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Eva Bartlett/The Richie Allen Show: I’m Back From Syria, The Media Are Lying To You

Re-posting this video (link below) with thanks, from The Tap Blog. Thanks also to Jean of Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth for posting this link.

Terrific, must-listen witness testimony from an independent freelance journalist, Eva Bartlett, post long sojourns in Syria (her first visit was in April 2014), traveling, and speaking to people in various cities and areas devastated by bombing and terrorism. Her intention, she notes, was to listen to what the people in Syria had to say, as opposed to the corporate narrative promulgated by corporate Western media. “As you know the corporate narrative totally ignores the will of the Syrian people, and they take representatives from exile or Saudi-backed representatives as word of the Syrian people.”

“The people in Syria understand that what is happening in Syria is a foreign war (a NATO-alliance war) on Syria designed to topple their government and serve certain agendas, and the agendas of certain neighboring countries such as so-called Israel, and they adamantly support their government, their President, and their Syrian Arab Army.” She goes on to describe the devastation she has witnessed from the terrorism of car-bombings and rocket-launchings in civilian areas in Damascus, Aleppo, and other places, where she says residents are being “punished for not taking the corporate side of this foreign war on Syria.”

“My main intention is to bear witness and to transmit what Syrians tell me, what they want the world outside to know of what is actually happening here.” Later she notes that the Government of Syria is not starving civilian populations in various cities,  as reported in mainstream news, it is the terrorists who are doing so,  the Government is in fact making food and power supplies available to the people. She is aware that corporate media are spinning a completely different narrative, and reports what she has seen on the ground that contradicts this corporate media narrative. The Government is also not gunning down unarmed protesters, as has been reported in mainstream media, she says; she recommends news analysis by Professor Tim Anderson on this subject, which documents and refutes these reports as lies. 

In answering listeners’ queries, she also notes that human rights groups in the UK are being used as front groups to quite possibly send more arms to the terrorists who are waging war on the Syrian civilian population, and who are obtaining funds from deceived UK residents. She notes the manipulated death of Serena Shims, possibly by Turkish Intelligence; Serena Shims was  the young television journalist who was documenting the flow of weapons via Turkey into Syria–other reports since then, she says, have noted this flow of weapons into Syria, also across the large Iraq border. Additionally Western planes have, more than five times, “accidentally” dropped supplies into terrorist faction camps, who range beyond Daesh to many groups, she notes.

This is an absolutely eye-opening interview with information unavailable in current mainstream media news that makes its way to the US. You can find updates and information on Eva Bartlett’s blog, including links to more news resources at her post on this interview.

Much gratitude to Eva Bartlett for her unflinching reportage, her delivery of the truth of what she has witnessed, and her courage in letting the truth about Syrian reality stand against deceiving corporate Western narratives that seek to, as she notes,  reinforce and promote imperialist and Zionist, war-mongering agendas.  Her voice and conviction are inspiring, and will, I can only hope, ignite more of us to stand up and speak out in courage within our own fields of experience and influence, for what is right, for peace, and for justice.

State of the Nation: An Open Letter To The U.S. Congress Regarding Justice Antonin Scalia

Re-posted from State of the Nation, with thanks, in interests of informing Americans, and not with any partisan views in mind–stepping beyond partisan sports seems to be the only way we can keep uncovering truth and unveiling and challenging the organized mayhem beneath, as we pull together to restore and retrieve the USA from the corporate corruption it has fallen into. Please visit there for more news-related articles on this subject as well as others, including an interesting note about the reaction of the Sicilian Mafia to Justice Scalia’s sudden death.


An Open Letter To The U.S. Congress Regarding Justice Antonin Scalia


Dear Members of Congress,

https://i0.wp.com/stateofthenation2012.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Antonin-Scalia-Dies-at-79..jpg?resize=307%2C384The death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has shaken the country to its core.

Many are still waking up to the grim realities which surround both the circumstances and scene of his death.

The immediate reaction by many Americans across the entire political spectrum is that something is very wrong with this whole situation.

Regardless of political sensibilities, Justice Scalia was recognized by most as a veritable bulwark who protected the U.S. Constitution like no other.  He was both a stalwart sentinel and stentorian who defended the spirit and the letter of the Founding Documents of these United States of America.

In fact, he was the only sitting SCOTUS jurist who always sided with the Constitution. That’s not to say he did not make some judicial errors from time to time.  However, SCOTUS insiders knew full well that those calculated errors were deliberately made to protect the nation and American society.

You see, Justice Scalia was extremely aware of the threats that President Obama and his Administration posed to the country.  He witnessed, like all of us, the irreparable tearing of the social fabric which has occurred on Obama’s watch.  As a staunch conservative and traditional man of Italian-American ancestry, he profoundly understood the necessity of the rule of law.

Where are we going with this?

There is no question that the Obama Administration represents the most lawless presidency in U.S. history.  On every front, it has sown seeds of social chaos and political pandemonium.  Justice Scalia saw this clearly.  And he used the high bench to militate against the destruction of the American Republic.

He was not shy about expressing his misgivings with Obama et al. and the way the Administration flouted federal law and trampled on state statutes.  He was deeply pained by the encroaching anarchy caused by so many unlawful Executive Orders.  He knew that the very existence of the United States was in great jeopardy.  And he felt compelled to prevent the nation’s imminent destruction.

Clearly, Justice Antonin Scalia was the single biggest threat to Obama and his legacy.  He was the very quintessence of opposition to everything Obama championed.  He was also well known to be public enemy #1 the more he took his SCOTUS platform to the people, as he often did.  He knew deep down inside that the American people must be educated … must be enlightened … about the ongoing devastation of their country which was once defined by a rule of laws, not of tyrants.

Herein lies the crux of this humble plea from We the People.  Justice Scalia’s untimely and mysterious death MUST be investigated by a completely independent, apolitical organization that is trusted by the American people.

Members of Congress, this humble plea WILL be honored to the fullest extent possible. Should this request be ignored or mishandled, it will quickly morph into a movement.  This movement is already growing by the day, mind you.

Let us be clear from the outset regarding the absolute necessity of determining the true cause of the death of Justice Scalia.  If he was in fact murdered, as many Americans now suspect, this situation will not be allowed to go the way of JFK.

Not only that, but if the Congress fails to fully investigate this exceedingly suspicious death and official response from the U.S. Federal Government, then there will be HELL to pay.

No, we’re not gonna take anymore.  In the words of Howard Beale of NETWORK fame: We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take this anymore.

Hopefully you just got the message, because if you didn’t the following may just happen.

“When 5 million Oathkeepers and armed militia surround the Capitol Building one day and force out the entire Congress, the place will change in a New York minute. When the American people install a provisional government, the White House will finally be taken back from those who misappropriated it.”
(Source: The United States of America Was Born
in the Year of the Fire Monkey)

Lastly, may we say that Antonin Scalia was an eminently noble human being.  He was a kind soul who lived his life with great passion and joie de vivre.  He was deeply loved by his family and many friends.  He was also a true friend of the American people.  Therefore, if he was killed, whoever was responsible will be found and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  That’s both a promise and a threat.

As Justice Scalia would say: Capiche?!

Very sincerely,

Concerned Citizens of the USA

174420999_131007_DX_ScaliaIsMeanjpgCROPpromo_mediumlarge_xlargeP.S. There is a plethora of articles and commentary on the Internet which have expressed shock at the manner in which the suspicious death of a Supreme Court Justice was handled by EVERYONE concerned. For your edification, please find below just a few of those posts which capture the profound irresponsibility and stunning neglect of the various government’s actions and inactions thus far.

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