they’re inventing new variants–the idea is to get you used to there being a new variant. Children will get sick and will die as a direct result of these injections. It will swiftly be labeled as due to these new variants. They will parade crisis actors and bereaved parents on the mainstream media, urging you to get the jab and protect the children. It’s a certainty, it will happen.”

“There is no COVID pandemic.” Not a single child died of COVID he says, there is no reason to put these gene therapies into children.

The intention of this entire agenda seems to have been to kill people–as he has seen from the Midazolam Care Home Scandal–and to sterilize children and young people.

“In the NHS, they see the same thing happening. They know full well that this Delta variant is vaccine injury.”

A doctor told him “they’re extremely dangerous, please don’t take them.” He also mentioned he would never take it ever, and explained the testing procedures for the vaccine were going through 200 rhesus monkeys a week. And this is the same jab they’re putting in your veins.”

“The truth is: It’s these injections which are damaging and killing people.”


John O’ Looney also shares his fears that the fraud of the pandemic could continue further to the point where the unvaccinated would be quarantined and disappeared. Very large prison complexes are being built across Britain he says, and this seems to be true, as the new Wellingborough prison camp seems to suggest.

Image: Inside Wellingborough’s new mega prison, featuring river views and barless windows
The privately-run complex will be Britain’s biggest ever prison

He says crematorium and mortuaries are also erected beside these prison camps–all of which suggests this is very much like the time of the Holocaust, and further subjugation of the people is intended.

Max Igan mentions these camps are also being built in Australia.

Mickleham quarantine camp being built in Australia’s Melbourne’s Centre for National Resilience/Image from Construction on Mickleham’s quarantine camp starts


This funeral director closes with a general call to all to start speaking out now. Especially those in hospitals and in the NHS, he says, who can see what is really happening need to find their courage and start speaking out now. Max Igan agrees, saying there is till time to turn it around, but time is short and not enough are awakened.

There may be danger in speaking out given what these people are capable of doing–killing the elderly, jabbing children with a death and sterility shot–but we all have to make a choice whether to stand for truth and humanity or cling to our system-secured jobs.

What is happening in Australia is nothing short of Nazi atrocity, notes John O’Looney, and the people of Australia need to rise collectively and put a stop to it, since a great crime of oppression is being committed against them.

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