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COVID Vaccine Truths: Neither Safe, Nor Effective, Over One Million Reported Adverse Reactions, Over Seven Thousand Reported Deaths (in US & UK)

Video Repost & Links/Public Service Announcement | Ramola D | July 3, 2021

(Repost of a Video shared on Ugetube encapsulating some basic facts about the COVID Vaccines)

If you still want to get the jab after watching this you are beyond help!


Data from the CDC VAERS Database as reported at OpenVAERS.com, July 3, 2021

Sad Video Clip posted July 3, 2021 on UgeTube/Mary Tanasy about a 43-year old woman who died right after taking the shot–one day after, no, 13 hours after getting the first dose of the Johnson & Johnson viral-vector gene-based experimental COVID vaccine. “You hear it’s safe, you hear it’s not–there’s a big political push…some people won’t make it to get that beer or lottery.”

“The vaccine killed her–within 24 hours of having that vaccine, she was dead… She thought she was doing the right thing…Do I think it’s safe? No, it’s killing people.”


Stay Safe, Skip the Experimental COVID Vaccines (for the Non-Issue 99.97% Recovery-Rate COVID Flu)

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