Thic Nhat Hanh: It is Not Correct to Suppress Violence with Violence…We Are Not Free to Destroy

peacedoveearthToday’s the UN-established Day of International Peace, and, although I’ve lost all faith in the UN–thanks to the Global Totalitarianism being unleashed everyday on us by their (new world order) Agenda 21/Agenda 2030, which I sincerely hope all nations of the world, including the slowly-awakening USA will vehemently oppose, expose, and fully prevent and tear down–it really is the Brave New World of 1984 and Minority Report and every other dystopian vision you can name combined–I welcome this moment in what promises to be a momentous week (being the week of the Pope’s visit to the US) to focus on Peace.

Because Thic Nhat Hanh (Vietnamese Buddhist monk, founder of the mindfulness retreat Plum Village, author of several books including Peace Is Every Step) so fully embodies peace to me, I wanted to post something by him–here is a brief and inspiring video of Thich Nhat Hanh’s visit to Congress in 2003, during the Iraq war, and a little on his background, life, and continuous engagement with peace:

“It is not correct to suppress violence with violence….We are not free to destroy.”

Sadly I learn from the Plum Village website that Thic Nhat Hanh is currently befreerecovering from a stroke which also affected his speaking, one of his most powerful gifts, I send my wishes for a full recovery his way. Please look on Youtube for his videos and listen to his talks, they are powerful, moving, very inspiring. I tend to carry little books by him and other Buddhist and spiritual writers around, to read while driving or waiting anywhere, this one is especially powerful–a talk given to inmates at a penitentiary, especially powerful in its advice on how to go beyond anger, go within, transform oneself through mindful practice, and so effect change in one’s world–words to read and re-read: Be Free Where You Are.

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