Smart Meters Cause Fires and Are Dangerous: Please Speak Out to Halt Smart Meters in Massachusetts

Smart Meters–radio-frequency electricity meters–which pulse high amounts of microwave radiation in a steady rhythmic schedule, every few minutes or every hour, into your home, and which utilities across N. America have been scrambling to instal in residences despite mounting protest at the obvious health hazards, especially to children and the elderly, are increasingly being found to be quite dangerous for many reasons, including, apparently, their penchant for exploding. New evidence from whistleblowers has come out, revealing inbuilt flaws in the construction of smart meters, which flaws are being found to be responsible for the hundreds of smart meter fires and explosions in homes.

Truly wonderful though that smart-meter-installing whistleblowers are speaking up. When are utility providers going to wake up and realize they and their families are equally susceptible to these hazards–it’s in their interest to examine this issue too?

If you live in Massachusetts, please visit this page with a concerned-citizen petition to stop the sneaky installation of smart meters all across MA and sign if you too consider this concerning. From the petition text:  “The State DPU and Utilities have installed wireless and smart meters without the legal consent of the residents of Massachusetts. They have ignored demands from residents to remove the meters. Many residents would rather have meters hardwired and manually read, a much safer and environmentally friendly alternative.

Wireless/Smart Meter technology causes negative health issues as a result of the  microwave radiation. Symptoms include insomnia, nausea, headaches, nervous tension, heart palpitations, audible buzzing/humming and skin conditions. This technology also raises safety issues as a result of meters catching fire, security breaches, interference of medical devices, and false claims of energy savings.”

Information updates on new whistleblower evidence at the petition can be found here.

The video by Brian Thiessen linked at the petiton update above is featured on the Take Back Your Power website, home to the documentary by Josh del Sol investigating the dangers of smart meters (you can stream this film online at their site). From their website: “Josh del Sol’s award winning documentary investigates so-called “smart” utility meters, uncovering shocking evidence of in-home privacy invasions, increased utility bills, health & environmental harm, fires and unprecedented hacking vulnerability… and lights the path toward solutions.”

Here, also, is a Brian Thiessen Smart Meter fires video:

Smart Meter Fires Explained

Also see his article on the subject.

Brian Thiessen is a Canadian activist who has spent a lot of time researching and reporting on this subject, his videos can be found at Youtube, and his presentations are clear and informative. If you’re new to this whole issue, this video where he explains why we should be concerned and presents the facts about smart meters and how human bodies are affected by electromagnetic radiation is illuminating:

The Truth About Smart Meters

An excellent article covering how smart meters invade your privacy at the Take Back Your Power website: Utilities “Very Excited” about mining smart meter data and invading your privacy.

This is another issue that requires vigilance and self-education and informed action. Take Back Your Power collects several articles and videos on the subject; this Googled list of Youtube videos by Brian Thiessen on the subject will help you explore further, and delve further into how smart meters have been planned as part of the global surveillance grid, and employ harmful radiation against you and your family.

Other states have organizations working on this issue too. Here is a Maryland creating-awareness organization: Maryland’s Smart Meter Awareness

And this coalition of Canadian and US Parents: Citizens for Safe Technology

More on this subject soon. Please drop in to sign the MA petition and please share widely.


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