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Happy New Year! Some Astrology Forecasts

Happy New Year, everyone!  2016 can’t possibly be as storm-tossed and roller-coasterish as 2015, so here’s to more awakening, more abundance, and Change Change Change for the 99.99% of us on this planet who are growing and changing, waking up and questioning, speaking out and whistle-blowing, challenging corporate corruption and criminality, exposing government crime and over-reach, and working actively to make our planet a better place!

I’m cheered by all the forecasts I’ve been reading that point to absolute change in our future (think reset/change, not economic collapse!) and especially heartened by Carl Boudreau’s predictions that 2016 (and Time beyond that) will be a Year for the 99%.

I can’t read the stars–but I Can read energies–and I sense he is absolutely right. This year will be a year for the Anahata Chakra–the heart chakra–and the great, sweeping energies of the heart. It will be a year of connection of heart energies across the planet. If you meditate regularly, you will know this is already happening. If you stop for a moment and sink into that center space in you, everyday–whether by means of meditation, or quiet time or prayer or doing what you love, just for a little while, you might hear the resonance. (See this post from last year on how science today tells us that you, individually, can make a huge difference in our common morpho-genetic field with the great electromagnetic energies of your heart.)

I hope you’ll plan to spend time this year doing what you love and discovering the great expansiveness of your own heart energy, from the unique heart-center of your own being. Spend time discovering that center, if you haven’t already. This is the year for your deepest imaginings, your most central yearnings–a year to manifest from the heart.

Can we help change the tilt of our currrent reality toward chaos, war, totalitarian control, and craziness? Doing what we love, imagine light, pouring out from our centered-selves into the universe. Imagine that powerful energy of centered-ness from each of us spinning out in great chakric (wheel-like) swirls into the magnetic field of the earth, connecting, smoothening, changing. Believe we can, if we set our hearts to it.

Excerpts from a few forecasts below.

PicturePam Younghans: We’re juggling the energies of two major shift points

Photo: Lime-green auroras over Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada on December 20, 2015 (photo credit: Joseph Bradley, posted on Spaceweather.com)

Source: http://www.northpointastrology.com/northpoint-journal.html

Re-posted (in excerpt) from Northpoint Astrology Journal, please visit there for ongoing astrology forecasts and information.

NorthPoint Astrology Journal

Your guide to planetary energies for December 28, 2015 to January 3, 2016

By Pam Younghans

(Excerpt) THE NEW YEAR begins with two planets changing signs. First off, Mercury, the planet that rules thinking and communication, leaves rule-oriented Capricorn and enters nonconformist Aquarius on Friday.

This normally would be the beginning of a three-week-long opening to new ideas and plans, but since Mercury goes retrograde next Tuesday, January 5 (and quickly returns to Capricorn), we’ll want to consider Mercury’s brief foray into Aquarius to be a small, tempting taste of what new directions are possible beginning February 13, when the planet again enters Aquarius for its full run.

(If you’re wondering why my teleclass is earlier than usual this year, it’s because I wanted to avoid holding it while Mercury was retrograde! But, since Mercury’s station is only 12 hours after the teleclass airs, we may need to accommodate some communication glitches anyway. My hope is that we can take advantage of the positives of Mercury in Aquarius, and share some enlightening and life-enhancing information … tune in and see!)

MARS ENTERS SCORPIO on Sunday, leaving the calmer but sometimes indecisive realms of Libra. The planet Mars represents our capacity for forward motion, assertive action, and the urge to fulfill our personal desires. When in Scorpio, Mars can become even more determined than usual, more focused, and less capable of putting aside its needs.

We’ll want to monitor how we feel, and what we feel passionate about, while Mars is in Scorpio. We may be more likely to dive head-first into whatever pool draws our attention, before considering the ramifications of our actions. This rashness could be especially problematic with Mercury being retrograde, since judgment tends to not be as reliable during this time.

In other words, do your best to be self-observant and maintain some objectivity, and check out all the facts before committing to something over the next four weeks (Mercury goes direct on January 25). On the other hand, Mars in Scorpio can be very exciting — just be ready for a bit of a wild ride if you decide to take the plunge!


2016 BEGINS with some powerful cosmic energies at work. The life-altering influence of the Uranus-Pluto square that has been with us for the past four years is finally nearing the end of its active period — but it touches back in with us in late 2015 and early 2016 to finish up lingering issues before moving to the back seat more permanently.

At the same time, the soul-stirring Saturn-Neptune square that began to work with us in Fall 2015 is very much in our awareness. These two planets challenge us to attain new levels of faith and transcendence, and new understandings of our life’s meanings and purposes. This influence will continue to work with us throughout most of 2016.

OUR 2016 TELECLASS IS NEXT WEEK! Thanks to all of you who have already registered! If you can’t attend the teleclass live on Monday, January 4, everyone who signs up for the class receives a link to the replay and the pdf of the slideshow.

If you’ve already registered, you should have received a confirmation email. If you haven’t yet signed up, here’s the quick link:


From Carl Boudreau: Excerpt below from Things to Come

Within roughly four years, beginning in 2008, the three powerful outer planets all changed signs. These three great ingresses triggered world altering and life changing events and, on a personal level, persistent inner turmoil.

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto have settled into a supportive, resourceful bracelet of semi-sextiles, sextiles and trines that is opportunity and option rich, though not challenge free.

As of now, the world still looks and feels like a violent and dangerous place, wracked with chaos in many places. Socio-economic inequality is still extreme. Thousands are still suffering from war and its aftermath.
People are understandably concerned about the future. But, as I have said in recent posts, the planets are offering much reason for hope.

The Re-Empowerment of the 99%

As I explained in recent posts, when Uranus entered Aries in 2010, it broke up a long-standing planetary arrangement. That arrangement had the effect of increasing social, political and economic inequality to extreme levels, worldwide.

When Uranus entered Aries, one of the three powerful outer planets entered a sign associated with the 99% (i.e., the middle class and working people) for the first time in over 40 years. The power of the great outer planets was no longer concentrated exclusively in signs associated with the 1% (i.e., the governing elite).

Before Uranus moved into Aries, while this concentration of power was still in full force, virtually every event and circumstance somehow conspired to further enrich and empower the 1%.

The good news is that the new planetary arrangement, too, constitutes a lasting archetypal pattern. We can expect events to follow this pattern until it, too, changes.

With Uranus transiting the signs of the 99%, we can expect the continuing, progressive re-empowerment of the 99%. In fact, around the time of the 2010 Aries ingress, the 99% did begin their first tentative, halting steps to reclaim their power.

As of now, we still only see somewhat sporadic revolts, erratic social activism and occasional attempts at restoration. Though that is changing. If the past is any indication, however, if astrology is a reliable indicator, these efforts will multiply.

Coming Astrological Attractions

Several important ingresses in the years immediately ahead of us will intensify, accelerate and broaden the re-empowerment efforts of the 99%.
There are many layers of astrological complexity at work in the astrological events I will describe. However, this complexity produces a vibrant, subtle, highly textured and nuanced energy that supports creativity and innovation.

Please visit Things to Come/Carl Boudreau for the full post.

Also, a video forecast from KG Stiles, who speaks about a paradigm shift and mind shift that more of us on the planet will continue to experience as we each awaken separately to our own potential–with all of the energies coming in to the planet these days–something I hope to research also from the viewpoint of astronomy shortly:

Wishing everyone a New Year of peace, change, light, connection, heart-centering, creativity, and an end to tyranny.


Celebrate Chinese New Year, Malcolm X/Speak Out Against War, the Patriot Act, Endless Spying, the TPP

News & Views

It’s Chinese New Year–either today or on Feb 21–according to various sources–which latter is also Malcolm X’s birthday.

Chris Hedges has an article on Malcolm X and his vision for the end of capitalism, his life, his views on truth and freedom at Black Agenda Report (originally at TruthDig): Malcolm X was Right About America

Adam Curtis has a (few minutes long) short film looking back at 2014, worth revisiting now in February, at the cusp of a New Year, on Non-Linear Warfare: A New System of Political Control, all about “contradictory stories” fed to us so no coherent narrative of protest can form.

Electronic Frontier Fund‘s Year in Review, by Nadia Kayyali and Mark Rumold, all about NSA Spying and about EFF’s fight to bring secrets to light:What We Learned About NSA Spying in 2014…

Here’s a peek into the year ahead through the lens of astrology–wasn’t it the Catholic Church which stripped astrology from astronomy sometime in the Middle Ages (and yet the Pope’s hat has symbols from astrology on it) from Simon Vorster at Wake Up World–and it’s reassuring and rejuvenating–Yes, it’s the Year of the Sheep! 2015 in Astrology: The Year of Manifestation

Happy New Year! Let’s hope this is indeed the year the Sheep rise. Change in the world depends on us. Every action we take makes a ripple in the universe. Let’s make those ripples count…

Act Now to End the Patriot Act, Stop Mass Surveillance, End Spying

This from Defending Dissent, drop in at the link below to send a letter: The USA PATRIOT Act granted the government powerful new spying capabilities that have grown out of control—but Section 215, the provision that the FBI and NSA have been using to collect the phone records of millions of innocent people, expires on June 1.

This is an important opportunity for us to demand reform.

Tell Congress: it’s time to end out-of-control spying. Do not reauthorize Section 215!

Rise Up Against War & EverMore War

A whole coalition of anti-war groups are joining together to hold a No-War intervention in DC this spring. The Soapbox People’s Network has the scoop:

““Spring Rising” is four days of creative resistance; theater, teach-ins; rallies and marches marking the anniversary of the United States’ “shock and awe” attack on Iraq and its invasion and occupation in a completely illegitimate, immoral war.  Together we will use this time to oppose the plans and calls for growing military intervention.

As we send this invitation to you the Congress is calling for more war. The President has just told us a new global “war on terror” may be unlimited in space and time.

  • Are you, like us, stunned and enraged by more war on the world?
  • Did you or your organization join in the protests against police violence and murder, because Black Lives Matter?
  • Are you with the Dreamers working for rights for all people to live without fear?
  • Are you one of the many who have dropped everything to protest the global destruction of the environment because of our dependence on fossil fuels which is also a reason for our wars?
  • Are you agonized over the ongoing U.S. military support for Israel, the recent killing of 2,000 Arab men, women, and children last summer in Gaza?
  • Are you furious about the killing and terrorizing of Muslims in the U.S?

Then, join us! Your participation in Spring Rising is urgently needed now to organize protests, participate in teach-ins and to put your art and performance on mass display. Together we can create the vibrant resistance needed to show that terrorizing the world is not in our interest and “not in our name.”” Click Cindy Sheehan’s site link here for more.

Sign World Beyond Wars wonderful Declaration of Peace here.

Join Peace Action to send a letter to Congress telling the President you don’t want to fund a new war against ISIL or anyone else: Stop Endless War

Speak out against the TPP

Currently, the White House is sending around an email & video lauding the TPP as “progressive” and emblematic of “Trade in the Twenty-First Century” & crucial in efforts to boost small businesses in America which export and trade worldwide. However, Public Citizen informs us otherwise:

“The Obama administration also has used this sales pitch, often on the basis that the majority of U.S. exporters are small and medium enterprises (SMEs). But that fuzzy logic ignores the fact that 99.7 percent of all U.S. firms qualify as SMEs — while only 3 percent of those are exporters.*

This means that even if the TPP actually were to succeed in boosting exports — which similar pacts have not done — it is large corporations that would disproportionately benefit, not small businesses.”

Let’s not forget the TPP is being conducted In Secret, In Secrecy. Attempts are being made to pass laws In Secret. Only 500 corporate representatives from corporations worldwide are in on it. Not America’s small businesses. Not everyday Americans. The broad scope of TPP is known, but the exact rules being made are being made in secret. Why on earth would any of us ask our Congress representatives to vote on something we don’t know anything–or enough–about? That alone should stop us in our tracks.

Once more, several groups are calling on us to call our members of Congress to make sure they know US citizens are not interested in a secret deal which promises big corporations carte blanche both here domestically in the US and worldwide, and threatens to destroy the autonomy of local and state governments, in addition to governments worldwide, send More American jobs abroad, stifle citizen expression, and gag journalists, whistleblowers, and activists, while stealing natural resources and foisting monopolies on us. Check in here at Public Citizen or MoveOn or Electronic Frontier Fund or Friends of the Earth or all of them, to send letters online automatically to your Congressperson, call, or sign a petition. If TPP is fast-tracked, we might as well ask Congress to vacate. Or vacation. Indefinitely.

Public Citizen’s information page on TPP

Electronic Frontier Fund‘s information page on TPP

MoveOn‘s 3-minute video on TPP, which went viral : What Happens if TPP is Fast-Tracked & Passed

Staff article on TPP at The Daily Bell: As TPP Sails Forth, it Drags the West into Uncharted Waters