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KrisAnne Hall: Liberty Is Our Inherent Possession, Not Government Gift

Kris Anne Hall, Constitutional Attorney, Educator, Activist

Inspiring video of Kris Anne Hall‘s speech at the National Press Club, Washington DC, at the CSPOA Press Conference September, 2014 following the presenting of the CSPOA Resolution to legislative offices– a speech that cuts across political affiliations and party lines.

The CSPOA is the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association.Their website can be found at cspoa.org.

“CSPOA assembles Sheriffs, Peace Officers and Citizens who understand the grave implications of our eroding Constitutional protections. Whether it’s an illegal checkpoint violating the 4th Amendment, 2nd Amendment intrusions affecting your defense of your home or family, or ANY other infringement of your freedom, CSPOA is on the front line defending your rights and Liberty.”

CSPOA Resolution: http://cspoa.org/resolution/

Kris Anne Hall’s website: http://www.KrisAnneHall.com