Ramola D Reports/Report #39: Dr. Helen Tsigounis – Australian Illuminati Blacklist A Brilliant Doctor

–Ramola D/Posted 1/19/2018

Helen3In an intimate and explosive conversation revealing the hand of the powerful but maliciously petty network of Satanic pedophilic Illuminati elite infiltrating Australian Medicine, Law, Media, Intelligence, and Government, Dr. Helen Tsigounis, author of the memoir The Red Back Web describes a twenty-year ordeal of targeting which pursued her from medical school in Victoria to her work as a doctor in Queensland and beyond to Greece, the country of her heritage, forced wrongful psychiatric conditions on to her registration, fabricated charges to bar her from the medical profession, and engaged in collusive fraud and conspiracy in the court system—among well-known lawyers and judges–to prevent her from gaining justice.

Singled out possibly for her ethnic background, her natural intelligence, empathy, Christian values, and integrity, Dr. Tsigounis narrates a shocking story of targeting, harassment, bullying and negative attention during her medical studies when a high-level Freemason sub-Dean and his protege worked to sabotage her future.

Despite high commendations from her professors and high marks in exams, she was failed on one occasion and had to repeat a year; later she was forced to sign a document imposing fabricated psychiatric conditions on her registration to the effect that she suffered from a “lack of insight.”

Later work as a doctor saw a renewal in harassment and a sustained effort by the Medical Board—almost a year after she had completed a stint post-residency as a RMO at a hospital in Townsville, Queensland, with a Medical Board doctor being sent to go back and ask questions–to derail her career with grave but trumped-up charges of medical malfeasance brought against her, charges found to be completely fabricated as her evidence proved in court, yet curiously upheld, through avid legal sabotage by her own lawyers and a corrupt Masonic judge.

An extraordinary aspect of her targeting inheres in her being compelled to argue her own case in court, as her solicitor dropped her just before the hearing, and stand-ins were dismissed by the judge.

Working full-day shifts as a doctor, she stayed up at night to study the law and gather her evidence and prepare to cross-examine witnesses—who kept getting switched around on her without warning, almost everyday. Indeed, every effort was made, it appeared, to sabotage her court case.

Regardless, her brilliant handling of the case and determined self-advocacy impressed even the misogynistic judge; the transcripts, included partially in her book, make for engrossing reading.

Especially intriguing about Dr. Tsigounis’s experience is the insider look she offers of an unfortunately usurped medical profession, which appears to be run like a minor fiefdom, with its vassals and serfs propped up by a bevy of Luciferian cardinals and clowns in Board clothing who enact plays of power and prejudice against those they seek to destroy.

Dr. Tsigounis is seeking the help of a competent and ethical barrister to help gain justice and regain her professional and human rights in society.

Dr. Tsigounis’s book can be downloaded in pdf from here: https://www.docdroid.net/dOiUm27/the-red-back-web-text.pdf

This story will be covered further here.

Please share this post widely. It is only wide publicity and just legal action against powerful criminals that can bring such crimes to an end.

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  1. It’s all coming out now. Soon years of being under constant attacks both psychically and every other way, blocked and mislead from family, friends, lovers and others will subside for the few of us who have been targetted. See JC Kay on YouTube or FB: Quantum Truths: The Great Awakening and Beyond. Her visions out of all are the ones I believe. Have just found her Sept 2020. Thank you for telling your story it’s been a hell of a ride.

  2. Dr. Helen Tsigounis – DO NOT GET A LAWYER.
    The courts are rigged – the legal fiction system is based on Admiralty law (the law of the sea) – not common law (the law of the land). Land is real, sea (holy Sea – Antichrist Pope – Whore of Babylon satanic Catholic church) is fiction (false).
    What you need to do is learn common law and go into court as a women, study the work of Karl Lentz. When you go in as a legal fiction they control the court, but when you go in as a man or a women – you control the court.




  3. The most important thing is to get the word out to the people that the Freemasonry gangsters are the largest MAFIA in the world, operating in all nations and to the destruction of those nations as they conspire to destroy and centralise nation independence into a ONE world government MAFIA to control them all.
    The MAFIA called FREEMASONRY runs England.

  4. The most important statement of all:
    The MAFIA who calls itself FREEMASONRY runs England.

  5. HI Ramola Im sure youve seen it already on Yt. Rai Jo,s very important message to all TI,s and all implanted electronic tortured etc etc. Don,t miss this.

    Hugs Gitte CPH

    Virusfri. http://www.avg.com

    2018-01-19 16:50 GMT+01:00 The EveryDay Concerned Citizen :

    > Ramola D posted: “–Ramola D/Posted 1/19/2018 In an intimate and explosive > conversation revealing the hand of the powerful but maliciously petty > network of Satanic pedophilic Illuminati elite infiltrating Australian > Medicine, Law, Media, Intelligence, and Government, Dr. H” >


    I am a 53 year BLACK WOMAN and through the years I’ve been trying to find out what has been going on with me and I now know I have been targeted since the age of 16. Now that I know I have been trying to find someone to HELP me with this TERRORISM what I find strange is that if the all of you are also targets then HOW IS THIS COMMUNICATION POSSIBLE when MY EVERYTHING IS BEING HACKED, TAKEN, EXCHANGED, STOLEN i mean I have my own mailman that never delivers my mail or delivers my mail to my home address until all espration dates have passed, my calls are all re-routed to these terrorists so with computer phones mail and everything else HACKED how can I know yall not them? I have studies them just as they have me I have SOMETHING TO SAY ARE YALL REAL AND I NEED SOMETHING TO PROVE SO PLEASE THIS HAS TO STOP AND THE WORLD NEEDS TO BE WOKEN UP

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