9/11: A Time We Can’t Forget

911-aJust wanted to post this pic of the time on my laptop this morning when I opened it and turned it on, quite unthinkingly–I felt this was an amazing synchronicity, and a deep message from a connected universe, especially as I continue, like many others, to reflect on the amazing loss of freedoms and human rights in this country, and all over the world since that date, and since the events of that day.

Like many others, I too believe America needs to know and tackle the real truth behind the devastation of 9/11, and it’s not till the truth is fully known by all, and the real perpetrators arrested for the immense crimes committed that day, that we can hope to move forward in freedom, and roll back the tide of this extremely criminal New World Order that is rising all around us.

RethinkSeptember11.com is a website running a live broadcast bringing time911together researchers and analysts discussing the whole phenomenon of 9/11. It’s an interactive broadcast–currently live (6:36 pm, EST)–see this post about it on Memory Hole Blog or go directly to the site. They are running this broadcast at different times over this weekend, so please visit their site for their broadcast schedule.

Also see the Re-think 9/11 page here with more links to information.  If you haven’t yet, please join the thousands of us who have signed the petition seeking a truly independent WTC investigation, at Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth at their website.

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