John W. Whitehead/The Rutherford Institute: The Right to Tell the Government to Go to Hell

Re-posted, with thanks, from The Rutherford Institute. Please visit there for vital and ongoing commentary, news, activism in protection of free speech, free thought, and free action, all being currently demonized today in the name of “hate speech,” “dangerous speech,” and political correctness, by an increasingly totalitarian state that is openly employing the tools of historic fascism and totalitarianism to muzzle and contain critical thinking, protest, and dissent. “We are moving to a non-thinking culture.”

The video below presents John W. Whitehead‘s discussion on free speech, its relation to American Independence from the days of British colonialism in this country, and what is happening today to our First Amendment, the American right to free speech, why suppressing free speech leads to violence, why it appears as if the government is pushing us in that direction, and the vital importance of what we need to do today: “We are going to have to protect free speech.”  7 minutes long, well worth your time, please listen, please be inspired, please start exercising your right to free speech while you have it!

As I’ve been noting in many posts for a long time, absolutely in keeping with all other activists, writers, and speakers online who advocate the same, it is way past time for Americans to wake up and start speaking out, as a first step to making change happen. Allowing yourself to be suppressed by this surveillance state is a first step to enslaving yourself and your children and your grandchildren. If you don’t see the warning signs yet of what is going on currently in the US and what is surely going to happen next if Americans do not rise up in mass and protest the many and diverse encroachments on our basic rights–to free speech, for one, and to clean air, clean water, non-GMO food, clean energy–and basic protections–the right Not to be irradiated by WiFi, chem trails, ELFs, EMFs, as we are, currently, the right to peaceful living, without fear of  retaliation by way of targeting, blacklisting, covert assault with electromagnetic weapons, or armed, aggressive Federal action when exercising our rights to free speech or peaceful protest, the right to natural and alternative health care–which is increasingly being attacked, the right to say No to toxic, unsafe vaccines that are being made mandatory and required for public schooling of our children, the right to express ourselves publicly on any issue, whether or not it’s related to the government without being labeled–absolutely ridiculously–as “extremists,” “terrorists,” and “anti-governmentalists”– if we do not speak out today, America, we will have No Free Tomorrows left.

From the Rutherford Institute Youtube channel hosting this video: “Free speech is no longer free. Emboldened by phrases such as “hate crimes,” “bullying,” “extremism” and “microaggressions,” the government is whittling away at free speech, confining it to carefully constructed “free speech zones,” criminalizing it when it skates too close to challenging the status quo, shaming it when it butts up against politically correct ideals, and muzzling it when it appears dangerous. In this episode of On Target, John W. Whitehead identifies the kinds of speech being targeted for censorship or outright elimination.”

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