Report & Re-post of Letter | Ramola D | July 23, 2021

Mark Playne from the media site is reporting that MRIs pose a serious risk to COVID-vaccinated people because of the peculiar magnetism being displayed by different parts of their bodies post-vaccine, now thought to be induced by magnetic nanoparticles included with the lipid encasings of the mRNA particles.

In a letter posted at their site, which can be downloaded from there (and re-posted below for download), doctors are urgently warned not to send patients for MRIs because of the reports of sharp health decline after MRIs reported in two cases.

The two cases cited include a young mother in her 20s given several MRI scans to understand why her body had suddenly become magnetized post-vaccine and reduced to walking with metal supports, and a 12-year-old, Maddie de Garay, wheelchair-bound after MRI scans to probe her partial paralysis post-vaccine in the Pfizer vaccine trials.

Maddie de Garay and mother Stephanie, testifying to Senator Ron Johnson on vaccine paralysis & MRI intensification & inability to walk post MRI, as reported to Tucker Carlson Fox News.
The letter cautions doctors to check their patients for magnetism before recommending MRIs to anyone:

“We strongly advise checking all patients for magnetism before referring them for MRI Scans. 

The magnetism is usually easiest to detect at the site of the vaccination, the upper chest or around the bridge of the nose.

Going into an MRI scan could lead to whatever particles that are causing the magnetism to be pulled by the MRI scanner towards the periphery of their body damaging important structures along the way.”

The letter includes a video showing the enormous power of the MRI magnet in crushing a metal-legged swivelling chair, which does drive home the importance of being very careful around the huge magnetic field of the MRI machine.

The UK government has acknowledged the magnetism being reported post vaccine and recommends people report their experience to the Yellow Card Scheme.

UK GOV MRI Guidelines.

If you have found your patients to be suffering the newly discovered adverse event of vaccine-induced magnetism, please report this and all other adverse reactions, to the Covid-19 Yellow Card Scheme.

Magnetism after vaccine is attributed by many analysts and researchers to magnetic nanoparticles and nano graphene oxide contained in the vaccine.

Interestingly, Pfizer has denied any presence of Graphene Oxide in their vaccines, which was found in an analysis of the Pfizer vaccine by La Quinta Columna researchers from Spain.

Graphene Oxide is widely being used in drug-delivery, gene-based therapies, and in the development of nano bio sensors for external monitoring of human bodies. GO has newly been found in the flu vaccines as well, and is hypothesized to account for the symptoms of COVID-19.

Pfizer’s mRNA vaccines, like Moderna’s, were developed on contract with DARPA, a Defense weapons research agency, which suggests that secrecy, cover, and deceit might well attend their limited disclosure of ingredients.

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  1. Article: “ Methods to Scale Down Graphene Oxide Size and Size Implication in Anti-cancer Applications
    Immacolata Tufano, Raffaele Vecchione, and Paolo Antonio Netti“ “Dec 23, 2020Furthermore, functionalized graphene oxide and nanocomposites based on GO have interesting optical and magnetic properties and can be employed as contrast agents for various biological imaging modalities including fluorescence imaging, photoacoustic imaging, and magnetic resonance imaging (Yang et al., 2013). The era of GO in cancer therapy …”

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  3. Ramolda, Years ago researching the types of contrast dyes/side effects used in CT’ Scans were self described as “special metals” that Ad hear to Brain, lungs, kidneys, heart. GO In the CT/MRI contrast scans, also? Gratitude

  4. The advice from UK GOV has disappeared from the MRI-guidelines (on patients suffering the newly discovered adverse event of vaccine-induced magnetism)

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  6. Templeton, Mark

    To rephrase a bit, it did surprise me, but what I mean is I can easily believe that might be a problem. I was just recently studying some other stories abiout the graphene oxide. Nasty stuff they are injecting people with. Okay, thanks and take care Ramola.

  7. Templeton, Mark

    Hi Ramola, This is not surprising at all, but the thought hadn’t occurred to me until you posted this article. There is a doctor named Jane Ruby who has brought forth some very disturbing photos of blood cells, as in how they appear after the vaccination. Here is the link if you’re interested:

    Thank you!

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