Shift of the Ages, September 2015: Galactic Cycles, Energy Waves, World Events, Predictions–Many Views

So much is flying around currently regarding Shemitahs and Pope Francis and Agenda 21 and imminent economic collapse and 9/23 heralding the end of America as we know it, One World Government round the corner, and the international banksters coming out from hiding (as if/(more accurately, they never left)) to take over the US (they already have), etc., and given that people seem to be searching for this kind of information and ending up on this site, I thought I’d collect a few articles and videos here that I’ve found variously interesting, illuminating, entertaining for anyone interested to take a look.

(My personal take on all this is merely to stay informed but not give in to fear or obsession about anything to come, chaotic, energetic, or anything else–and remembering always we are continuously being played by our deceptive media to swivel toward fear, dejection, negativity, apathy-but stay positive and continue to take action to build a better world, because we Always have a stake in our future, even our most immediate future, everything each of us doeswhether it’s action, meditation, prayer, dream, hope, or belief–counts immensely and makes a difference. Our consciousness counts. )

And really, can anything get worse currently than what we’re currently living through? Things can only get better–and I welcome the whole world awakening. It’s definitely happening already, and we are waking up in masses everyday–I welcome new energies coming along to accelerate change in our world.


Over the last couple years I’ve woken up to the power and revelations of Astrology, which of course once used to be part of Astronomy, both of which subjects ancient cultures studied together, and it’s quite interesting these days to see what astrologers are noting lately–chaos in world events, upheaval in governments, massive changes in government, and the power of the people in the ascendant–can’t wait to see real change unfold. They–and others–are also talking about galactic energies coming our way currently, predicted to intensify through the course of this month, and bring new awakenings and consciousness our way.

Galactic Cycles

As, for instance, Simone M Matthews of Universal Life Tools 225 million yearswho speaks about galactic alignments–our Solar System, with Sirius, Alcyones from the Pleiades, and the Galactic Centre (her image here)–here is her article, The Wave of Love and Wave X–where she says:

“This generation here on Earth, as prophesized by indigenous peoples the world over, holds the key to the future of humanity, the future of Earth.

In this generation we have come to the end of a 225 Million year revolution around the Galactic Centre and are sitting in a transitionary period as we cross into the next 225 Million year Galactic Cycle.

The end of a 225 Million year Galactic Cycle is marked by the alignment of our Solar System, Alcyone (Pleiades), Sirius and the Galactic Centre on the Galactic Plane… an event that only happens once every 225 Million years !” Please visit her site for the whole article.

Wave X, Energy Waves, Predictions

Dr. Simon Atkins in one of his video talks on his Skyaia show seems to have been the one to name the imminent galactic energy waves Wave X, and various others have been using this term. Like Simone Matthews and many others, he too speaks about enormous waves of cosmic energy coming our way, destined to wake up our DNA as well as all sorts of metaphysical/paranormal latent abilities we have. Here is one of the talks where he talks about Wave X and energies of awakening he predicts it will bring to the planet:

Frequency Shift WaveX Predictions: The Good, Bad & Ugly; July 13, 2015, Skyaia #44

Martin at Transients. Info has done a tremendous job transcribing those predictions from Dr. Atkins, and pulling together lots of other interesting material about energetic changes this September 2015, see his article here: The Frequency Shift into September 2015 – Dr Simon Atkins’ Predictions | Prophecies, Predictions and Visions | Time-Specific Material.

While it’s hard to imagine a sudden human evolution on that scale, he’s not the only one to speak of major changes headed our way. Psychics and others who can sense energies are talking about these energies already being here, as for instance Lisa Rising Berry on Rising Frequencies, whose account of seeing an “aether” envelop earth is quite fascinating.

Little snippet from her article:

“As many of us know, there is a energetic event occurring and it will be increasing in the near future.  I have been seeing what is known as Aether move in and around our planet for almost a year.  This entire process is like baking a cake, as it occurs in stages, and not in just one big event.

Right now there is so much talk about Wave X, and it is getting out of hand and unreasonable, just like in 2012.  There are so many posts on the internet describing this wave as a mass Ascension event, and this is absolutely wrong. The original person that named and talked about this Wave X “event” NEVER said anything about mass Ascension, and his knowledge which is very based in science is being taken out of context.  

I am writing today to give you my take on what I have been seeing for many months now.  My side is not from science, but from my clairvoyant ability and astral travels. “ Please visit her site for the whole article.

Then there’s an article–also on–by Ron Head, a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique practitioner (QHHT was Dolores Cannon’s hypnosis technique, which she taught avidly–her conversations on spirituality topics on Youtube are quite fascinating), who encourages people to “live in their light” in this post, Ron Head: Doors Are Opening:

“All change contains an initial period of chaos. Else, why change? Do you think mankind normally considers changing when everything is wonderful? Why would they?

So allow yourselves to continue along your awakening paths. Allow yourselves to incorporate more and more of the higher consciousness that you are into your awareness. Find the wonder, the delight, and the joy in your lives. And flavor them with gratitude for it all. You still have a long way to go, but most of you who are reading this now know that you are on the way.” Please visit for the full post.

World Events

David Wilcock‘s recent mammoth article covering world events, Disclosure narratives, awakenings is well worth a read: Terrifying Global Events: Triggers for Mass Awakening?

Lada Ray‘s predictions, found regularly in her articles at her website, Futurist Trendcast are also always illuminating, since she offers not merely a view from Russia but also psychic, Feng Shui, Russian Vedas, and geophysical information. The interview videos on her site offer interesting insights, including how collective consciousness and choices influence “Earth karma.”

Jean Haines, at Co-creating Our Future on Planet Earth always collects interesting articles on world events from around the Net, which currently include Simon Parkes’ September Newsletter, and a detailed discussion of Shemitah subjects in The Millenium Report’s post on 9/23/15. There’s also this astrology report, similar to Simone Matthews’ take on Wave X,  from Mahalo Gayle, Planet Alert, September 2015.

Ben Fulford offers all sorts of sweeping insider news from Intel worlds in Japan and the US at his website HipKnowSys, in a regular weekly report that’s always dazzling to read–much optimism and lots of news about Alliance folks getting ready to take the Cabal down–worth signing up for his updates.

Justin Deschamps at Stillness in the Storm also offers tremendous articles on an ongoing basis, offering news analyses that are all-encompassing, as for instance this article on September 2015: 28 Events Signify World Changes in 2015 |Could this be the Year of Change?

Shift of the Ages

Many sources speak of us–humanity–being at a point of shift in time here on Planet Earth right now, and of Earth itself being in a process of evolution or Ascension. Fascinating thoughts and interesting to explore. There’s a lot on the subject on Youtube, and just a ton of people speaking and writing about it, from various angles, including prophecies from indigenous cultures worldwide, spiritual traditions, contact with ETs, psychic viewings and channelings, ancient scriptures, gnostic texts, global alchemy, astrology, etc.

Some basic information on what cycles are ending and beginning right now can be found at this Wicca spirituality site, among many others. David Wilcock‘s The Synchronicity Key is a wide-ranging book covering all sorts of subjects including cycles, human drama, new science, spirituality, how cultures seem to be caught in repeating cycles, and how we’re at the lip of a golden age currently; this page on his site Divine Cosmos introduces the book and offers a video.

One video I found rather enlightening on the subject is the documentary 2012 Mayan Prophecy and the Shift of the Ages, which talks about 2012 as opening the new age we are shifting into.  Impossible not to feel at the end of it that we are indeed at the opening stages of this new time already, that 2013 was the beginning, and what we’re witnessing around us today and living through currently in 2015 are the death throes of a dying culture and time of violence, deception, and domination.

2012 Mayan Prophecy and Shift of the Ages

This video, where Chief Arvol Looking Horse of the Lakota speaks of the White Buffalo Prophecy is interesting:

As also this interview with Kiesha Crowther, “Little Grandmother,” posted with text at Maine Republic Alert:

Little Grandmother Tells of Big Changes on Mother Earth!

There’s also this quite extensive article at Cosmic Convergence: 2012 and Beyond--also a great site for interesting and wide-ranging news analyses–that is quite interesting on many fronts: The Super Shemitah, Mayan Calendar, and Kali Yuga Converge in 2015/2016.

Update, Sep 3, 2015: Really lovely article today from Lisa Rising Berry and Justin Deschamps at Stillness in the Storm, on what exactly Wave X is predicted to do: Wave X Misconceptions | The Inner Work of Seeking Truth and Acting Within It is The Key

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