Dane Wigington/GeoEngineering Watch: Stockholm Syndrome, An American Epidemic

Re-posted, with thanks, from a Feb 8 post at Geo-Engineering Watch. Please visit there for comments on this article as well as regular news, videos, analyses, and information on the continuous toxic aerosol assault the entire planet is currently experiencing (with emphasis in certain geographic areas, which include the “Five Eyes” countries & Europe–maps of aerosol spraying can be viewed on videos and pages posted there), and suggestions on what you can do about it.

This post emphasizes the need for concerted action and asks all to please get informed and take action at some level. Paraphrasing loosely, from the video linked below: “The ship is sinking, and you’re on it. Don’t let anything stop you from speaking out.”



The American population is the last potentially counterbalancing force against a global power structure that is pushing the planet and all life toward mathematically certain near term total global extinction. If we stay on this course, our planet will not support life much longer. In spite of the obvious and rationally undeniable tyranny that is verifiably present at all levels of our government, the majority of the US population still enthusiastically embrace the false narrative of American exceptionalism. Our own government and our own military have routinely conducted lethal biological experiments on our own populations over many decades. The Pentagon has also routinely poisoned our own soldiers for decades. From Agent Orange to radioactive depleted uranium ammunition, there is virtually no sense of morality shown by those who run our country, even toward our own military brothers and sisters. Ongoing in the skies above our heads is the greatest and most lethal atrocity of all, global climate engineering. Geoengineering/weather warfare programs are rapidly destroying the planet’s climate and life support systems in addition to completely contaminating the entire biosphere. No living organism is spared from this undeniable assault. Every breath we take is laden with highly toxic heavy metals and chemicals that are a part of the climate engineering nightmare (elements verified in US patents and lab tests from the field). Yet, in spite of all that has just been outlined, the majority of the US population continue to embrace and defend the very power structure that is literally killing them. There is a name for the psychological condition in which populations actually embrace and defend their oppressors, the condition is called “Stockholm Syndrome“. The short video below outlines this perplexing condition.

Though “Stockholm Syndrome” is a factor in countries and populations around the globe, it is truly an epidemic in America. The masses must be awakened from their well programmed condition of apathy and denial if we are to have any chance of turning the tide in time. The fight for the greater good is a responsibility that must be born by us all, make your voice heard in the critical battle to expose the complete criminality of those in power. Time is not on our side. DW

Source: Stockholm Syndrome: An American Epidemic

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